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Being a MSTie: On Both Sides of the Screen

Hey!  My name is Rebecca Hanson.  I’ve been a MSTie for over half of my life. And for the past year I’ve been a writer, Gypsy and Synthia on Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return.  I bet you’d like to know how this all happened.  I am more than happy to tell you all about it.  Now that I can!

One Saturday in November 2013, Joel Hodgson (creator + original host of MST3K), Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Clayton Forrester + Crow T. Robot) and Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) came to Chicago to speak at the Museum of Broadcast Communications because it was the 25th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  My friend Kevin had posted on Facebook that he was bummed to be out of town for this grand event but if any of his friends could go that would make him feel better about it.  Thankfully, I was in town that weekend and so was my husband, Tim, and our two friends, Ross and Nikki.  The four of us met up at the MBC happy to be out of the cold, grey autumnal rain.  We found pretty decent seats.  I could not see the panel that well but once Joel started speaking, I was instantly calmed yet exhilarated and magically transported back to my college days where we spend certain weekends we didn’t have shows (I was a theatre/speech major so a decent amount of my college weekends were spent rehearsing and performing) at various peoples’ houses or dorm rooms watching as many episodes as my friend Jason’s dad could fit onto a VHS tape.  These were the days before streaming or even DVD’s for that matter.  Jason’s dad would record episodes of MST3K from Comedy Central and the (then) Sci-Fi channel for us to devour in our small, cloistered college town in northwestern Iowa.  The Mondays after our MST3K Marathon Watching weekends, my stomach would hurt from all of the gut-busting giggles we let out while watching these hapless fools with their robots make miserable movies magical with their humor.  It was an incredibly bonding time with this group of friends and it also made me realize, hey - these guys aren’t too far from me - I mean, I only grew up Iowa, a few hours south of The Cities and these guys were making comedy (and a whole universe, really) that looked deceptively simple that I could not get enough of.  I was inspired by it all.  

And that Saturday in November 2013 (many years after college), to be in Chicago, with my friends and husband - each of us had moved to Chicago at different times for the sole purpose of learning all forms of improv and sketch comedy to become performers and each one of us was (and still is/are) - was an extra special experience to share.  

After these fine gents were done speaking, they opened it up for a Q & A.  There was a little voice who waited patiently as other grown-ups asked their questions, when it was finally this little voice’s turn, he asked Trace, “How old is Crow?” 

And Trace said, “Well - how old are you?” 

“EIGHT!” the little voice proudly shared.

“Well, that’s how old Crow is, too.”

Cue the tears streaming down all of our faces as the discussion wrapped and a bunch of us bee-lined it to merch.  My husband and I bought a DVD set then, along with our friends Ross and Nikki, headed to the line where everyone was waiting to get things signed by ‘Joel Robinson and the Mads’.  As Ross, Tim, Nikki and I were waiting, we were scheming.  Ross was part of the Mainstage cast at Second City and Tim had understudied that show the night before. Nikki, Tim, Ross and I all performed with Second City in various capacities so we knew we could all do the improvised set that happens after the second show on Saturday nights.  We were wondering if Joel, Trace or Frank would care to join us on stage?  The thing is, we are all pretty mild-mannered, if not down-right shy at times.  But since I was not part of that particular cast that evening, I decided that I would be the one to ask them once we got up to the table… 

But as we approached the table, Joel exclaimed to Trace and Frank, “Hey! These are the Second City Guys!” And Ross, Tim, Nikki and I lost our minds! Unbeknownst to anyone, Joel had been to the Mainstage show the night before and immediately recognized Ross and Tim (they’re both very strikingly tall, handsome and funny dudes).  We all exchanged pleasantries and had our postcards signed and took pictures with them. 

I told Trace how much he (and the whole MST3K gang) influenced and shaped our comedic voices and God Bless that sweet Trace Beaulieu, he said, “You already had it in you.” 


We asked them if they would be interested or available to come play the set that at Second City that night.  Their travel schedules did not allow it.  But Joel said he would be interested in getting dinner with us if we could.  Of course, all of our little comedy-nerd hearts burst at this invite.  Joel, Ross and Tim connected on Twitter (I was not on Twitter at that point) so we could arrange a time and place.  Luckily, Joel was cool with eating on the earlier side since so many of us had shows that night.  And more luckily (?) he was cool with us inviting the casts of the Mainstage and etc to join us. 

We met and dined at Adobo Grill (the Mexican restaurant that would nearly two years later, burn to the ground and take a good chunk of Second City with it) at a sensible hour.  I sat right next to Joel Hodgson, my long-time comedy hero and we chatted it up about Minnesota, Valleyfair! Amusement Park and all things Midwestern.  As our food was being served to us, Joel said in his thick Midwestern Mom voice, “Should we saaay graaaaace?” 

I said, “Oh, for nice, we should, ya.”

All of us were in awe to dine upon fine Mexican cuisine with the guy who created the show so many of us memorized and loved for so many years.  It was very cool.  I did ask Mr. Hodgson if he would mind getting a picture with just Tim and myself.  He very kindly obliged.

Oh, it was such a nice supper!  Oh, we were so happy!  Uff da, it was so nice! THE END. 


A few weeks later, Joel direct messaged Tim on Twitter to wish us both a Merry Christmas.  


In July of 2014, I came home from Second City and Tim was playing a video game.  He had a smirk on his face.  Tim told me that Joel Hodgson just messaged him, wondering if he could get my phone number… 

I looked my dear husband in the eye and said, “Do. Not. Mess. With. Me.” for I thought he was playing some sort of stupid joke on me.  Which is really not his style at all but — why would Joel remember me and want my info, not Tim’s? He had given Tim his phone number so… I called him.

I called Joel Hodgson’s cellular telephone device with my own cellular telephone device.  I wasn’t shaking at all.  I wasn’t at all nervous.  I wasn’t at all —- mentally barfing with excitement…. 

Joel wondered if I was able or interested in helping him on the final day of Wizard World in Rosemont, IL, that next month (August).  Would I be willing to hang out with him all day, at his booth, and help him talk to all of his adoring fans and learn some lingo and just hang out? 

With him?

With Joel Hodgson?


“Daaaaahhhhhhhhhh, yeah, Joel, noooo problem!” I says to him. 

So, a few nights before I was to hang out with him at Wizard World, he and his friend, Julie (who was helping him the first few days), Tim and I met up for dinner to chat more and she would give me more of the low down on what I needed to do that Sunday at the convention.  So - yeah, Tim and I were gonna have dinner (again!) with Joel!  How cool are we?

I will tell you something I have learned about Joel through the years: if there is some sort of deviled egg option on a menu - he will order it.  And enjoy it. 

Another fun dinner in the books with Joel, I got my info, we all headed our separate ways and that Sunday arrived and I drove out of the city to Rosemont to attend my very first comic book convention (or as most of you say Con) as Joel Hodgson’s Helper. 

It was pretty amazing - all of the costumes, all of the various celebrities, we had (of course) all-access to where ‘the stars’ eat and that was a trip, just seeing all of these people going through a buffet line like they were regular people but only regular people go through buffet lines NOT COMIC AND TV STARS!?!?! THEY ARE JUST LIKE US, I TELL YOU!!! 

After we ate - okay - I barely ate because I was too nervous but I was thankful for fizzy brown caffeine so I slammed that down - Joel and I were lead by security to this little ‘room’ made of pipe and drape so various people could get their picture taken with Joel by a photographer with a proper camera.  I shared some of my spearmint Altoids with Joel (I am good at making sure people have fresh breath) and checked that his hair was in place (he had been wearing a hat earlier) for all of the pictures with his adoring fans. After that photo session, we were lead by security again to Joel’s booth, where he unpacked Tom Servo from the suitcase he was carrying (he didn’t even let me hold the suitcase, even though I was there to assist him. Ah, Joel!) and it is here I started tearing up a bit because I had never been so close to Tom Servo (well, at least at that point in my life) before.  Joel stopped and said, “Rebecca - you know this is not The Original Tom Servo or anything.” 

I told Joel, “Just let me have this moment, okay?  Then I’ll be cool.” 

He chuckled and put Tom on the table, along with various Joel Robinson headshots and, I think, a poster that Steve Vance had made, too.  Then we spent a few hours with lovely MSTies coming to meet Joel, get things signed and I took pictures with their phones of them and Joel.  We did this for awhile, then he was going to speak in another room.  As we walked from one section of the convention center to the other, I had mentioned how much I enjoyed the article about MST3K in ‘WIRED’ magazine earlier that year.   “Oh… you read that?” he asked in his droll Joel voice.  

“Uh, yeah, Joel Hodgson.  I did.” I admitted.  I also flat out said, “If you’re in something, I am going to read about you.” 

For the next hour or so, Joel spoke in this huge room.  There were a ton of questions asked by various MSTies, as it was part Q&A.  I took a few pictures of him speaking because I figured he would want some and probably didn’t think of doing that.  He delighted and charmed the whole room and made all of us laugh a lot… 

but as charming and informative as he was, we still did not get the answer we were all secretly hoping for: That Somehow MST3K Would Return.  I honestly do not remember if anyone out-right asked but, come on, how many years (decades) had we all been wishing and hoping that it would happen?!? 

After the Q&A, Joel and I returned to his booth.  He smiled more and signed more and then it was the end of the day.  I asked him if I could possibly get a picture with him and Tom?  He wondered who would take it for us.  I said I would. Welcome to Selfies, Joel.

We loaded up the booth and he wanted to pay me - which, BELIEVE ME hanging out with him all day was payment enough, I refused, but then he insisted and then he really wanted to do the bit where he literally payed me under the table - so yes, he gave me cash under the table and told me not to blow it all on drugs.  (I only blew half of it on drugs!) 


but as we were leaving the convention center and I will never forget this, he said how he was hoping to some day get MST3K back but who knew if all the sea of legal stuff could even be crossed at that point?  But he said, “If I were ever to get it going again, do you think you and Tim would want to write on it?” 


“DAMNIT, JOEL, YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY AGAIN!  ON AN ESCALATOR!!!” I couldn’t even be cool about or not emote.  I kind of got it together enough to say, “Yes.  Please.  That would be the highest honor Tim or I could ever imagine.  Yes.” 

Then we made sure his taxi was cool with getting him from his hotel to O’Hare and I got into my Subaru and caught my breath a bit. I thought about texting Tim this crazy thing Joel had said to me but could not put it in writing.  I almost thought that would hex it.  And, I honestly thought that Joel was just being nice to me by saying that because I had helped him out all day. But as soon as I got home, I spewed out to Tim: “JoelHodgsonsaidtomyfaceifMST3KevergetsbackontheairwouldyouandIwanttowriteonit?!?”

Tim was also as dumbfounded as me.  I said, “I told him thank you and I kinda started crying on the damn escalator and I said it would be our honor.  But, I think he was just being nice to me because I helped him today so let us never think of this again.  Just know he said it.  Then we have to forget it.” 

Cuz - that’s the kinda thing ya just forget about, right? 

April 2015 comes along.  Joel was coming to Chicago again to promote ‘Other Space” on Yahoo! Screen.  He asked if Tim and I would want to get together for dinner again?  This time, he really wanted Chicago style pizza.  “Is it lame, Rebecca, to want to have Chicago style pizza in Chicago?  Am I just a lame tourist by wanting that?” he asked me over the phone.  

“Not at all, Joel.  Do you mind if we have some friends (more of your adoring fans) join us?” I asked.  He was cool with it.  He met up with us.  We devoured some Chicago style pizza with our friends, Kevin and Carisa. It was about a week after my birthday.  It was raining again.  Joel was able to come see Tim (and Carisa) in his etc show at Second City.  I went along, too. Someone from Yahoo! Screen met us there but I can’t remember her name. Joel laughed a lot during the show.  I made sure he did not forget his umbrella.  He could not make it to my Improvised Sondheim Project show because it was at like 11:00 that night and he had to be up early to promote the next day.  We parted ways.  

I do not have a picture of this meeting to share with y’all.  You will just have to believe me that we all at Lou Malnati’s pizza together.  Okay? 

So, a few months pass and the Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 goes up in mid-November.  Tim and I each contributed because we are long time fans of the show.  We watched it before we even knew each other.  It was one of the very few things we actually had in common when we first started dating and - you get it at this point - we freaking love this show!  Neither one of us even said, ‘Do you think Joel will remember what he said at Wizard World?’ 

We could. not. bring. our. selves. to. even. say. it.

In December 2015 we all know that when it closed, it was The Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign for TV and Film in the history of Kickstarter.  

On New Year’s Eve Day 2015, my phone rings. It is Joel Hodgson.  “Hi, Joel!” I answer.  He immediately says, “Looks like we got the money!  Are you in? Is in Tim in?” 


I just looked at Tim and he could tell that all of our dreams were coming true.  I put Joel on speaker.  “Really, Joel?  Really?  YES!!!!  I thought you were just being nice to me the day I helped you at Wizard World - I didn’t know you really wanted us to write!’ I exclaimed.

He went on to say that not only did he want us to write but he wanted us to maybe be on camera but wasn’t sure of those details yet but wanted to make sure we’d be in for the next step.  Then he wished us a Happy New Year.


We were going to write on the show that formed us both as comedians, writers, performers - heck, as People!  We could not believe it. 

Later in January 2016, Joel called me to ask if I would be willing to play a clone of Mary Jo’s (aka Pearl Forrester) … I do not remember if he had named her yet or not but, yeah, he asked if I would be Synthia.  Because, I guess, during all of these interactions we’ve had over the years, he thought I looked a lot like Mary Jo Pehl. 

Then he asked if Tim would be willing to be more of a silent character on camera, as an Observer type of character (he hadn’t come up with those names yet, for sure, I do remember that) and do we have a friend we work with who is funny yet the exact physical opposite of Tim?  We did!  His name is Zach Thompson (the three of us had worked at ComedySportz Chicago together for years) and Joel was like, “Cool.  Do you think he’d like to be in MST?” And we asked Zach and Zach said yes and told Joel then Joel was like, “Cool.  I’ll get in touch with him.” And then our good buddy Zach was on board!

I wrote on two episodes of Season 11.  In March and April of 2016, I was writing on ‘The Loves of Hercules’ and ‘Cry Wilderness’.  I did not know which episodes they would be.  I did not really know what Synthia would be.  I did not know anything else.  I did not fully believe everything was actually happening. I did take a picture to remember because I was still in (happy) shock AND, also, this was the beginning of Keeping Big Secrets. 

In July 2016, I had some downtime from the freelance copywriting gig I had been doing and I had no shows, so I went to visit my sister in Texas so I could be with her twin daughters (my nieces) for their THIRD birthday.  One day, the four of us girls decided we were going to go to IKEA before their big party and on the way there, Tim was frantically calling and texting me.  I guess Joel was wanting to conference call us.  He did not know that I was not in Chicago with Tim but down in the heart of Texas.  Long story short - I took the conference call while sitting in a fake living room set at IKEA.  Harold Buchholz, Joel, Tim and I were all chatting it up a bit.  They wanted to see if we would be available to possibly take things on the road one day and to also talk about shoot dates in Los Angeles for the actual episodes and then Joel Hodgson asks, ‘And Rebecca, I was wondering if you would want to be the voice of Gypsy?’ 




At this point in the call, I had made my way out to the parking lot because it was too loud inside the IKEA, too many people were interested in the couch I was sitting on in the living room set, and I knew I needed air and I just. I just could. I just could not. I just could not believe. I just could not believe that. I just could not believe that Joel. I just could not believe that Joel asked… 

It was silent on my end for a bit.  He said, “Rebecca - think about it and I’ll ge—” and I totally cut him off. 

Y E S ! ! !

“Well, you think about it and get back to me tomorrow, it’s -” 

“Joel, I don’t need to think about it.  Yes.  Are you sure?  Yes!  This is my dream come true.  No need to think.  Yes.  Yes, I will be the voice of Gypsy.” 

I do not really remember how that phone call ended but for a few minutes there, it was just Tim and I on it.  Joel and Harold must have hung up but Tim (in Chicago) and I (in Texas) were still on.  I do remember I had found a picnic table and chairs display set up out in the parking lot of IKEA because I somehow was seated when I asked Tim, “Did Joel Hodgson really ask me, Rebecca Hanson, out loud, on the phone, in front of you and Harold, to be the voice of Gypsy?” 

And Tim said, “Yes, Sweetheart.  He did.  It is Your Dream Come True.  You’re going to be The Voice of Something.  You’re going to be the voice of Gypsy.  On Mystery Science Theater 3000.” 

I went back into IKEA to find my sister and nieces eating pasta and meatballs in the cafeteria.  My almost-three-year-old-nieces were excited to dip their pasta into the red sauce.  I was excited to be the voice of Gypsy.  My sister asked if I was okay.  I told her what happened.  She instantly teared up for me.  My nieces got marinara on their cute dresses.  It was a Red (Sauce)Letter Day for us Hanson Girls. 

So - yeah.  I’ll stop here.  There is more to tell and say but I don’t know if I’ll ever properly explain or express just how thankful and grateful and honored and excited and amazed and blown-away I am by this whole magical ride.  I have been performing and writing and singing and making-things-up for a living for a long time.  I’ve met and worked with a lot of people on TV and stage; some of them were so cool and some were not.  I had reached a point, too, where I was not sure if I should keep doing all of this.  So - I share this with you from a place of hope.  I hope this can inspire you if you are in a place of uncertainty.  Or if you are in a place of security, I hope it inspires you, too.  If you’re in a place where you can make good things happen for other people, do it.  And I do not mean just in the entertainment industry but in any walk of life: Encourage Others. Encourage Yourself.  It helps keeps Us All Runnin’.  


I will forever be thankful to + for this Cool Dude, right here: 

Joel + me at the MST3K Experiment 1101 Chicago Premiere in February 2017. 

Digimon Stage Play - Part One

Sorry, my friend introduced me to Tiger and Bunny, which is why this was delayed ;;; This is everything up until curtain for half time, rest will be up within the next 12 hours, sorry!!!

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

Keep reading


Le Mouvement Final - Spoiler Free Report

*Warning - long ass post. 

I went to see the musical in Tokyo 4 times this year! I had only planned on seeing it 3 times, but well… 😅 Before my first show I got my nails done at my usual place, Cocotte in Harajuku. I asked for the planets (/moon) for each senshi plus shooting stars for the lights. To see more of Mashima’s incredible work, check out his insta! He paints every tiny detail by hand with itty bitty brushes. 

Wednesday, September 13
I went to this show by myself, but was able to meet up with the lovely @redcat36 @miniaturephantomprincess and @clockworkangel ! Everyone was super sweet and it was wonderful to be able to share the myu experience with fellow international moonies who were just as crazy for the cast as me.😆 This was also the fateful day in which I made the mistake of buying just enough can badges to get myself hooked. My seat was in the 6th row on the left side (facing the stage) so my view was good other than occasionally having a few things blocked by cast members or set pieces. I’m very glad that I wasn’t alone in how much crying I was doing throughout the show. Everyone around me had tissues out and you could hear sniffling throughout the theater. That evening Hinari played Chibi Chibi, and you could hear the whole theater squeal when she first appeared on stage. TOO. CUTE. 💖 Poor Shuu had a lot of mishaps - she flubbed one line, her suspenders popped off, and she almost missed touching Sayaka’s hand during THAT scene. After the show there was a Starlights + Kakyuu sendoff, which went by WAY too fast. I later learned I could slow it down a bit and am sad I didn’t do this for the Lights, but alas. After the show we waited outside the theater to say goodbye to the cast. Hinari gave everyone high fives (AWW) and the Lights stopped to talk to people for a bit! Saki shook my hand and noticed my Kuma Crafts Star Yell necklace and said my Galaxia + Animamates t-shirt was cool.💚

Friday, September 15
This time I went with my good friend @kaikinapela  and once again met up with the other girls. This was one of the “fanclub service days” which I have to say was a disappointment. The possible prizes were a photoshoot with the cast, a signed pamphlet, or… a sticker. As you can probably guess, we all got the sticker. I think they could have done better for a third prize, especially considering the sticker was the same image as the flyer. They could have at least given us an original photo! We did, however, miraculously manage to get first row seats through the fanclub! The picture of the stage above is from that seat. I’m not sure it quite does justice to how crazy close we were. The actresses were all about 2 feet in front of my eyes, it was insane. Several times I got distracted from the show by just staring at whoever was in front of me. This is when I learned that Kobayashi Yuka (Seiren) has a belly button piercing lol. This day I also had AMAZING luck with can badges - I managed to pick two signed ones! Rimo and Kaede💛💚  This night Chise was playing Chibi Chibi and she got just as much of a gasp from the crowd at her adorableness. She’s much smaller than Hinari! During the curtain call I managed to catch eyes with Meiku and Mirai. Airi, who is the most adorable ball of energy on the planet, waved at us twice and made a heart with her hands in our direction.💖  She’s too cute! My friend has been trying to catch Yuga’s rose since 2013, but was sadly thwarted again - she did get an apology look from Yuga in return for her disappointed face, though.😉   

Saturday, September 16
Same group of girls for this show! This time @kaikinapela and I were seated in the 10th row in the center (right behind ROOT, the former Jadeite, incidentally). Once again I had crazy luck with can badges - this time I pulled 3! Yume, Satomi, and Saki! I still can’t believe I got my two favorite characters (Venus/Healer) and SATOMI. Yume’s signature says “Thank you very much! Let’s meet again!” and Satomi’s says “Satomi Cosmos.” The others signed their name and did a doodle. 💖  We were back to Hinari for this show. I have to say, she was my favorite (more on this later). Though I loved being so close to the stage for the other two shows, this was the first time I fully appreciated all of the visual effects. I hope everything comes through on the DVD. After the show there was a sendoff from the Inners, and this time I at least managed to properly make eye contact with each of them as we went by. 

Monday, September 18
This was my bonus show. I hadn’t managed to get tickets for it online, but loved the other shows so much I had to try to get into the Tokyo finale. I waited in the insanely long line for the same day ticket lottery and drew “awaiting cancellation (#5).” This means I was 5th in line to get a ticket if someone cancelled. I thought for sure this meant I wouldn’t get in, but no! I managed to get one of the folding chairs they added behind row 6. It was incredibly uncomfortable but WORTH IT. This meant I was in front of an aisle, which is a good place to be on the last day. During Moonlight Densetsu everyone but the villains, Cosmos, ChibiChibi, and Moon (with her giant wings) ran out into the audience. At first no one was coming down our aisle, but I made sure to hold my yellow light high and Rimo saw! She came down our row for high fives. 💛 Later Mikako made a second pass and came down our aisle too. ♥ When everyone returned to the stage to wave and bow, Rimo pointed at me, waved, and blew a kiss! I almost didn’t believe she was aiming at me since she was on the opposite side of the stage, but I was the only yellow light around. 😭 💛  That evening the inners + Tux gave short speeches, and I could see Meiku trying not to cry.💔  Poor little Chise just looked bewildered the whole time. After the show I managed to talk to all 3 of the Lights! I was wearing my signed Healer and Venus badges, so Saki gently patted her own badge and then flicked Venus in the face.😆  Meiku was very surprised when I complimented her singing - she doesn’t seem to be very confident, which is unfortunate because she’s very talented. Riona also noticed my badges and asked if I shipped Yaten/Minako. When I said yes, she said “What about Taiki/Ami?” I told her I love them too, and she wondered if she had forced me to say it (she did not). She asked me to wear a Mercury shirt next time.💙  I also met a few other lovely international moonies that evening, but sadly I don’t know their tumblrs! If you guys see this, message me!

Thanks to trading with friends, through twitter, and at the venue, both @kaikinapela and I managed to collect a full set of badges! 

Overall Impressions
I would rank this as one of the best musicals of all time - including the classic Bandai era. I will admit to being biased because the Stars arc is my favorite, but they really pulled out all the stops. The entire cast was amazing, even those who had small roles. Singing was fantastic across the board - the inners have improved a lot and all of the new cast members were great. While it was sad not having Karin stay for the “last” (last!?) musical, Mirai did a great job and was a strong singer. I think everyone will be especially blown away by Galaxia and Kakyuu (who is once again an opera singer!). If you’ve listened to any of Isuzu Coco’s music through her twitter, her Galaxia voice is so different! Much deeper and more powerful.  Poor Sayaka seemed to be sick during the Tokyo shows - her voice got progressively weaker and more hoarse. Hopefully she recovers by the finale! 

The set and visual effects dramatically improved with Amour Eternal and this musical continues that trend. Hotaru does some impressive running up and down moving stairs in her Eternal Moon costume, all of the attacks are projected, and we again have part of a scene projected as a video on stage. You’ll see all the Sailor Crystals float away, which adds another layer of emotion to those scenes. 

Both actresses playing Chibi Chibi were adorable, but Hinari won out as my favorite. Being a little older she was able to speak all of her lines clearly (Chise’s speech was muddled) and she showed a lot more emotion in both her movements and expressions. I’m glad she’ll be on the DVD performance.

A few things were different each show (details in my spoilery post to come), so I hope some sort of compilation ends up on the DVD! 

There were lots of throwbacks to the Bandai era as well as a few references to the past Nelke era musicals. I think overall in tone this was a nice blend of the two styles - there was a lot of humor added and plenty of references to specific anime scenes, but the overall plot was manga oriented and gave proper weight to its serious moments. They find smart ways to keep the whole cast involved throughout the show, despite everyone being killed off pretty quickly (I don’t consider that a spoiler since it’s a manga plot point). 

Everyone is going to LOVE Cosmos. I was seriously shocked by how much Satomi had improved at singing. Taking lessons with Coco and Asami seriously paid off. They found a really touching way to give her a bit more story time than she had in the manga, and I think they’re quite clear about who she really is in this canon. 

This musical had a TON of original music - only two previously used songs made an appearance, and both in shortened versions. “Celestial Born” was made into it’s own song (it initially was part of “Shuketsu - Yume no Atsumaru Basho” during Amour Eternal) and “Music of the Spheres” is used briefly in battle. They save the throwback music mostly for the post-musical curtain call show, which I appreciated. For the first time since the revival of the musicals I loved ALL of the songs (Amour Eternal comes close). One of my few complaints has been the abundance of “talk singing,” where long lines of dialogue (often ripped straight from the manga) are set to awkward, stumbling melody. There is little to none of that this time, and far fewer songs are interrupted by long bits of dialogue. Hopefully sales of the Amour Eternal CD will be good enough to entice them to release another soundtrack - this time with a lot more music. 

They weren’t kidding when they said everyone has a moment to shine. I fell in love with Nyanko and Mouse, despite them having such small parts. Miraculously, even with all the dying and with an enormous cast, everyone was given enough to work with that they were able to truly embody their character. If this truly is the last musical, I’m going to be super bummed that this cast doesn’t get at least one more opportunity to show off how amazing they are. 

Thoughts Roundup - Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 16

“No knock, No doorbell”

There are moments in pop culture history that I always feel envious about - envious because I wish i’d been there to experience it them as they happened. I wish I could’ve seen Talking Heads perform live, I wish I could have seen The Shining in cinemas when it was first released, and I wish I could have watched the original run of Twin Peaks when it first aired. The thing about the desire to have experienced these things as they happened is directly tied to the environment they’re released into, and the effect they had on the public at the time. You can get the blu ray of Stop Making Sense, you can find The Shining screenings in independent cinemas, and you can buy the Twin Peaks boxset. But what I really want is to know what it felt like to see Twin Peaks every week, at a time when Dynasty and L.A Law were as exciting as TV got. I want to have been a part of those conversations that people had about the show. I want to know how people like my Mum felt when she watched it back in 1990 (for the record, she hated it. She’s got great taste, but Twin Peaks was decidedly too weird, according to her). 

I came along to Twin Peaks ten years ago, when the show had vanished from the conversation and was yet to have a second life thanks to the likes of Netflix and Hulu. David Lynch’s work was alien and exciting to me - I remember seeing a Fire Walk With Me VHS in HMV years before and asking my Mum just what it was. I remember seeing clips of Blue Velvet late at night and being terrified of it. And finally, I remember seeing clips from Twin Peaks’ last episode being featured on a countdown of the 100 Scariest Moments on Channel 4. That’s when I knew I had to find out just what the fuck it was all about. And I have such fond memories from 2007 & 2008, of obsessing over the show, watching episodes on summer evenings in my room, excited about waking up the next day so I could tell my Mum and Brother about it. The thing that the experience missed is a feeling of communality. The moments in the show that rocked my world and made me feel a way i’d never felt before were experienced solely by me, in a tiny bedroom, on a portable DVD player. The moments that, when they first aired had people all over the world talking now felt like they were being seen in 2007 only by me. But now, ten years on, as Twin Peaks: The Return heads towards the finish line and its biggest moments reverberate from it with electric power, I finally get to have what I never had before: the experience of watching it with the world. The only other show I experienced that with was Lost, a show I watched religiously and passionately. But The Return feels different - it feels bigger. 

You can feel that there are fans who’ve waited 10, 20, 25, years for it, and it carries the extra weight of knowing that this really might be David Lynch’s last filmic or televisual outing. Think about that for a second. This week might be the last time we can say that we have David Lynch’s work to look forward to. He’s spoken about how he’s moving away from films and towards visual arts, and at 71, going back to the world that forever cemented his name in the Pop Culture canon could be the most perfect swan song of his career. As a result, every episode feels loaded and essential, and with the events of tonight’s episode, it feels like we’re seeing something iconic take place. We are reacting together. We are experiencing it together. I’ve had conversations about it with my girlfriend, a bunch of friends, family members, and some randomers online for good measure. These are those shared experiences i’d longed for. 14 year old me, watching monumental television unfold and wishing he had someone to share it with is being rewarded every week, and I’ve never felt more rewarded than I felt with part 16 and its own monumental developments.

Dale Cooper is awake. Finally. Whether you’ve waited a season, or 27 years, nobody can deny the immense satisfaction that this development delivers. It feels huge. It feels iconic. It feels like something truly good and pure occurring in a bleak world. I got tearful, I laughed, I smiled so wide my face hurt. I didn’t realise how badly I needed Dale back. How badly the world needs Dale back. “People are under a lot of stress” notes Rodney Mitchum tonight. They certainly are. Whether they’re residents of Twin Peaks or Las Vegas, the characters throughout this return have resided in a world of hurt. It feels sharply current, and a reflection of an America that feels broken. Out of the pain, through the pain - through a violent electric shock that is - returns to us Dale Cooper, the hero we both need and deserve. He is Lynch and Frost’s testament to goodness, their monument to the power of kindness. The electrical power that has given him new life like some kind of benevolent Frankenstein’s monster is finally used for goodness, a reminder that a thing which can contain evil is not entirely comprised of that evil. There is room for goodness - the Mitchum brothers have hearts of gold, as Dale (it feels SO FUCKING GOOD to finally be able to write “Dale”) tells them. Janey-E and Sonny Jim are good people caught up in someone else’s awful web. Dale is a good man who promises that he will one day walk through that red door and come home for good. For now, he’s walked through that red curtain and is back home with us. Whether he himself comes back to Janey-E and Sonny Jim, or whether a copy of him (he tells Mike to make another) takes his place, I adore the humanity and warmth his family is written with. They are dearly cared about by Lynch and Frost.

Dale remembers every moment with the Joneses. It meant something. It filled his heart up, and kept him going, and Dale’s poignant sincerity - god, i’ve missed it - tells her this honest truth. The miraculous and thrilling thing about his awakening is there is no need to stop and explain everything to Dale. There is no catchup. He is awake, dressed in his sharp black suit within moments, and is on the way to Twin Peaks while the main theme chimes in cathartically, and here he proclaims: “I am the FBI”. I cannot think of a greater, more exciting and meaningful moment in TV. I have goosebumps just thinking of it. If The Return has all been about trying to return to something that once was and the difficulties surrounding that, then this episode seems to posit the optimistic and moving idea that some things will always be. Like Laura Palmer and the Log Lady, Dale Cooper always will be, and it is hard not to take great comfort in that fact. Like the river running through the town, or the moon overhead each night, the forces of good will always exist, even if they are reborn. It needed to take 16 episodes. It needed to feel earned. And it needed to make its point, which it has with powerful brilliance. 

The comfort of Dale’s return is contrasted by Doppelcoop’s pretty un-fatherly sacrificing of Richard Horne, who it’s revealed through a casually mumbled line, is (or was) Doppelcoop’s son. Doppelcoop’s headlights are still probing the road in front of him, still pushing onwards into that darkest of night, and there is a feeling of dread every time we see these headlights, waiting for them to illuminate the iconic “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign. It is just a matter of time. Richard is destroyed by an electric light that engulfs him, and possibly whisks him away to the black lodge. The question is open of who sent Doppelcoop here, exactly? It seems to have been a trap designed to wipe him out, and it seemingly came from either Jeffries or Diane. His coldness and his manipulative ease is frightening here - he has known all along that Richard is his son, and feels nothing upon seeing his son killed. And Richard follows his father’s orders in a perverse mirror image of the people who follow Dale’s orders. He marches happily into the darkness where he is killed because that is Doppelcoop’s power: if he tells you to do something, you do it. With Dale, you listen to him similarly, but not from fear - instead from respect and love. Dale has always been a delightfully bossy person, but because Doppelcoop has twisted Dale’s goodness into evil, he has taken that friendly bossiness and turned it into a dictatorship of demands. If you don’t listen to Doppelcoop, you die. If you do listen to him, you’ll probably die anyway. 

Diane, we hardly knew ye. Well, maybe that should be DoppelDiane. We knew something was wrong - every moment she was on screen, Laura Dern masterfully sold Diane’s trembling dread with a wild intensity that was both all-knowing and untouchably distant. She was full of secrets, and Doppelcoop’s text to her (nice to see that lodge spirits use emoticons!) seems to have triggered something inside Diane which sent those secrets pouring out of her. The revelation that she is not the real Diane but instead a manufactured Diane sounds crazy, but suddenly everything about her makes sense. A real tortured Diane is in there somewhere, or at least her memories are, and perhaps if she is in the same place as Laura there is a distant hope that she is safe, or can be brought back. Doppelcoop has throughout the years been playing god. He has manufactured people, he has manipulated people, he has bent everything to his will, and Diane is an example of what that does to a person. She disappears after being shot in a wildly intense sequence, and her body is viciously flung, disappears, and then winds up in the red room. Here, She is destroyed. So, where is the real Diane? Where is her soul? What happens to people like her and Laura? It is heartbreaking to find out that all along, she was just a pawn, and her story of what Doppelcoop did is even more heartbreaking. It’s a sad end - but is it the end? I’m certain I heard her say “i’m in the sheriff’s station” in this scene, which seems to be where all the story threads are heading towards. I can’t help but think of Judy. Whoever she is, she’s got a LOT of explaining to do.

Gary and Chantal, we hardly knew ye, either. Their end is hilariously overblown. A fender bender turns into the most ludicrously violent uzi-led shootout, and it really is down to their own stupidity. They were vocal supporters of violence, and they died fittingly violent deaths - deaths which echo Bonne & Clyde, except Gary and Chantal aren’t really so romantic. They’re just two dumdums who eat a lot of crisps and mess up simple tasks. 

Audrey’s scenes tonight gave us the double rug pull. The first was “Surprise! She is in the real world”, and the second was a bigger “Surprise! Of course she’s fucking not!”. There was something so uncanny and strange happening with her throughout the last episodes, and Diane’s claim that she’s not herself tonight called back to Audrey’s similar claim in a previous episode. Her appearance at the Roadhouse feels realistic enough, until the MC announces Audrey’s Dance, the song she danced to all those years ago, and the crowd moves off the stage so that she can dance dreamily once again. The moment is inexplicable and as hypnotic now as it was then. However, where it once felt otherworldly in a wonderful sense, it now feels laced with menace and literal dreaminess - a violent altercation in the Roadhouse wakes Audrey up, and suddenly she is in a bright white room staring at herself in a mirror in confusion. The beautiful dream, the gorgeous music, the perfect concoction that sent nostalgic goosebumps up our arms is coldly revealed to be quite literally unreal. She is somewhere else now, where the lush purple lighting of the Roadhouse has been replaced with a blinding clinical whiteness. Her dance - so joyous and soulful - is snatched away from us and replaced with uncertainty once again. Is she somewhere with Laura and Diane, or someplace else entirely? I think we will find out, but what matters is that she is not here, she is not herself, and the dream has ended. 

It is incredible the range of emotions that an episode of Twin Peaks can stir. The questions I want answered most are clinging to me tightly - who is Judy and what does Doppelcoop want? - but the overall feeling I get from The Return and from this episode is not of confusion, but overwhelmed emotion. An episode where Dale speaks would in itself be enough to knock you out, but with everything else that happens, the episode is a behemoth - yet it is carefully written and plotted. Despite the questions, I didn’t get lost in the weeds, and the return of Dale feels like a moment of shining clarity to help you through. There is a feeling of togetherness and unity now that Dale is awake again, and a sense of safety that wasn’t present before. And so, we head into the final week of Twin Peaks maybe ever. And like the millions that we are sharing this experience with, tonight’s episode is about sharing our experiences with others - be it Diane sharing her experiences with the FBI, Dale sharing his life with Janey-E and Sonny Jim, or the Mitchum Brothers sharing their generosity with the Jones family. It’s about the power of sharing, of not living alone. And while it may be painful (Diane), or beautiful (Dale and Janey-E), it is essential that we share the experience. It’s the source of goodness, and the goodness is now wide awake in Twin Peaks

I honestly haven’t watched much of this anime at all in the past couple of months… there’s probably a reason for that. But suddenly I’ve had the urge kick back in recently and I have a bunch of DVDs lined up… I initially intended to just get references for a little series of pixel “art” things I’m going to be doing, but instead ended up grabbing 5 DVDs. Now this is the episode I wanted to get some references from, and I’ve watched it before…

But I still just cracked up really hard at this scene. I missed this anime. Especially at a time like this, it’s good to remember that Tamagotchi was always a source of some amount of happiness for me… usually. I did actually cry when Chama (on my Nano) left a few months ago (not due to bad care, mind you; Nanos automatically leave after 50 days for some reason and I didn’t know that beforehand) and I cried for other tama-related reasons before… but that’s beside the point.

necer0s  asked:

Ianto gathers all of the strength he can possibly spare and bares his teeth at the Witch-King. "I call you oath-breaker," he hisses. "Warlock, you are not my king!" -from lapis lazuli, for the DVD commentary thing?

Oh god, that was a while ago. But - this is pretty much the moment when Ianto decides, even subconsciously, to let go of Lisa’s memory and hang on to what he had with Jack, even if he’d betrayed it. It’s bittersweet, because he got this far, but it’s also the moment he plants his heels and shows just how stubborn he is. He’s ready to put his life on the line to make up for a mistake, and I think that it’s a pretty good summary of how I view Ianto’s character - he makes massive mistakes, and he’s bitter and unhappy about them, but he’s also brave enough to face them once he realizes they’re wrong. 

Digimon Stage Play - Full

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

Timeline: It’s set after Koushirou creates the cyber space for them, but before the reboot. Clearly on/around August 1st ;p

Venue/Goods: a little out of the way, small. You couldn’t buy goods unless you had a ticket, which sucks. Goods were sold on the inside, line was small pre-play, massive after. My store clerk couldn’t count to save her life. People were trading, everybody hated that everything was random and there were so many types of things. Friend and I ordered dvd – no blu ray option, it’s being released in December (average wait time since Japan is very slow on physical releases). Had to downpay 2000 yen, which this and dvd only option has never happened before when I’ve seen other stage shows – not a good sign. No postal option, so my friend has to pick mine up for me – poor form again. (Pick up is only at animate – my nearest one is 2+ hours away :/)

Promotion/sold out: four shows sold out. Tickets reduced to 7000 yen, which is insulting for us who went through lottery. They advertised low prices at fes too. Promotion was done badly. Digimon isn’t massively popular, but Toei isn’t small either. Get a cast twitter, post rehearsal pics etc. Promotion doesn’t need to be costly. Fes advertisement (last weeks vid) was too little too late. Theres events with Miyazaki and AiM and seiyuus, which also seems last minute and an attempt to sell out. Again insulting to those of us to preordered. Shonichi didn’t sell out. Must be tough on actors. Promotion video (August 5th? 6th?) is kinda bad quality – the stage itself looks and sounds better than the video may lead you to believe.

Seating: nice, comfy. We were second row, left hand side, aisle. If we had been one or two more to the left it would have been really bad (same if you’re too overly right). The cast faces back/sideways too often, so we saw a lot of backs. Need to work on being diagonal, basic stage stuff there. However, pros of our seating were: Yamato being right in front of us when he sang, Jyou fishing in front of us and making eye contact with Etemon to the point where it was creepy lmao

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When The Incredibles came out I asked my parents for a Elastic Girl notebook, in which I only drew The Incredibles characters. I had a play with my sister in which we (as ourselves) met them that was like a self insert fanfiction. We even made couples between ourselves and the characters (aged up if needed). We made our own OCs that were another super family, and at one point, we got our super powers (mine was water control because water has always been my thing, my sister spent days trying to figure what could beat water, ended up choosing super intelligence so she could build any machine she needed). Once in school I had to write an essay based on a real story and I changed some characters’ names and said they were my friends. When the movie came out in dvd we memorized all the lines, to the point we could replay the whole movie by heart if we wanted. And we knew all the easter eggs and stuff, I don’t even remember how we found them out.

Anyway yeah I loved this movie so much to the point that I still can easily tell when the tv airs the weird redubbed version with a different voice for Dash and a different timing for the lines of everyone else and it annoys me to no end

november 21/2017

class: dream

I am watching some film on the big TV in my room with a bunch of dvds and vhs tapes lined up infront of it. I decide to watch a dvd of ghost in the shell but then realize I’d have to hook that up instead of my vhs player so I’m just going to leave it for now.

Outside world I’m this man and two uniformed guys come up to me suspicious of me, and have me ID this room. It doesn’t work but they are pushing me inside and saying “its a 1 br” and then lock the door. There is some things on the ground I think are leaves, but realize they’re moving. They’re maggots with big black heads and white squirming bodies. I step on one and it inflates a bit then explodes. To my side there are two cats I own but they’re combined with being a giant maggot and they start coming towards me and I start yelling at someone to kill them.

I don’t want them dead though even though they’re essentially giant walking cat maggots with a squirming white body but they still have cat heads and legs.

apocketfullofhobbits  asked:

I will have you know that I wanted to send you something to do that commentary thing on and somehow I ended up rereading "Winter" again and I couldn't choose a single line of it because every line in that fic is a masterpiece and now I'm just sitting here crying just like every other time I stumbled upon that story. One of the most beautiful stories ever written.

Firstly, I’d really like to thank you for your kind words.

Secondly, I’d like to thank you for looking for something to send me to do the commentary.  I really like the idea of the activity.

So I’ll just kind of do an overall commentary on that story.

At the time that I wrote that story, I realized that I’d never written anything that dealt with that particular topic in any way.  I felt I needed to remedy that.  I like to try to write stories that cover all kinds of topics simply for the exercise of “stretching the writing muscles” and testing myself.

Although I can recognize that there were a few grammatical errors that I didn’t catch in that one, I can say that I was happy with the story overall.  It was what I wanted it to be and it was emotional for me, so I hoped that would come through for anyone who read it.  

The reaction was mostly positive from those who read it (at least among those who chose to leave reviews to let me know that they read it), though there were a couple of people who sent me messages to know that they really weren’t fond of the fact that I didn’t warn that a character had/was going to die.  Honestly, I didn’t feel that the story needed a warning, and I’ll fully admit that maybe I’m wrong on that, but I thought that it wasn’t really written as a shocking occurrence or anything.  The focus of the story is on death, but it’s on the positive feeling that he has for his death.  He’s not dreading it.  Death isn’t something horrible.  It’s something he’s looking forward to.  

And death is something that, honestly, will eventually happen.  We could only hope that they would have the benefit of living a long and happy life together before death and that they could hold onto the hope of a happy reunion afterwards.  

That’s one of the few pieces that I’ve done where a poem is actually inserted into the story (or at least pieces of a poem).  The truth of the matter is that the story came first and the poem came later.  It wasn’t a story inspired by a poem. Rather, I was inspired to search for the poem after I’d already started working on the story.  I really love that poem, too.  When I read it, I immediately loved the feeling behind it and I thought it fit very well with the story that I wanted to write.

I kept with the winter theme throughout, so I used words that called back to that on purpose.  I talked about reflections in ice and glass, but none of those reflections were as important, for instance, as the reflection of himself that Daryl saw through Carol.  I talked about death coming like winter wind through the cracks of the house, etc.  It was all to draw back to the idea of winter which is, essentially, the annual death of the world.  

And of course, that let me show (or attempt to show) the hope that’s there because, at the end, there’s a thaw.  The long-awaited spring is coming.

My favorite line in that story, though, was probably “They mated for life.  Doves and Dixons.”  If I’m not mistaken, that was the very first line that I actually wrote for the story and that was the jumping off point that I used to look for the poem.  I started out just searching for “dove” poetry and ended up finding the poem that I chose to use.

Thank you for reminding me of this story and for your kind words!  It means a lot!  

Things my dad said during the SPG DVD viewing.
  • Dad: ...you know, there's nothing good on tv for Saturday nights.
  • Dad: .......okay. cue it up.
  • *later*
  • Dad: You didn't tell me they acted like robots! I thought they just dressed as them. Cool.
  • Dad: Why are there lines on that guy's face?
  • me: well it's makeup. They're robots. They do that themselves. 2 hours or more for each one.
  • Dad: Holy crap.
  • *later*
  • Dad: Who's that? Spike? SPINE! That's it.
  • me: the two who guys who play Spine and Rabbit are twins.
  • Dad: No way!
  • me: Rabbit's actor is male to female trans. Hence the lovely hips.
  • Dad: Well, she's got the legs for it.
  • me: I love her to bits, you don't even know, man.
  • Dad: I can guess.
  • *later*.
  • Dad: I like Rabbit. It's a tie between Spine and Rabbit for favorite.
  • Dad: Jesus! Is that a real mustache?
  • me: Yup. That's all Hatchy!
  • Dad: Now I get why you kept calling it glorious.
  • *later*
  • me: yup. Oh! Here's Rex Marksley!
  • Dad: That hat is huge.
  • *later*
  • Dad: *during AEH* OH MY GOD! That guitar lick!
  • *later*
  • Dad: Okay, so, Spine's my favorite.
  • me: could have sworn you'd be a Hatchy man.
  • Dad: Nope. Spine's my favorite. His movements are the best.
  • me: ... I'd give my left leg for a picture of you hugging The Spine. They do photo ops! If they come to our side of the country, I'll even pay for the photo.
  • Dad: I don't think he'd hug me.
  • me: he would! his actor is a hugger! and I will give my left leg from, like, knee down to see you hugging him.
  • Dad: oh my god.
  • me: I WOULD!
  • And that's how I got my 55 year old dad into Steam Powered Giraffe.
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#2) STREET SHARKS (1994)

 an American-Canadian animated television series about crime-fighting half-man/half-sharks. It was produced by DIC Entertainment and aired from 1994 to 1995, originally as a part of the Amazin’ Adventures lineup. Later, in 1996, the Street Sharks teamed up with the Dino Vengers and the show became “Dino Vengers Featuring Street Sharks”. It was created to promote an existing Mattel toy line of the same name. The creators were David Siegel and Joe Galliani of Mr. Joe’s Really Big Productions.

A university professor named Dr. Robert Bolton had invented a gene-manipulation device for peaceful uses on animals with his fellow professor named Dr. Luther Paradigm. In the first episode, Dr. Paradigm tested his gene-manipulation techniques (which was referred to as “gene-slamming”) on a marlin and a lobster which resulted in the creations of Slash and Slobster. Dr. Robert Bolton attempted to destroy Paradigm’s research and was transformed into an unseen inhuman monstrosity by the evil scientist using the gene-slamming device on him before escaping. Dr. Paradigm later kidnapped Bolton’s four sons John, Bobby, Coop, and Clint to transform them into sharks


Ladies, gentleman, and everyone else I give you the TMNT rip-off to end all rip-offs.

This series is so stupid, so ill-conceived, and transparently a blatant toy vehicle. Look at those character designs, look at those bad guys, look at the vehicles, look at all the weapons. There’s so much advertising going on that the characters could have tattoos of other Mattel franchises and nobody would bat an eye.

At the time of its relevancy everybody knew it was a rip off. Kids, parents, even your uninformed senile grandparents who just knew their grand kids “liked the show with the turtles” knew Street Sharks was a rip-off.

Yet that never came up as a problem because the franchise is SO FREAKING BAD ASS. Sharks are one of the coolest sea dwelling animals, and one of the deadliest predators on the planet so of course boys were going to be suckered in by it. This was helped completely by the fact that the toys were really awesome.

External image

they were big, thick, durable, and they were the right size that they fit in well enough to play with our Ninja Turtle figures.

The series isn’t really anything to write home about. It’s the same as TMNT; the heroes fight other mutants, coin a bunch of shark related catchphrases, and eat their favorite foods. It doesn’t really get much more involved than that.]

Except it gets EVEN MORE AWESOME in the later season of the TV show when the Street Sharks teamed up with another team called the Dino Vengers; alien dinosaur super heroes.

External image

They were later rebranded as Extreme Dinosaurs for their own spin-off series.

External image

But man, sharks and dinosaurs? What was going on at Mattel in the 90s that they were so in-tune with the things boys loved?

It was an advertisement campaign that worked in spades, and it was glorious.

The only downside is… the dreams of many children, of a crossover between TMNT and Street Sharks never came to light. Not in any medium; animated, live action, comic, or even web cartoon.

It was just not meant to be.


  • In 1996, Archie Comics released a short-lived comic book series based on Street Sharks. They published a three-issue mini-series which were based on the first three episodes of the series, and a regular comic series, which lasted three issues.
  • every episode title has a shark pun


Other than the total absurdity and bad assness of the franchise, nothing about it is really that memorable by anybody other than those who were religiously dedicated to it and had tons of the toys.

That’s the folly Street Sharks has in being such a gigantic rip-off of TMNT, it came and went, and hasn’t really been heard from since. It could stand to be revived since the toy line was so quality but that’s pretty unlikely and I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up.

But one things for sure, if there’s anything that personified how EXTREME the 1990s was, it was definitely Street Sharks.

Season 1 and some parts of Season 2 are available on youtube, but luckily a dvd of the entire series has been released and it’s ridiculously cheap and easy to find.

If you’re an old school fan, go pick it up, everyone else might not be fond of it though.

Come by tomorrow when I reveal to all of you THE #1 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES RIP-OFF

NH Words Series | Tingo

Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 2,389
Summary: Naruto had never considered himself a petty thief. At least, not until he realized his apartment was beginning to have more of her things than of his own.
Author’s Note: I never reposted this fic when I remade my blog, and have been working on another fic to add to this series so I figured why not! The first part of a series of independent fics I started awhile back based on words that don’t have an English equivalent. :)

The act of taking objects one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.

It began with something simple. Something practical. Something she wouldn’t give a second thought to if it went missing, an accusatory thought towards him the farthest thing from her mind.

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What The Heart Wants - Chapter 1

TITLE: What The Heart Wants


AUTHOR: LateStarter58


GENRE: Romance/Angst/Smut later on

FIC SUMMARY: When Mandy inherits a house, she cannot guess how her life will be changed.

RATING: M (for whole fic), T for this chapter.

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: The English towns in this story are much as I describe, and I hope you might be inspired to visit them. Mandy’s Bertie is an amalgam of two dogs I have owned. Lurchers make great pets! No triggers or warnings needed, except that dog-ownership is addictive…

Chapter 1

I have always been an independent woman, not the type – I prefer to think - to pick up random men, on a beach or anywhere else. But then again, a little over three years ago I’d have said I wasn’t the kind of person who owns a holiday home on the coast and drives a classic car. And I certainly would not have said that I was the sort of woman who would wait around for a man, however sexy and charming, not knowing when he would show up next or what the future held for us. A kind of East Anglian Madame Butterfly? No, not like me at all. And yet, here I am…

If you had asked me about myself back then I would have said that I was a modern career woman; a not-very-well-off teacher living in a small rented house with my dog Bertie, managing to keep my head above water mainly because I didn’t have time to spend too much money. Once I had finished marking or lesson preparation and the dog-walking and housework were done I just about had the time and energy for a movie on DVD. Happy enough, with good friends but no man around. I wasn’t short of offers, mind you, I just didn’t bother with any of them. But then all of a sudden, things began to change. Just goes to show you never know what’s around the corner…

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heddagab  asked:

Hi Charity! I saw the post about hobbies for SJs and NPs and I was just wondering if you have a similar perspective for Ni-Se/Se-Ni users. (The Si-Ne attitude reminds me of myself exept for the rememberance thing so I wanted to see if there are similarities between Si-Ne/Ni-Se users and Ne-Si/Se-Ni users)

The post the OP is referring to is about Ne and Si revisiting old hobbies. I talked  about how delving into old hobbies through Si reignites old memories and feelings tied in with that period of the person’s life.

I could only speculate on this, so I asked an ENFJ friend for her thoughts:

It took me a few minutes to figure out why I was so puzzled by this question. And then I realized: Ni doesn’t look backwards; it only looks forward. So when a Ni-user revisits a past hobby, she probably isn’t actually using Ni. If she is, she’s using it in a future-oriented way (i.e. mining a past source for potential new meaning). Since Ni/Se primarily pulls the user toward the future (XNXJs), and Se/Ni primarily pulls the user toward the present (XSXPs) neither are particularly oriented toward the past.

This doesn’t mean that Ni-users aren’t connected to our memories, or that past experience is meaningless to us. Most people, regardless of type, have emotional connections to their past. Most of us have things in our lives (objects, routines, etc.) that make us feel safe and comforted. But I think what differentiates Ni from Si is how
readily a person looks backward. How often do they relive the past? Does it hold a special significance in their lives? Does it influence the person’s present? Compared to Si-users, Ni-users probably revel in old memories less frequently; we probably place less day-to-day emphasis on our pasts. It’s hard to dwell in the past when Ni/Se is constantly pulling us toward what’s next.

As an ENFJ, I rarely revisit things I’ve already experienced. I might re-read a special book every couple of years. Sometimes I even forget about things I like - it took reading the posts about
Dangerous Liaisons to remember that it’s one of my favorite movies. Ni/Se pushes me toward new experiences, new books, new movies…so the old ones end up packed away somewhere in my mind. In contrast, my ISFJ brother loves to watch and re-watch his favorite movies. He quotes lines from his favorite books and buys DVDs of TV shows we liked when we were kids. He’s our family “historian” - always bringing up memories of childhood vacations, family holidays, etc. Fe makes me feel warm and fuzzy about those memories…but I’m not sure I would think about them very often on my own.

So without a function that looks backward, Ni-users tend not to focus on revisiting what we’ve already experienced. There may be certain recurring things in a Ni-user’s memory - a favorite place they wish they could visit more often, a book series that holds deep personal significance. But “nostalgia” will always feel slightly foreign to Ni-users because - depending on where Ni falls in our stack - we’re either content in the moment or dreaming about the future.

She requested that this not be taken for granted for all NJs, as it is merely true for her, although I think in general it applies to most Se and Ni users. Se-doms rarely want to relive previous experiences either. Hence why Si users tend to “collect” things such as DVDs. (Don’t ask how big my movie collection is. Just… don’t. I am always searching for new things to add to it, but I still want to revisit the old often!)

katelrar  asked:

Hello! In your response to the "grumpiness" post you refer to a co-star of B. Cumberbatch as having a history of racist, homophobic and sexist remarks. I'm hoping it's no one associated with BBC Sherlock. Would you be willing to name this person, assuming these remarks are "in the public domain", so to speak? If not, I understand, but I really am curious to know. Thanks!

Hi katelrar!

Ahhhhh hmmm. I think many people know about this but I feel bad talking about it, because it rains on my parade when I think about it for sure.

During Hobbit press last year Martin Freeman made (not his first) rape joke, which launched a fresh round of “can we still like this guy” kind of commentary. Like: “Martin Freeman’s Jokes: A Consistent Pattern of Offense.” This piece links back to what is likely the most infamous evidence on this front—a 2008 interview with The Daily (F)ail, which included this gem from Martin Freeman. I will bold the part I find mind-boggling:

Multiculturalism hasn’t and doesn’t help, because rightly or wrongly it polarises people so much. Racism is one thing—and I don’t agree with that in any form—but noticing that there are differences is normal and fine and to be encouraged. We’ve reached a state now where it’s, ‘You shouldn’t notice. Why are you noticing he’s got a bomb and has a beard and is Muslim and wants to kill your family? There is no country in the world like this. If all of a sudden all the traffic wardens in Ghana were Welsh, they’d really notice and might not love it… We give ourselves a hard time in this country in a sort of mea culpa way. But if we were that racist, people wouldn’t come. Very simple.

LOL, right? If there were really racism in a place, the victims of that racism wouldn’t come/stay! Then the DM journalist tosses in, “Personally, I wouldn’t want Freeman hanged for these remarks.” Ahahaha it’s amazing how you can be paid to be such a hack writer. Anyway, it goes on, “Before he moved north he lived in Crouch End, and before that Bethnal Green [diverse, formerly relatively cheap neighborhoods in north and east London, respectively]…Of the move he says: ‘I got out just after the BNP were elected in 1993. That was a disgrace.’” (The BNP is the British National Party, fascist white supremacists who are batshit insane. Total disgrace, yeah.) I include this context because I do hate it when quotes are taken out of context; these are problematic views, side by side with unproblematic ones.

In the same piece MF casually uses the n word and talks about “poofs” in Hollywood. Etc. And I remember I found out about this when, years back, I googled “Martin Freem—” and Google helpfully jumped in, suggesting “Martin Freeman racist.” No Google, that was not what I was after, but.

When I was looking around for these quotes today I found a piece (post- Hobbit rape joke) that compared the question of whether we can like Martin Freeman to whether we can enjoy Roman Polanski films, which is INSANE. But it does offer up a perpetual question with artists, the idea of divorcing the art they make from the person making it. I think this is an easier question with an actor than with a writer: you can be a talented actor and as dumb as rocks, for example (see: Adrien Brody—this very topic was discussed at length with unreconstructedfangirl last week). Just because you are great at saying beautiful words doesn’t mean you personally are full of beautiful words.

There’s another question here, too, about exposure and the kinds of questions people ask in interviews. I think there’s a difference between making a joke in the heat of the moment and this 2008 conversation. I don’t think the latter would happen today; it strikes me as very mate-y, this kind of middle England ‘this is just the stuff we all say down at the pub, amirite’ kind of talk. On an international press junket for a multi-film blockbuster, I’d be shocked if he said any of this. But does that mean he isn’t thinking it? Does that even matter?

(A pause here to say that on an international press junket for a multi-film blockbuster, he did make an extraordinarily deadpan joke about Lucy Liu being ugly—“a dog”—than many interpreted as sexist—and racist. This one is a little more grey for me. Is there another way to use sarcasm to highlight the fact that she is the more beautiful Watson? Yes, his language choice was poor. I doubt he’d use the same words to make a similar joke about Jude Law, arguably also a more beautiful Watson. I think when it comes to issues of sexism I’m a little resigned; the codes deeply embedded in our language are hard to call out. You could make similar arguments for racist or homophobic language too, though.)

I got a Netflix subscription years back solely to watch the entire back catalogue of Gary Oldman, who I’d become obsessed with. I had, until a few months ago, a line in the bio of my my tumblr about this. I always cringed through the DVD extras because he never sounds like a genius; he speaks quite slowly, and the punchline you’re waiting for is rarely impressive. And then a few months back I started seeing out-of-context tweets like, “Fuck Gary Oldman,” and it turned out he told Playboy a whole bunch of racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic things. He stuck up for Mel fucking Gibson. To make matters worse—AH SO DEPRESSING—he said he was a libertarian. A libertarian in Hollywood is not the acceptable kind of libertarian.

(He also hides under the mantle of the First Amendment-y sort of, ‘why can’t we all just say our minds’ thing trolls love so much. He tells Playboy, “I just think political correctness is crap. I think it’s like, take a fucking joke.” I add this because I do think we should be able to take a fucking joke. I have laughed at plenty of offensive jokes over the years. But you can usually tell if “I’m not PC” means you’re a kind of uncensored, edgy comedian, or if you are looking for shorthand to tell me you’re racist. Usually it’s the latter.)

I was disappointed—but not shocked. I know GO’s background: post-war working class, an abusive childhood in southeast London. No excuses, but our beliefs are constructed by the circumstances of our lives: who raised us—who taught us not to be racist, or, of course, the flip side—and the things we experience along the way. And I guess while I want people to confront these dudes and shake them a little, tell them it’s not enough to apologize but to actually learn to not secretly think these things anymore, I simultaneously think, “Who cares what they think? They are not paid to think; we should not give their words so much weight.” It’s so, so complicated—and I still love Gary Oldman the actor, just maybe not Gary Oldman the man.

By the same token, I still love Sherlock, even with Martin Freeman’s casual racism, Steven Moffat’s thoughtless sexism, Mark Gatiss’s—no, MG is perfect, don’t tell me he’s ever said anything offensive. We can love and consume and engage with these people and their show; we can critique and call out and demand more from all these people and their show. These dialogues are always evolving—and that gives me hope. 

My Experiences with Lana and Bex

Okay, so I’m trying to think about the best way to go about this.  Rather than just narrating the entire con, I’m going to present to you the four times I met each of them in the order they happened.  If you have any questions about any of it (even if it isn’t something I mentioned here) feel free to let me know!

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