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As a Whovian, I think it is truly a blessing that Carole Ann Ford, the very first companion, the very first woman in Doctor Who, is still alive. I also think it is the most blatantly wasted opportunity that she hasn’t been brought back to the series, even if it’s just for one episode. I want Susan back. I want Carole back.


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Please stop pretending as if RTD created DW, and Moffat and Chibnall are the only other alternatives. DW existed from 1963 to 1989, before RTD ever thought of returning it. Some of us can just stay fans of the old show and have zero interest in RTD's overdramatic soap opera. Some of us don't care about Moffat, but loved Capaldi's Doctor. Some of us are dumping DW as soon as Capaldi's gone.

So all of us are different and we all have different interests. What was the point of your ask?

I never said RTD created DW. I love his way of telling, i think MOffat has amazing ideas (the empty child and the doctor dances and blink and a good man goes to war are still one of my fvaourite epsiodes) and i love Chibnall. 

I just think that MOffat is a really problematic guy. And there are things to criticize about him.

And yeah, i will also watch the old seasons, but i just started New WHo season 6 i still have a lot to watch, thank you!

Dunno, maybe you should read this here before pretending i am a MOffat hating asshole: XXX

There are just things i miss in his era. Sorry if that bothers some people. But this here is my blog, and i will say what ever i want to say. I will not spread baseless hate, but if there are things to criticize i will critizes them. 


In An Adventure in Space and Time there’s this really great scene which shows the cast and crew recording in the studio for the first time. It really highlights the struggles and limitations that the early teams had, and captures how dedicated and hard working they all were. The scene focuses on how cameras crashed into objects as they had no room, how the doors kept opening and closing on their own, and how when it got hot the sprinklers went off mid take. Even looking at the gallery and the studio, its impossible to imagine they managed to do such a great job in such a small and basic studio.