I’m not involved in Dream vs Dream anymore. Here’s why.

I, S3S (formerly known as Sesaka) have to move on from the project because of many reasons. One of them is I can’t revive DvsD by myself alone, and no one’s willing to help. Recently, I’ve been doing four other projects, two are my own. I can’t waste my time and energy constantly putting up links and spreading the word by myself. Two is because I don’t get a shared payment, even though I’m one of the hardest workers in the group.

For more than a year after 2013, most of the team of DvsD had been bitter, and it makes me feel discouraged to participate in making stages like I used to. On Skype, I’ve been ostracized after showing support and by being the light of the group. This unwelcoming atmosphere is something I don’t want to be in anymore.

In the overall matter, there’s no point contributing to a project with passion if the working environment became poor. It’s becoming a waste of time and energy.

The best choice I have right now is to move on and work with a group (or groups) that’s enjoyable to be around with. It’s time for me to leave them be. I will always miss the good old times where Dream vs Dream was a large and friendly community that appreciates me as a human being, and a person that I truly am.

My sincere apologies to everyone I know, including friends that I had gained in the last few years, who had been involved with the project and worked hard themselves to make that it looks like to be a good game.

So sorry, no new stages from me. There’s no point in dealing with anything DvsD related anymore.