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Hi, I saw your post about the tw system and I wanted to apologize if my lousy tw tags have ever failed. I'm going to go through my posts and try to fix them to have warnings that work with ts and such. :( I'm so sorry for not being good at tagging.

it’s no problem!! tumblr can be super complicated and it’s not always obvious what to do. I only have two terms blacklisted and have them also blacklisted in the form of not only the word itself, but also “tw: word” and “tw word” because that’s super common.

One thing that happened to me once was that I tagged something “word for ts” and it was a super random thing and a slur-using porn blog came out of the woodwork an liked it because ts also stands for transsexual and not only tumblr saviour. I don’t use that phrasing anymore.

I just came home from work and found these on my doorstep!

They were in envelopes first, but you get it.

These are my birfday gifts from @Dvek, of course because they’re just so fucking amazing and stuff and aaaaaaa. It took a lot to not shed more than a couple of tears. I’m a piece of shit like that, lol.

You have turned my day around, Rin. And I don’t just dole those statements out at 8:30 at night. And I really wish I could put the patch on my uniform, since they have me make pizzas at work. If not for the foot pain, I’d be in my dream job.

Anyway–this picture of you punching Time in the face, is so great! I WANT TO MAKE COPIES OF IT. lol

You’re the best. Thank you so much! 8D

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Eren, Connie, Bertholdt, Hanji, Mike Zakarius

god damn it rin (jkjk merci friend uvu)

  • Eren: What is your greatest passion?

Last time I answered this I said learning about the Holocaust, but to answer it differently: exploring and learning about the world. uvu

  • Connie: Tell a really dumb joke

Why do cows go to the theaters? To watch MOOvies. ;)

  • Bertholdt: On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you?

6-7 uvu;

  • Hanji: If you could turn into a titan, what would you be like?

Damn i don’t know uh

I’d probably be an overweight titan and my hair would be around the same length maybe shorter idk. i like to imagine my titan self with skin thankyouverymuch and i’d probably trip a lot and die p quickly if the survey corp got to me

  • Mike Zakarius: Your favourite scent?

Cherry Blossoms ;u;

Hey Dvek, I figured out the mystery of the missing holiday card. The postman got sucked into a vortex and the card came back to Baltimore (it was obviously a very slow vortex).

I took it out of the envelope, picked my nose with the empty envelope, put the card in a new envelope that I didn’t pick my nose with (I promise), and will send it out with TWO forever stamps. Maybe it requires more than one forever to pay for postage (ironic, since it took forever to get back here).

I hope it’s worth the wait, frand! 8D


-My hometown, Silver Spring, is on the boarder of DC and MD, everyone who isn’t me is 14 or 30

-It’s constantly under renovation

-We have one of the biggest movie theaters in the area -We have a nice ice rink

-There are some nice trails for walks

-We have one of the largest Ethiopian populations in the world.


-I fully invest myself in anything that I do. There is no half-stepping. I’m a passionate individual.

-I perform best under a unique balance of socialization and isolation.

-I am my biggest critic in all aspects of life.


I enjoy being told and telling stories. Weather it’s a movie, comic, tv show, or even just gossip, I enjoy learning about and from the experiences of others.

I also really like cute, dominant, nerdy ladies. It just feels good to have someone your attracted to and can talk to about comics and junk, who aggressively has your back, and lets you know how much they are into you straight up without having to guess or feeling like your imposing.


Today’s artist - Meltmirror

Blind Digital Citizen - DVEK
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dvek replied to your post: took a p cute selfie the other day and…


ahhhh /)//////(\ oh gosh thank you

sasgalula replied to your post: took a p cute selfie the other day and…

You look like your icon @o@

ehehe yeahh, icon needs an update though! My hairs getting hella long!

replied to your post: took a p cute selfie the other day and…

Wow I just realized I haven’t seen your real hair in ages xD It looks so good!

haha >u> everyone usually sees me with a short black wig on! ahhh thank you!

dvekenstein said: That is like way not ok. :( Sounds like a little boogerfaced boy who hasn’t learned to ask before he touches. *mother hens, fluffs feathers, kicks dirt at ppl who think it’s ok to touch you casually*

the amusing is that he’s 23 and I told him last I saw him that I wasn’t 18 yet. i mean he’s nice. and all. but mm i’m not comfortable with guys in general there are a few guys I’m okay with but beyond them? I just don’t like guys touching me or anything. 

But on the other hand he’s also an ELL student and I can’t not help him, though if he does keep doing the touching thing I’m gonna ask my teacher if I can stop meeting with him or something idk but I’m seeing him tomorrow