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What a steal! For the low cost of 20 coin (DW) / 50 GP (D&D) you managed to snag this little place to call home! This hovel comes complete with a bed, a crate or two for belongings, a cauldron, and the most luxiurious dirt you’ve ever stepped on! Heck, we’ll even throw in a complementary rug!

Or perhaps for your creative purposes, you built this dinky little thing. No matter, it’ll keep the rain out and strangers from wandering into your secret basement complete with workbench, bureau, chest, and mannequin.*

* If you don’t like that, feel free to click the post source link to find an empty version of this hovel because Tumblr thinks linking things off-site should destroy my chances at being seen in the tags.

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Lmao when Doctor Who premiered like 4/5/6 years ago my dash used to be so full of gifsets, graphics and people discussing the episode that I had to blacklist “Doctor Who” so I didn’t get spoiled. In fact, my dash was all “This post is blacklisted because it contains the word Doctor Who” that I got to see like a non blacklisted post every 20 DW posts. And today it’s just empty and there’s nobody talking about the new episode.

I think it speaks about how much Moffat’s shitty writing fucked up this show and it’s sad because it was beautiful to come to tumblr after watching a new episode and being able to reblog a hundred of posts related to it.

[4/20/17, 5:41:33 PM] The Doctor: my favourite part of the whole episode, the part that made my heart warm and my spirit light, is when bill asks the doctor what sky is made of and he’s like “lemon drops!” and she says “really?” and he’s like “no, but wouldn’t that be nice??” IT JUST FILLS ME WITH WARM FUZZIES

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Hey love! Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely - but dw, I'm 20 years old and have only been in 1 relationship, lasting 2 months (and then I got dumped)! People fall into relationships seemingly at random and sometimes it does take time, but you won't be alone forever! It can be hard to separate your relationship status from your self-worth, but honestly anyone would be lucky to have you - you're a wonderful person and you may have to be a little patient until the right person sees it too! x

Thank you. You’re right, I’ll try to keep that in mind. Thank you so so much. <3