dw 5

few things i want from season 5 on the klance side:

  • keith and lance admitting they miss each other
  • lance confronting keith about what he was about to do in the s4 finale plus telling him about his suspicions towards shiro
  • lance asking keith if the conversation they had in s3 influenced his decision to leave the team
  • an hUG

(i mean frankly all of this can happen in one big conversation between them)


❝We do have one little advantage. What advantage? There’s two of us❞

twice upon a time, christmas 2017

Can people please stop tearing Clara down while praising Bill? 

She’s been gone for well over a year now and was never the “mystery” or “Mary Sue” or “cardboard cutout” that she’s being claimed of being. She’s flawed and equal to the Doctor in every way, but it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. And as shocking as it may seem, there are those of us who actually relate to her and consider her to be a realistic character. There are those of us who identify with her and feel like we share traits with her, and its these very traits that we share that seem to be constantly shamed and crapped on by the fandom. 

Yes, Bill is a breath of fresh air to the show and is bringing in something different, but Clara shouldn’t have to be torn down in the process of praising her. 




Silly small af kitashu comic under the readmore.
I should….. sketch more things that I can actually post instead of having 4583467854645 nasties that shall never see the light of day lmao……
(No, the comic isn’t nasty and it’s sfw and no spoilers dw)

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