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Dear Exalted Playing Friends: You Need To Know About Sun Mice

They’re a canonical creature listed in COTD: North (2e), and they are possibly the best thing. Here’s the entry for them (followed by commentary):

“The Solar temple-manse at the heart of Whitewall may be Creation’s last pristine example of High First Age religious architecture. The numerous mosaics and bas-reliefs depicting the glory and deeds of the Unconquered Sun include numerous small figures of… mice. Such figures now puzzle savants of the Second Age. It has been too long since the Unconquered Sun sent his subtly powerful agents into Creation- the mice of the sun.

These rodents are somewhat larger than ordinary mice but look otherwise ordinary. Only when the light strikes them in the right way does the fur on their backs reflect the eight-point symbol of their master.

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Fun Fact: You can shiny hunt in generation 1 games! Even the VC releases! (This was already known but nice to know its intact for Gen 1 -> Gen 7 transfers)

In Pokemon Bank the determining factor of shininess is the DVs, like in Generation 1 -> Generation 2.

However, data miners have found the formula for this uses the Defence stat instead of the Attack stat for DV variation. So the Defence DV can be 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, or 15 while in GSC this was Attack. While the other DVs (minus HP) have to be 10.

DV = essentially IVs  but from 0-15 used in generation 1+2.

IVs are random with 3 perfect IVs, nature is based on experience (I know…) and all Pokemon (besides some specific ones) have their Hidden Ability - so we are safe from No Guard Machamp and its Fissures!

Credit goes to SciresM on Twitter!

2016’s Top Food

Serving size: 1 list. Contains natural flavors. A good source of riboflavin. 100%DV fun.

1. chocolate +2
2. coffee
3. cake −2
4. pizza 

Originally posted by everybody-loves-to-eat

5. cookies
6. tea
7. cupcake +5
8. ice cream −1
9. cheese +5
10. pumpkin −2
11. pasta +4
12. sushi
13. pancakes −2 

Originally posted by butteryplanet

14. bread +3
15. pie
16. salad +2
17. cheesecake
18. bacon
19. soup
20. avocado

The number in italics indicates how many spots an item moved up or down from the previous year. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last year.

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Mustafina? And Komova?

Mustafina’s FX and BB drove me nuts. So much potential. Okay Long Post:
DTY 5.4 DV

Olympic Routine. 
3.7 + 2.0 + .7 = 6.4 DV

Split Leap + Side Somi (B+D .1 CV)
Switch ½ + Onodi + Double turn (D+D+D .5 CV)
Side Aerial + BHS (D+B)
Front Aerial + Switch Ring (D+E .2 CV)
Sissone + Split (A+B)
Round Off + Double Tuck (B+D)
3.3 + 2.0 + .8 = 6.1 DV

Double Lay (F)
Two Whips + Double Arabian + Stag (A+A+E+A .3 CV)
1.5 + Front 2/1 (C+D .2 CV)
Double tuck (D)
Mustafina + Double turn (E+B .1 CV)
Ring Leap + Ferrari (C+D)
Gomez (E)
3.6 + 2.0 + .6 = 6.2 DV

DTY 5.4 DV

Komova II + Pak + Van Leeuwen (E+D+E .4 CV)
In Bar ½ + Laid Out Jaegar (D+F .1 CV)
In Bar Full + Piked Tkatchev (E+E .1 CV)
Double Double (F)
4.0 + 2.0 + .6 = 6.6 DV


1.5 L Turn + Front Aerial + Split Jump + Wolf Jump (D+D+B+A .4 CV)
BHS + Arabian (B+F .2 CV)
Split Leap + Side Somi (B+D .1 CV)
Y Turn + Full Turn (C+A .1 CV)
Front Tuck (D)
Switch Split + Back Tuck (C+C .1 CV)
BHSSO + BHS + Double Tuck (B+B+D .1 CV)
3.2 + 2.0 + 1.0 = 6.2 DV

Double Lay (F)
3/2 + Double Arabian + Stag (C+E+A .3 CV)
Triple Twist (E)
Double Pike (D)
Switch Ring + Ferrari (C+D)
Memmel + Double Turn (D+B .1 CV)
Double L (D)
3.4 + 2.0 + .4 = 5.8 DV

Send me a gymnast and an event/events and I’ll make dream routines for them!

German ace Eberhard von Seel with his striped Albatros D.V. Von Seel managed to be the comanding officer over Jagdstaffel (Jasta) 17, unfortunatelly his leadership there lasted only a month. He fell in flames during combat with american Spads on June 12th, 1917.

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Hey You wouldn't happen to have à rec list for stargate fanfic, John and Rodney are amazing

Hello friend! I do happen to have some favourite McShep fics I would love to share with you~ These are all taken from my Archive Of Our Own bookmarks so all of them are hosted on AO3. All the fics I read are SFW and very fluffy though so you have been warned.

Here are some shorter ones (under 4,000 words):

Big Bang by Toft (T)

  • First kisses, and the big bang.

The First Cut (Still Bleeds)bytigerlady (shetiger) (T)

  • Rodney never shows up for that beer. (Takes place after Quarantine.)

Ritual Wants by chellefic (G)

  • Can you want something without knowing you want it?

leaving all my yesterdays by Medie (G)

  • They’re chasing after something for which the term monster is applicable and they’re packing co-ordinates and gasoline. She is definitely going to get them killed.

Dichotomy by toomuchplor (T)

  • Episode coda for Season Four’s “Trio”, and pretty much AU from there. Humor, silliness, all the usual warnings for my fic apply.

Meteor Shower by velocitygrass (T)

  • When a meteor shower threatens Earth, a chance meeting in a supermarket aisle causes two men who don’t know each other to spend their potentially last hour on Earth together.

Do not hide, see the view. by that_which (which) (G)

  • When he’s faced with his feelings, John can be kind of an asshole.

Transporter by rentgirl2 (T)

  • Rodney wonders if he’s always meant to be alone and John comes clean.

Middle sized fics (4,000-15,000):

But I’m a Lieutenant Colonel by Indybaggins (T)

  • “Wait- let me get this right. You,” John points, “were never gay, and I was never gay, so you convinced all of Atlantis that I was secretly gay, got them to make me gay so you could grow gay for me?”

    “Yes,” Rodney nods, “it’s sort of romantic, isn’t it?”

Memories Are Made of This by analineblue (T)

  • John and Rodney are stranded on a hostile planet - confessions happen.
Blue Skies and Ferris Wheels by analineblue (T)
  • John has a bad habit of not realizing what he wants until someone else gets it.
Present, Imperfect by Sorrel (T)
  • “Halfway into a standard recon mission, John walked into a bunker, following a faint power signal. Eighteen hours later, pissed as hell at his team for leaving him behind, he finally managed to finesse the lock and walked out- right into the middle of one hell of a fight.”
One-Way Ticket by Speranza (T)
  • “Is this expedition, like, a one-way ticket for inconvenient gay people?”
Blue Skies by aadarshinah (T)
  • In which Rodney never goes to Russia, John crashes a helicopter, and the boys are generally oblivious. (A Coffee Shop AU)
A Piano in the House by Goddess47 (T)
  • Crippled by arthritis, Rodney had resigned himself to living what was left of his life alone and without the music he loved. Until a man named John came looking for piano lessons.
Mob Mentality by czarina_kathryn (T)
  • Mob mentality is a fundamental part of civilization and John knew that was a fact. Then he met Dr. Rodney McKay.
Tiny Pieces of Fear by gottalovev (T)
  • The Team has to prove that they are suitable potential allies (it must be Tuesday).
Out of the Blue by Leah (Taste_is_Sweet) (T)
  • “We’re friends, and I missed you. Why can’t I hold your hand?”
Acts of Enormity by Leah (Taste_is_Sweet) (T)
  • Rodney dropped to his knees as soon as he was inside the shelter again. God, he just wanted to curl up into a little ball in the corner and quietly freak out. He was a scientist, not an action hero. John should be the one shooting demon cats and worrying about how the hell they were ever going to get out of this. Not the other way around.
Up One Day And Down Another by Chandri (G)
  • Atlantis has been stranded on Earth for nearly two years, and John has been alone for even longer.
Freefall by Taste_is_Sweet (T)
  • It was just mud, after all. And after the opportunistic parasite that nearly killed Rodney, Carson was very, very careful about making sure no one was sick before letting them go on missions. So everyone on Team Sheppard was healthy. And it was just mud. Just like Ronon said when Teyla was grimacing about her hair: a little mud never killed anyone.
Loop the Loop by alsaurusrex (T)
  • “Rodney’s broken heart brought out about a hundred different emotions in John, but the most powerful reaction seemed to be the need to feed his friend the most delicious, fattening, cholesterol nightmare of a cheeseburger that he had ever tasted.”

    One man’s quest to comfort a friend. And maybe himself, just a little.

    (AKA the one where John takes Rodney out on a million dates without realizing it.)
Do the Math by pir8fancier (T)
  • John is a clueless mofo, yet again.
Point Of No Return by Selenic (T)
  • Something wasn’t right. Rodney felt it in his gut.
Perchance to Dream by brinnanza (G)
  • Zelenka shrugged, slotting a crystal into the tray. “Is not my place,” he said. He worked silently for a moment, then continued, “But I hope you will tell him. He deserves to know.”

    That took Sheppard aback. “What, that we got drunk together and you—” He stopped and gestured into the dark, unable to articulate it. “Nothing happened!”

And large fics - something to REALLY sit down to (15,000+ but you won’t find any over 47,000):

Rewind, Reboot, Restore by Rheanna (G)

  • Liking Rodney McKay was very similar to how Douglas Adams had described flying: the trick was to throw yourself at him and miss.

Where Eagles Dare… We Will Be Playing Poker a Hundred Miles in the Opposite Direction by dvs (T)

  • SG-1 are assigned to Pegasus just as Team Sheppard arrives back injured, with the exception of Teyla who temporarily joins Team Lorne. Petty jealousy, unrequited lust and general misunderstandings ensue.

Cloud Nine by Cesare (T)

  • “Well, look who thinks he’s the sexiest person at The Weather Station,” said Rodney.

Chance of a lifetime by ca_pierson (G)

  • Being sent to recruit someone for the Atlantis expedition wasn’t Rodney’s idea of a good time.

Knowing by velocitygrass (T)

  • As the members of the Atlantis expedition wait for the order to return, Rodney struggles with his relationship with Jennifer and his own expectations. Spending much time with John does nothing to clarify his feelings, but in the end he still finds the answers to his questions.

Taking the B Train by LdyAnne (T)

  • The first time John Sheppard saw Rodney McKay he thought he was hallucinating.

A Bug In Your Ear by sgamadison (M) [not actually sure if this one’s SFW]

  • It’s his worst nightmare. John’s about to watch Rodney die trying to rescue him—and he’s powerless to do anything to stop it.

And this one gets special attention because it is my favourite fic of ALL time:

New Shores by velocitygrass (T)

  • When John Sheppard and Rodney McKay meet, they both want to leave their old lives behind and start over. John is determined not to enter another relationship. Rodney has to finish his latest book. They agree to share a house for practical reasons, but as their house turns into a home, they have to realize that their relationship is turning into much more than that of roommates.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this fic. It is a must read. I have never enjoyed an AU more in my life, and who would have thought author/chef? But it is great, if you read none of these pLEase read this one, I promise you will not be disappointed.

So theses are all of my favourite McShep fics! This list is a lot longer than I thought it would be and it is ever-expanding. If you want a constantly updating list you can follow this link which is just my AO3 bookmarks for McShep. I hope this is what you were looking for and happy reading!

A relatively pointless comic that just kinda happened. Wookiepedia says Rex’s hair is bleached, which I guess makes sense. But I’m also weirdly enamored by the idea that it’s somehow mysteriously natural in this AU, against much logic (including but not limited to: being identical to Cody in every other respect, and still having very dark eyebrows).

PS, I drew the stupid flashback first, and they’re not even really mullets. Maybe that’s why Rex is so defensive?

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DTY 5.4 DV

Weiler ½ + Maloney + Clear Hip 1/1 + Tkatchev (D+D+D+D .4 CV)
Piked Tkatchev + Pak (E+D .2 CV)
Van Leeuwen (E)
Double Layout (D)
3.4 + 2.0 +.6 CV = 6.0 DV

2/1 Wolf Turn (D)
One Arm BHS + LOSO + LOSO (B+C+C .2 CV)
Front Aerial + Split + Straddle (D+B+B .2 CV) <– (that get’s SB? Weird)
Side Aerial (D) 
Front Tuck (D)
Switch Split + Switch ½ + Back Pike (C+D+C .3 CV)
BHSSO + BHS + Double Tuck (B+B+D .1 CV)
3.0 + 2.0 + .6 CV= 5.6 DV

Biles + Sissone (G+A .1 CV)
2.5 + Double Tuck (D+D .2 CV)
Front Lay + Front 2/1 + Front tuck (B+D+A .2 CV)
Triple Twist (E)
Switch 1/1 (D)
Double Wolf Turn (D)
Switch Split + Split 3/2 (B+D)
3.6 + 2.0 + .5 = 6.1 DV

Conceptualising Integration

Area of a circle in Cartesian co-ordinates

Cont’d from “Visualising integration of 3D Cartesian-based volumes”, see “Visualising integration of 2D Cartesian-based areas

This post is best viewed on my blog, click here to be taken to its permalink.

I’m sure we know how to go about integrating a circle whose centre point is placed on the origin – particularly in polar co-ordinates – but what about one displaced from the origin in Cartesian co-ordinates? Not such a simple problem.

We’ll start by visualising the scenario geometrically. Consider a circle of radius r displaced from the origin by a distance R. We’ll say for simplicity that R acts purely in the x-direction, meaning it has no vertical component. Hence, the scenario is pictured as below.

There are multiple ways we can approach this problem but we’ll go for simplicity whilst maintaining some challenge, of course. Let’s start by finding a function to represent the circle’s boundaries, so to obtain a contour (well, it’s not strictly a contour but I’m gonna call it that, sorry) with which to integrate over. It should be clear that, as it is, the circle cannot be represented as a function since it would require two y-values for one x-value. However, if we manipulate the scenario a bit it becomes a more viable option.

Now we have a semi-circle! As you can see, no two points intersect the same vertical line. Hence, a function y(x) can be found to represent the bounding contour line.

By trigonometry, we know how to express the radius of a circle as a product of its x and y components. In the most general sense, for a circle with its origin at the co-ordinate (a, b) this is,

r2 =(xa)2 + (yb)2

The proof for this is simply Pythagoras’ theorem so I will leave it out. Furthermore, in our case,

r2 = (xR)2 + y2

which is represented by the red line in the following diagram.

Hence, our function can be expressed as

y(x) = (r2 – (xR)2)½

Now we can use this to set the integration limits. The shape is bounded in the x-axis by Rr and R + r. Therefore our x limits are

Rr < x < R + r

In the y-direction, however, the shape is bounded by the red line shown above which is given by our function y(x). Hence, we can say that the limits in y are,

0 < y < y(x)

Since this notation is a little confusing, more explicitly our limits are,

0 < y < (r2 – (xR)2)½

Using these limits, we can express the area integral, ½ A, in one of two ways: Either as the integral of an infinitesimal area element dA = dxdy over the limits given above (discussed in detail in a previous post), or as the integral of the function y(x) between the limits of x. To be explicit about this, we’ll use the former since it is the most generally useful.

Hence the area of our semi-circle is,

½ A = ∯y(lim x)dA

which essentially tells us that half the area of our circle is given by the area bounded by the function y(x), where y(x) is bounded by the limits of x. This is unconventional notation (and mathematicians would be tearing their hair out at such misuse of notation) but it is satisfactory for our purposes. Substituting the Cartesian area element dxdy and applying the limits outlined by y(x) we get

A = 2 ∫R-rR+r0√(r² – (xR)²)dydx

Since this series is all about visualising and conceptualising the processes taking place during integration, what does this look integration look like?

This animation shows how each infinitesimal element plays a part in the integration process to find the area. First the dy element scans the y-axis to outline the function y(x), which the dx element is dragged along and bounded by.

We can now evaluate the integral directly. Note that we cannot separate the double integral since the limits of y are dependent on x.

A = 2 ∫R-rR+r[y]|0√(r² – (xR)²)dx

A = 2 ∫R-rR+r[(r2 – (xR)2)½ - 0] dx

A = 2 ∫R-rR+r(r2 – (xR)2)½dx

This is where the integral gets a little more complicated.

Using substitution, we can let

u(x) = xR ⇒ du = dx

and evaluate the limits for this substitution,

u(xR + r) = (R + r) – R = + r

u(xRr) = (Rr) – R = – r

which allows our integral to become

A = 2 ∫-r+r(r2u2)½du

A further substitution is required. With manipulation, we could use the trigonometric identity cos²(x) + sin²(x) = 1 to our advantage. Hence, we shall make the substitution,

u(x) = r sin [v(u)]

which implies,

du/dv = rd/dv[sin (v)] ⇒ du = r cos (v) dv

Again, we can evaluate the limits of v(u).

v(u) = sin-1(u(x)/r)

v(u → + r) = sin-1(r/r) = sin-1(1) = π/2

v(u → – r) = sin-1(– r/r) = sin-1(– 1) = – π/2

which makes the integral

A = 2 ∫-π/2 +π/2 (r2r2 sin2v)1/2r cos v dv

Looks way more complicated, right? Let’s make some simplifications. Start by taking out the constants,

A = 2 r-π/2 +π/2 (r2r2 sin2v)1/2 cos v dv

and factoring out common factor of r².

A = 2 r-π/2 +π/2 [r2 (1 –sin2v)]1/2 cos v dv

Now, remember that trig. identity I mentioned earlier? Let’s apply it here, wherein 1 –sin² v) = cos² v.

A = 2 r-π/2 +π/2 [r2 cos2v]1/2 cos v dv

Cancel out the square with the root and take out the resulting constant.

A = 2 r-π/2 +π/2 r cos v cos v dv

A = 2 r2-π/2 +π/2 cos2v dv

Nearly there! Here, we can use another trigonometric identity: The half-angle identity, which states that cos² v = 1/2 + (cos 2v)/2.

A = 2 r2-π/2 +π/2 [1/2 + (cos 2v)/2] dv

Take out the constant and separate out the integrals since ∫ [f(x) + g(x)] dx = ∫ f(x) dx + ∫ g(x) dx.

A = 2 (1/2) r2 { ∫-π/2 +π/2 (1) dv + ∫-π/2 +π/2 cos 2v dv }

Now, we can evaluate the first integral with ease.

A = r2 { [v]|-π/2 +π/2 + ∫-π/2 +π/2 cos 2v dv }

A = r2 { [π/2 – (– π/2)] + ∫-π/2 +π/2 cos 2v dv }

A = r2 { [π/2 + π/2)] + ∫-π/2 +π/2 cos 2v dv }

A = r2 { π + ∫-π/2 +π/2 cos 2v dv }

Unfortunately, the second integral isn’t so easy. We have to make yet another substitution.

w(v) = 2vdv = dw/2

and evaluate the limits.

w(v → + π/2) = 2(π/2) = + π

w(v → − π/2) = 2(− π/2) = − π

Hence, the integral is

A = r2 { π + ½ ∫ cos w dw }

which evaluates to

A = r2 { π + ½ [sin w]|}

A = r2 { π + ½ [sin (π) – sin (– π)]}

A = r2 { π + ½ [0 – 0]}

Finally, we find that the area of our circle is

A = π r2

Revolutionary stuff, eh? (pardon the pun)

Although the result is something we already knew, the proof is still essential and the process used to find it is valuable knowledge since we can now apply this to a much less general case. In addition, it is useful to know how to integrate more complicated objects than cubes and rectangles in Cartesian co-ordinates.

I will use and expand upon this result to integrate a torus (i.e. a ring-doughnut shape), following the challenge informally set by tumblr user voidpuzzle.

Girls, Nordstrom is Having a Shoe Sale! Sandals for everyone!

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