smolcano  asked:

Hi, I saw your post about the tw system and I wanted to apologize if my lousy tw tags have ever failed. I'm going to go through my posts and try to fix them to have warnings that work with ts and such. :( I'm so sorry for not being good at tagging.

it’s no problem!! tumblr can be super complicated and it’s not always obvious what to do. I only have two terms blacklisted and have them also blacklisted in the form of not only the word itself, but also “tw: word” and “tw word” because that’s super common.

One thing that happened to me once was that I tagged something “word for ts” and it was a super random thing and a slur-using porn blog came out of the woodwork an liked it because ts also stands for transsexual and not only tumblr saviour. I don’t use that phrasing anymore.