I made these back in November!! (Or December… not sure)

And I still have no idea of how they turned out so pretty! I mean, I tried to re-create them again and nada. One of a kind they say…. quite literally in this case.

(If you want me to send you the links of the tutorial or the materials I used, just ask!)

that’s the thing too that’s the whole fucking thing is that if she could really be with him forever then all of it would be okay like if she was with him forever forever then he could deal with all the rest of it if she was there forever he wouldn’t mind settling down not that she would make him but like if they had to he’d be okay with it if she was there forever and the whole conversation in the impossible planet about them being stuck there is like. he’s not upset that they’re stuck he’s upset that he got her stuck, and that they’ll be stuck together for a while and then he’ll be stuck alone. if she could be there forever it would be okay it wouldn’t be ideal but it would be okay, if she was there. and that small consolation of knowing that she wasn’t upset with him, that she didn’t resent him for getting her stuck there, it was something but it wasn’t enough to make any of it okay for him because she was still gonna be gone someday and what would he do without her if he couldn’t run away? because that’s what he did, when she was gone, he ran away and he didn’t stop for years because he couldn’t handle it he couldn’t exist in a universe without her like holy shit what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck

Hi Hadley/ @hairyhooligan, it’s me! Your Secret Odin gift!
I’m a Hiccup and Toothless attempt at a fluff ficlet as this is the third such ficlet my author has ever produced. I take place after RTTE but before HTTYD 2. I hope you, and others, but especially you, enjoy me!
Up. Down. Half twist. Right fall. Out and up. Soar.

 Hiccup smiled and leaned back in the saddle. His arms supporting him as he drank in the wind and sun. Toothless made a little grunt and flicked his wings.

“Easy, we’ll go now. Fall or barrel roll?”

 For answer he pushed his wings in a powerful stroke, then pulled them in as they spiraled down.


Wings came out and they stayed mostly still, suspended in the sky.

“We’re getting better Bud, I think that was twice as long as the one we di- Hey look!”

He pointed to a small bit of green on the horizon.

“A new island Bud! Let’s go check it out!”

Wings came down and up and they were circling the new island in seconds.

 "Hhm. Berk’s size but no mountains. Forests but only at the edges, interesting. No fresh water, so no animals; two islets-“

Toothless flicked one ear against his rider’s hand on the saddle handle.

"Okay, Mr Bossy. Down we go.”

 They landed on the edge-most tip of the island. With the least trees and nearest the islets. Hiccup switched legs and hopped off the saddle. Toothless shook his head to clear his hearing and Hiccup did the same as he stretched. The Night Fury started stretching his neck when he froze, straightened his body and sniffed.

“What is it, Bud?” Hiccup asked with still hands in the middle of pulling out the map.

 No response. Odd. He put the map back and reached for his friends head. Before contact could be made the dragon had run into the forest at top speed.

 Hiccup ran through the trees after him. He wasn’t worried, just confused. If there was danger Toothless would’ve gone defensive and wrapped himself around Hiccup. There couldn’t be any native animals either, not without fresh water.

 When he reached a clearing and saw Toothless wading through the tall grass towards a big black shape, he stopped. For a heartbeat he was filled with hope. Had they found another Night Fury? Then he realized that it was just a boulder and he breathed again. His dragon had mostly disappeared into the grass and Hiccup left the leafy shade to follow him.


 No response. Even more confused, he started wading through the grass when he recognized by the texture and smell of the grass that it was Dragon Nip. He chuckled and went faster. He needed to get his saddle and gear off before they were smeared to destruction.

 Toothless was indeed rolling all over his gear, smearing it with dirt and grass. His tonuge out and eyes closed blissfully. Hiccup rubbed his scaley head to make his presence known.

“Hey Bud, what do ya say to getting this gear off? Sound good?”

 He purred and rolled over. Chewing on grass while the clasps were undone. He had to be coaxed into standing up, then rolled over again when he was let down. He barely kept his tail still and his human had to sit on it to get the fin off. Eventually he dragged everything over to the edge of the clearing and sat down next to it. Pulling out his map he got to work.

 He flipped the cover off his compass and watched the arrow wiggle like a fish in a net. Then it stopped and he went to mark the position on the map. That was when he realized he’d need to add more paper to mark it down. He opened the clasp on his arm and pulled out a paper, placing it on the maps edge. He moved it around as he tried to figure out where to stick it. He decided and only then realized he’d need Toothless to lick it to get it to stick. He sighed and trecked back out to the field to find the elusive offspring of lightning and death itself. He’d moved farther down and jumped a few feet in the air when Hiccup called him. Pouting, he licked the paper hurriedly and went back to rubbing is face in the grass. Hiccup went back, sketching it from the memory he had seen from dragon back as they’d circled it, adding in the two little islands beside it. Then he doodled a little twist of swirls near the island, showing the twirl in the water they’d past on the way here.

 "What should we call this place? Dragon Nip island? Too literal. Happy dragon island? Bliss isl-“

 A big black mass crashed into him. A dragon-sized mouthful of grass and spit landed on his face in a net of warm, smoke smelling breath. He desperately scraped it off his face, making noises with his tongue as grass flew out. He grabbed one of the belts from the saddle and rubbed his face with whatever leather he could get it to touch. "Ew.” Was the only thing he registered saying. He sat up and looked at the dejected dragon. His ears down and wings laying low. Hiccup smiled softly.

“C'mere Bud.” He held out a hand.

 Toothless slowly brought his head close, Hiccup trailed his fingers along his head, stopping at his neck to scratch it where he liked. Both their features relaxed as they bonded. Toothless pushed his head into Hiccup’s lap, making him grin and pet him with both hands. Then his head pushed harder and nocked him over. He pushed his head into his waist, twisting his snout and making Hiccup laugh and bat at him with all his limbs. Toothless blew fast, hot air from his nostrils and burrowed his snout deeper. Paws and hands batted from side to side, making it harder to do so. Then Toothless lay flat on Hiccup’s body. Making him laugh harder and pant. Hiccup grabbed the sides of his dragons head and jostled it up and down.

“How. Did. You. Learn. How. To. Zurple? How Mr. Lightning and Death Itself? Hhoooowwww!!???” He pushed their noses together. “I know I’ve never zurpled you. Haven’t I?”

 Toothless rolled over with a gurgle. Curling up, ready for a nap. Apparently, frollking in Dragon Nip fields made Night Furies tired. Hiccup sat up and breathed for a moment, then prepared to get back to work on the map. That was when he realized that his dragon had curled up on it. He decided that the map was reasonably safe as long as Toothless didn’t move. And the only way to insure that was to lay down on him and rest too. So that is what he did. And that’s what they did until the sun was high enough in the sky for them to get overheated and wake up, race to the beach, jump in to cool down, play in the water for a while, for Toothless to think Hiccup’s pile of clothes was a fun chew toy, for Hiccup to crawl out of the water to get his clothes back without one leg, struggle to pry his clothes from jaws too strong, rip them in the process, don them though they were barely decent, fly home, sneak into his house and change into clothes he hadn’t worn in years, make up some excuse as to why his other outfit had been shredded and for Hiccup and Toothless to completely forget the existence of that little unnamed island with the Dragon Nip field on it.