dw alphabet

River : If any of you take my name again, I will remove your organs in alphabetical order. Any Question ?


Doctor :*Grinning* Which Alphabet ?

Me : AAAAAAAA!!!!! Twelve is flirting! He’s being such a pro at that ! He’s flirting with his wifey! I AM DEAD ! BYE WORLD .. And it’s not even the whole episode yet!!

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Doctor Who Crossovers

A Spanner In The Works  Warnings:  Mild peril, mentions of drug use. Phil always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but a series of unfortunate events culminate with him confusedly ending up aboard the TARDIS with a newly regenerated Time Lord!Dan.

Grab His Hand And Whisper “Run”   A young man named Dan is plagued by dreams of savage monsters, strange robots, weeping angels, hurtling through time and space with a mad man in a little blue box. Little does he know they’re much more than hallucinations of sleep; they’re faded memories of someone with ebony hair and the clearest crystal blue eyes; faded memories of the wildest adventures.

I Am The Doctor  Phil hears a strange noise, gets almost captured by mannequins and meets a man with a brown fringe and a blue box.

I Told You I’d Come Back  Doctor Who x Phan crossover.

One Last Day Based off the Doctor Who episode: A Christmas Carol (although you don’t have to watched the episode to understand the plot). Daniel Howell has always despised Christmas and people for that matter. So when a man calling himself the Doctor comes to him begging him for help for a crashing starliner, he refuses. However the Doctor has other plans for Daniel, meddling with his past was just the beginning…

The Adventures of The Doctor And His Companions Collab written by Malteser24 and potatoes-are-not-for-sex. Dan and Phil lead normal lives. But on one special day, everything changes.

The Doctor Dances  The Doctor thinks he is going to die at the end of Space and Time, and Dan is there to comfort him, but are they sure they can’t save the World?

Two Gays and a Timelord Dan and Phil are The Doctor’s newest companions, but The Doctor is having trouble adjusting to just how close the two boys are.

We’re Working On It Dan goes back in time with the help of the Doctor to tell his past self that things do, in fact, get better. Also, Phil gets worried.


doctor who alphabet: I is for The Impossible Girl

“I blew into this world on a leaf. I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land. I’m Clara Oswald. I’m the impossible girl.”