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May I ask for a love letter from Emmett, female reader of course, rated M? *wink wink* CAMELLIA (WHITE) - Adoration, Perfection, Loveliness; CLOVER (WHITE) - Think of Me; JASMINE (SPANISH) - Sensuality; ROSE-OF-SHARON - Consumed by Love; HEATHER (WHITE) - Protection, Wishes will come true; GLOXINIA - Love at first sight. And I want to thank you so so much for writing love letters once again, I love every single of them! Thank you kindly for everything! Much love to you, dearest! ♥ ♥ ♥

{Awwr, thank you so much for your lovely support and everything, honey. Truly, you’ve been a delight and a wonder on this blog! All of my love to you~!}

My love,

I awoke this morning to find you not beside me as usual. How odd…normally, it is I who does such a thing to you as I make my rounds about London for the sake of my Creed.

Is this how it feels? Is it feeling like a part of you is missing the moment you open your eyes and realize the one you love is no longer sharing the warmth of your bed and enjoying the presence one brings being so close and in a loving and welcoming embrace? I took comfort, always, in the idea that I would wake with you there beside me, but now I know why I roused so eagerly from slumber that cold morning—you left and my body and heart knew something was wrong.

Dammit all; you would deny me the charming and delightful sight of you sleeping peacefully beside me? I don’t know why I am so upset at the thought when I have done it to you on many occasions. I am being unfair, I know. I guess I just didn’t realize how much the mere sight of you brought upon me. The look upon your face as you slept peacefully there with your hair nearly curtaining your features. I would take my time moving the strands carefully from your lips to expose them to steal a single kiss and let the warmth of your breath carry a fiery passion within my breast throughout my missions. Think me odd all you wish, but the sight of you resting gives me the strength I need every morning to carry about my tasks. Every part of you is perfection, and I grasp upon my aching heart as I write these words.

And yet, you felt the need to rob me of all of that, love—why?

I will chase you to wherever you go, my fairest beauty; you have my word on that bit. I send this letter to you in hopes you will reconsider your departure and come back to my arms once more. I want more than anything to know you are safe, to know you are loved, and to know you are not being courted by some bloke other than I.

What can any other chap do that I cannot? Princess, I can easily give you everything you desire and more if you’d just allow me the moment to! Have I not shown that I can already? At night, have I not taken you into my arms and breathed my love upon your lips and marked your skin with every part of me? I have gotten upon my knees and held your unclothed perfection, and to say, I feel you are a goddess standing before me and I your worshiper feels insulting; not my stance in that fantasy, no, for I do forever remain your servant, but you a mere goddess—that’s the insulting part, as you are far greater than that.

I want to kiss upon your beauty once more. I want to hold you in my arms and hear you cry my name in delight as I remind you of the first intimate night we shared together. Think of me, my love, and consider this act, for I miss you so. I will love you till I draw my last breath or you sever that string that binds us.

I loved you from the moment we met, and I’ll love you till my dying days.

Forever yours,

Emmett Frye

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How would Jacob/Evie react to their S/O avoiding physical contact with them(Not avoiding them just brushing off their attempts) . Actually hiding severe injuries from her previous mission and doesn't wish to worry them. Thank you 😊❤

Sorry this took awhile, dearest~. (Since Evie’s S/O gender isn’t specified I made it ambiguous.)


He found it odd how she was intent to keep her coat upon her body so when she had come home for the evening. “Something the matter?” he asked, trying again to remove it only to have her shrug her shoulders forward and grab at the lining to keep it around herself tightly. “Normally, you are all for me undressing you and having my way with you,” the Assassin pointed out, moving to kiss upon her cheek.

“Mm,” she hummed at the tempting offer, but she couldn’t let him see it. In her mission, she had accidentally taken a knife to her side to which she poorly bandaged and took care to on the field. “It’s just a bit cold today is all, my dear.”

Jacob scoffed, giving a sideway grin and a scrunch of his face at her answer that he was hardly content with. “Really? Since when did the chill bother you?” It was there he was able to remove it, regardless of her desperately grasping it and trying to make him stop. Now he had to admit he was curious…why was she so eager to keep herself clothed as this? She was acting odd, but it was in that moment, he saw it—her side blooded from a stain that made it obvious that it was hers. “What’s this now…?” Jacob asked, his voice concerned for her, his fingertips touching upon the stain to notice it was fresh.

“It’s nothing, for heaven’s sake!” she whispered, not wanting him to expose the wound.

Hearing her dismiss it so, he frowned and looked upon her accusingly. “Then show it to me if it’s nothing.” Seeing her suck in her lips and look away, Jacob knew his worry was well placed. “Well? Are you going to show me, or am I going to have to rip your clothes off of you to see it?”

Again, she didn’t move, and at this point, she wouldn’t look at him either.

“What happened?” Jacob demanded to know, his fingers underneath her chin to try and encourage her to look at him. His tone sounded scolding when he spoke her name, but he did it anyway. When she turned to look upon him, Jacob raised his brows and spoke the words slowly, trying to hide his anger. “What happened…?”


She always worried when it came to the person she loved, but admittedly, the time they spent together after missions was usually the best part of the day where she could feel human…whole, really, when it came to her s/o. But upon kissing their lips to excite in a rather romantic and erotic evening, she found them retreating from her grasp.

“What’s the matter?” Evie asked, her brow wrinkled in confusion as though she had done something to prompt the act. “Did I do something you didn’t quite like?”

“No,” they insisted, wiping their lips reluctantly as they backed away just a bit. “I just…I can’t do this tonight.”

The way they were refusing her was not only heartbreaking but also unlike them. “Why?” Evie’s words to follow lightly tittered with a laugh as she spoke. “We’ve always done this before.”

Again, her s/o wasn’t looking at her, and it made her suck in her lower lip, curious as to what was bothering them.

“Come on now; don’t be shy—!” In that moment of her lover not expecting Evie to, she unbuttoned their shirt only halfway, coming to a quick halt when she saw the many scrapes and cuts across their chest. “Oh my word…!”

Hurriedly, their lover covered their chest back up with a rather worried and equally horrified look in return. “I got in a bad brawl, alright?” they sighed, hoping to deter Evie’s fretting when it came to them being on the field with her.

“I would say it was more than that,” she gasped, a fake laugh buried behind her speech. “It looks like a blooming tiger scratched you to near pieces! What happened!” Evie exclaimed quietly between them, grabbing at their arm as she wanted an answer.

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This is my first time asking for something like this so here goes …. CAMELLIA (PINK) – Longing, MIMOSA - Secret Love, PETUNIA - Your Presence Soothes Me, PRIMROSE - I Can’t Live Without You, Woman. Evie Frye/Female reader rated M/leaning towards R.Your blog is so wonderful! <3 much love!

{Mawwr, thank you, honey, and thank you so much for you trusting me with your request! All of my love to you~!}

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Your name: submit What is this?

To my dearest, (Y/N),

You are perhaps baffled as to why I would be writing a letter to you, love, but to be honest, there is something that I wish to share with you in secret, and this piece of parchment felt the best method of doing so.

I am but a coward, I fear to say—a coward on how to respond to my emotions and how to express myself freely in these matters. The world would see to it that I am damned—shunned—for how I feel towards you, but I cannot deny it any longer, really.

(Y/N), just you being beside me and in my presence brings a calm to my anxious heart when it deals with the tasks that befall me as far as my birthright is concerned. Your humor, your smile, your loving words…damn, is there a single thing of you that does not drive my heart into this maddening race it can nearly not win?

Do I make myself clear yet? Should I write exactly what I mean to say? I suppose I should or I risk losing you…

(Y/N), I love you like no other.

I am worried and curious if you feel the same way. Do you love me in return? The way your hand casually graces upon my own hardly feels accidental as of late. Your fingertips sliding from between my own fingers as I try to take pleasure in my studies leaves me near breathless. It takes everything in my power to not lose control, toss my reading to the side and press my lips upon yours in a desire to urge your body and heart to feel exactly what I feel when I see you within my quarters.

(Y/N), you are beautiful, and my secret love of you can hardly be kept caged for much longer. I want my fingers to play with your hair, move then to your clothed body to be rid of such an obstacle in my way and mark your pure form with my lips after letting your body feel of my own without my uniform in place. I will leave no stone unturned, love. I will let my kisses and my tongue grace every bit of your perfection if you will allow it so.

I will treasure and be mindful of every part of you that you would grant me the honor in seeing and experiencing. I can love you better than any man could. Please, (Y/N), let me prove it to you.

I cannot live without someone as fair and divine as you in my life.


Evie Frye

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I hope I'm not bothering you, but I was curious how you think Jacob (and the rest of the murder trio aka Evie and Henry) would feel about a templar-assassin alliance? (Especially if his s/o was the Templar) Obviously the s/o couldn't like Starrick's methods, so maybe a more Arno/Elise alliance? You do beautiful headcanons and write wonderfully, keep up the good work!✌🏻✌🏻

{Oh, honey, nobody is a bother. This I promise. ♥♥ Much love for your question~. Awwr, and thank you so much for your sweet words! ;w; They mean a lot~!}

“You, least of all people, I would think to form an alliance with a bloody Templar,” scolded Evie, her eyes of beauty narrowing rather coldly at her own brother for the desire to bring one to their door.

Henry did his best to keep Evie at bay, not sure what was going on but he had a feeling that Jacob had his reasons. “Jacob, do you care to explain this?” he asked in a rather neutral but uncertain tone to the fellow Assassin.

“She’s not going to cause any harm,” said Jacob on her behalf. In his actions and the choices of his words, he sounded quite sure of it, but all the same, he remained between the two women and Henry to be sure nothing happened as even his s/o was acting a bit on edge with Evie’s behavior.

“And you’re sure of it?” Evie asked, her words quick and still untrusting.

“I have no reason to harm any of you,” the Templar expressed honestly and just as swiftly as how Evie expressed her concerns. “I’ve worked with the Templars for years and not once will I travel a step further for what that bastard, Starrick, has done to my family.”

“Shame you didn’t wake up to the thought sooner that you were following a madman,” contested Evie in a low tone as if to challenge the woman further.

“I was born into the Order as you were born into your Creed,” she hissed through her teeth, causing Jacob to grab at her arm and pull his lover back gently with a sarcastic laugh that ‘this was going well’.

“Listen,” interrupted Henry, stopping the two from fighting further, “while we certainly appreciate the help, Miss, you cannot blame us for our uncertainties in this alliance.”

She stood to attention, finding that to be fair with how the war was.

“However, if what you say is true—and if Jacob Frye of all people trusts you—,” Henry paused and sighed with regret at what he was going to say, but he knew Jacob’s hatred of Templars and there must have been something in this woman to prevent him from killing her. “—then I will trust you.”

As Evie was about to protest, Henry continued with a gentle raise of his hand.

“However, we make a deal. You will be monitored at all times by Jacob and Evie as well as myself.” Rarely did he lump himself into such an equation, but if he could lie about his skills, perhaps it would make the woman feel outnumbered enough to stay in line. “If there is one thing that you do against their say or mine then we will be forced to terminate the alliance…and you.” The last part was the hardest to say as he didn’t like the thought of ending someone’s life nor did he want to threaten this woman that Jacob had obviously gotten so close to.

But Henry couldn’t help but be on edge.