So, I have never seen a masterlist on tumblr for all of Super Junior’s video and decided to make one! I was inspired by @bxngtans BTS masterlist. Now you can all easily binge watch our handsome boys videos! Every video is english subbed (thank you so much to all the subbers out there) unless there is a star which means there are no subtitles. 

For now I have:

  • Music videos including sub-groups and dance versions
  • Variety shows (Keep in mind that some may not be HD because they’re old)
  • Radio Broadcast
  • Special DVDs

I won’t be adding all the episodes of a show if a member is a permanent MC unless SJ or a few SJ member’s are the guests. (Can you imagine adding all the radio star episode…hell no lol)

PS: If any videos have broken links (like the official MV for skeleton on avex is unavailable now, so I had to put a reuploaded version) please let me know. Also, if they are some variety shows or anything in general that I have missed, do tell me~ Our boys did so many things, it’s really hard to keep track >.< To be honest it makes me very proud to see that our boys have accomplished so much :’) 

Psst, maybe reblog it so many ELF’s can know about it? ^^