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Fun Fact: You can shiny hunt in generation 1 games! Even the VC releases! (This was already known but nice to know its intact for Gen 1 -> Gen 7 transfers)

In Pokemon Bank the determining factor of shininess is the DVs, like in Generation 1 -> Generation 2.

However, data miners have found the formula for this uses the Defence stat instead of the Attack stat for DV variation. So the Defence DV can be 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, or 15 while in GSC this was Attack. While the other DVs (minus HP) have to be 10.

DV = essentially IVs  but from 0-15 used in generation 1+2.

IVs are random with 3 perfect IVs, nature is based on experience (I know…) and all Pokemon (besides some specific ones) have their Hidden Ability - so we are safe from No Guard Machamp and its Fissures!

Credit goes to SciresM on Twitter!

German ace Eberhard von Seel with his striped Albatros D.V. Von Seel managed to be the comanding officer over Jagdstaffel (Jasta) 17, unfortunatelly his leadership there lasted only a month. He fell in flames during combat with american Spads on June 12th, 1917.

anonymous asked:

Any ideas why tingting got only 6.1 DV out of the intended 6.4? Apart from the pike front mount everything seemed to be secure.

I have no idea. The switch leap+sheep jump was a little slow but that’s only .1 so I’d still have her at 6.3. The front pike mount isn’t good, but if Aly and Gabby got their “pikes” credited all last quad then this should get credit too.

A relatively pointless comic that just kinda happened. Wookiepedia says Rex’s hair is bleached, which I guess makes sense. But I’m also weirdly enamored by the idea that it’s somehow mysteriously natural in this AU, against much logic (including but not limited to: being identical to Cody in every other respect, and still having very dark eyebrows).

PS, I drew the stupid flashback first, and they’re not even really mullets. Maybe that’s why Rex is so defensive?