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Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Regeneration

“Cardinal Rassilon has been researching a method of regenerating diseased and decaying tissue. Via a series of permanently carried self-replicating biogenic molecules, the cells of a Gallifreyan body can be repaired, restored, and reorganized. This will result in a whole new physical form. The brain cells will similarly be rearranged, although to a lesser degree, thus ensuring the new incarnation will replicate the memories and personality of the former incarnation. Cardinal Rassilon intends for this method to only be used upon the Gallifreyan elite. He has also inputed a parameter of twelve regenerative cycles to avoid decaying biogenic molecules.” - The Recorder, Zagreus

“I can still die. If I’m killed before regeneration, then I’m dead. Even then, even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away… and I’m dead.” - Tenth Doctor, The End of Time

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Immortal space girlfriends is the best way to end...everything but I once again find myself frustrated because I really want a show about Bill and Heather, just like I also really want a show about Clara and Ashildr

They meet up by accident and it works out great because after a few centuries Clara and Ashildr were finally forced to admit They Cannot Read The Fucking Manual And Do Not Know How To Fly The Ship, so Heather decides to help them out. They run into Jenny, who crashed her stolen spacecraft roughly 40 minutes after taking off seeing as she was only just born and had never flown before, and after they hear her story they realize they have to track the Doctor’s ass down for her. They keep following leads but always end up just missing him, and then get roped into helping out the people he just left, the situations ranging from ‘Children of Earth’ level catastrophes to ‘hey this man just toppled our government and ruined our economy before putting on sunglasses and leaving What Do We Do Now’. The girls start to build up their own huge doctor-like reputations, to the point where he eventually knows their looking for him and actively starts searching himself (on his own show, of course) but they still keep missing each other. Clara, Ashildr and Jenny are all horrendously stubborn backseat drivers and Heather’s always exasperated. Bill takes to her new powers the way Peter Quil takes to his in gotg2 and keeps making weird shit. At some point Clara runs into that hot cyborg guy from the Ocean’s 11 episode and he becomes a recurring character, only because Jenny’s banging him but they’re pretending nothing’s happening, like ‘fuck off Clara it’s not suspicious I’m in your TARDIS shirtless’, ‘yes it is Psi tell me what you’re doing here’, ‘we both know I have memory problems’, but that’s like the entirety of what he does. River Song occasionally cameos, alive or as a data ghost is up for debate, to give them some cryptic messages. Ashildr keeps her promise to look out for all the people the Doctor leaves behind so this show is like the place to be if you want an old companion cameo. A recurring plot for half a season is Clara being torn between Ashildr and Jane Austen. They don’t ever need a sonic screwdriver dues ex machina because Heather and Bill can literally control atoms. When one of the other girls get mad at Clara they hold eye contact with her while eating slowly and deliberately since she’s pissed she can’t eat anymore. Everyone always has amazing hair for no explainable reason and they always get real excited if they have to hit up a place that requires fancy dresses. Bill and Clara are both super into PDA but their respective girlfriends are a bit more shy and it’s fucking adorable. Jenny supplies a lot of the more angsty arcs because she’s really worried she’s never gonna find her father, and she doesn’t understand why he left her on Mesaline in the first place. A recurring theme in the show is What It Means To Be Human, as all of the girls are no longer that (two goddesses, one immortal, one dead girl, and one almost-time lord) and struggle with the repercussions/trying to remember. The two shows finally converge into each other with the girls finding the Doctor during the next big anniversary special, and who knows how that could actually go. They accidentally adopt a space cat™ and that causes a running gag because their TARDIS doesn’t like it. 


Favourite characters: 1/?

↳ Huey Freeman:

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” Seems to be getting harder distinguishing reality from the illusions that people make for us or from the ones that we make for ourselves… I don’t know, maybe that’s part of the plan. To make me think I’m crazy.’ (insp.)

  • my mom: it's 7 am what are you doing?
  • me: doctor who
  • my mom: do you want breakfast?
  • me: doctor who
  • my mom: alrighty then
  • several hours later
  • my mom: have you moved since this morning?
  • me: doctor who
  • me: *screaming*
  • my mom: are you alright?
  • my mom: are you still sitting there? the special ended 10 minutes ago.
  • me: *whispers* doctor who
  • my mom: i'm going out for awhile, move at least once before i get back
  • me: doctor who *internal meltdown*