it’s times like these where I really wish I had a best friend, or boyfriend, or just anyone really. all I want is literally just to cuddle with someone and sleep for days. for someone to just understand and I won’t have to talk about it, we can just be there together. especially with everything going on, getting a DVO against my dad, living at my grandmas, everything is so stressful right now and I just wish I had someone to be there for me.


cambriorants  asked:

oh man ive been waiting for the artists on Final Space to reveal themselves! Good work btw!!! Do you happen to know who worked on the background art?

Thank you!! This show is absolutely incredible and I can’t wait for yall to see it C: I actually only know who the other storyboard artists are; the BG artists and character designers sit on the opposite side of the building from us so we don’t get to mix much (we’re all super busy!) All I know is the Art Director, DVO @dvoart 


David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and John Barrowman at Capital Records (mostly high quality)

From the radio interview, conducted by Denise Van Outen and John Barrowman:

DVO: Did you get attacked on your way in, from fans?
DT: Not attacked…
CT: We got acknowledged
DT: We got acknowledged, welcomed…
JB: They were attacked.  Listen, it’s really weird for me to sit here and interview you guys.
JB: What was your favorite monster, Catherine?
CT: My favorite monster was the Ood.
JB: Why?
CT: Because they remind me of my cat.
JB: You’ve got a pretty ugly cat!
CT: Not that my cat looks like it has giblets falling out of it!  No, honestly, it’s the way… it’s Paul Casey isn’t he?  He plays the hero Ood?
DT: Yeah, yeah, yeah
CT:  He makes them very compassionate, doesn’t he?  And they are!
DT:  That and the fact that those rubbery latex heads, you just wanna bite.
CT:  You just wanna sink your teeth into it. It’s what I want to do to my cat.
DT: Woah.  Squidgy and lovely.  I want to gnaw on an Ood tentacle.
JB: I have to say that, you guys are so weird.