easy mac

so i work in the airport right, i was closing and my manger was like oh Mac Miller out there. I was like bruh you lying. Nigga was like “swear” so I was like okay lemme go look and see if this nigga really out here.

come to find out it was him out there, nigga was getting some chickfila lol. i was like damn i fuck with mac miller man i wanna picture bruh. so he got his food and he sat down and I was like yo mac i can get a picture bruh? nigga was like yo can i eat first? lol shit was kinda funny but i was like true and walked off and came back when he got done and got me a selfie

The Thirst Experience.

Well i think yesterday i actually experienced some thirst. I must tell the story and the scenarios of which i explain the thirst. So it happen like this..

I walk into my art class and my normal seat was taken so i was like aww man my seat, where to sit? This chick that sits behind me said you can sit by me. Number 1.

So im sitting by her and i kinda kept seeing her out of my side eye looking up at me then looking off. Number 2.

As im sitting there we had off and on convo throughout class. Soo, she asked about my beard and says have you ever braided it? You could get it long I think it would be sexy. In sex a girl could just pull on it and all. SHE TOLD ME THIS!! All the while im like nah i never wanted to braid it. Number 3.

So she ask ya boy another question. She asked me this time about my gauges asking what size they were and would or have i ever got them sucked. Or something pertaining to sucking ears. I was like nahh yo i never desired that before. Then she asked could i stick a finger in my ear. Weird question. Number 4.

It gets even better! She was drawing stuff on her paper, like little figures and stuff. She draws me!! Like my upper body. I was like oh you tried drawing me cool lol. So if that wasnt weird already, she started drawing something and to be honest it looked like a penis. So i asked her was she drawing a penis and she said no, but i can draw a really good penis. I was like wow okay, and this chick drew a damn penis on her paper on some SuperBad shit. It was funny to me. Number 5.

So its the end of class and as everyone is getting up and leaving chick takes my notebook and writes her number in it and slides my notebook back over. Then as if i didn’t see her writing her number in my notebook she then flips to the page were she wrote her number and points to it! 

Crazy af right? I think that was the most thirst i ever got and ever noticed it. 

I still haven’t texted her or even saved her number in my phone either.


I have these feelings. I want to spend my time with someone and mean it, have memorable moments and make silly faces in pictures together. Time well spent are on things you love doing the most, and I want to spend sometime with someone doing the things I love. It’s a great feeling to say you have someone that is all yours ya know?

I get that feeling that I want that sometimes. Seeing some cool girl shirt while I shop and thinking to myself like I could by that for a significant other. Or going to the movies, I probably would go way more often if I had someone to go with. I’m a simple guy, Its the the little stuff like that that makes me miss having that legit person. 

But hay, i’m living life man. Maybe or maybe not.

My Braces.

So, I guess people REALLY like my braces. They straight i guess i mean, They got to come off some time soon. Possibly at the end of this summer. But anyway, I honestly feel like people going stop fucking with me when they come off. Like i will appear different or something. I can’t have them for my whole life though. I didnt see the big deal of them. And i honestly hate when people when i smile or talk and a girl say OMG i love your braces they are sooo cute. That shit is annoying. Cause i don’t enjoy my braces. Food get stuck in them hoes, I feel young as hell with them, Its just like fuck i want them off. I appreciate the complements and everything with them, But when they off i feel like a girl going be like whoa, he is normal or eww. I don’t know. I don’t think its that serious. 

I may not even post a pic of me when i get them off cause i don’t feel like hearing the comments positive or negative. Thats just how i feel though.

I mean really tho, My braces ain’t everything.