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Guess who’s back with another giveaway (: Since it’s around the time of my blog’s 1 year anniversary, I will be doing another giveaway for you guys. How perfect is it that BTS Epilogue DVD is coming out the same time my blog is turning 1? It’s so meant to be :’) I want this to be a present to one of you guys to show my appreciation. Thank you for sticking around with me, especially the ones who are still here since the very beginning. And thank you to the new ones who joined me throughout 2016. I really hope that we can continue to be together through 2017 and so on ♡ 1 year down, many more to go! I love and appreciate each and every single one of you so much. Therefore, I will be giving away the 2016 BTS LIVE 화양연화 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE CONCERT DVD along with other goods. Good luck everyone ♡ (Banner made by: @busanie ♥)

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“I’ve got a new business…”

David Tennant and Catherine Tate playing the “I’ve got a new business…” game on the set of Nan’s Christmas Carol.


ITS GIVEAWAY TIMEEEEEEEEE! I am SO EXCITED to be doing this one since i know SHINee’s surprise Vacation is pretty much holy grail for Shawols! my followers were truly amazing to me this past year in so many ways, i appreciate you all so much!! Here are the rules:

Prize: SHINee’s Surprise Vacation DVD SET..brand new still factory sealed! It also has the cute pouch on the inside, i am showing you mine so you can see :) Rules: You do NOT need to be following me, but i sure wont complain if you do :) Likes and rebloggs count but don’t be a greedy gump, DO NOT spam,it will immediately disqualify you. You CANNOT already own this..there’s no way for me to tell obviously but please don’t break my trust that you wont enter if you already have it. (You can reblog for friends to see, just put in tags that you dont want to be entered.) Ends on 12/4/16 10PM EST..winner picked using random generator, you must post a pic of winnings so ppl can see i’m legit. Any questions just ask me!!! xoxo HERE WE GO!!!!

There’s something about Mary (aka- don’t trust what we see-again!) ;)

Mary- a seemingly heartbreaking Garridebs style death scene. Tears. Redemption. …But is it really? 

It was still a beautiful scene. But, I think something’s rotten in Denmark. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

This episode I feel deliberately showed us a poignant, idealized version of Mary- but then throw hints at something else:
Her shaking her head when saying “Save John Watson.”
And then, of course, telling Sherlock to “Go to hell.” Of course, the literal hell of whatever Culverton Smith’s got lined up… but that post-credit clip shows WE HAVEN’T SEEN THE WHOLE FOOTAGE OF MARY’S DVD. WE STILL DON’T KNOW THE FULL STORY.

So, I’m not giving up on Villain!Mary just yet. After all, no-one stays dead on this show…? ;) 


✩ The BTS video of Heroin/Addicted Thai DVD was expected to be 240 mins long but the real one was just only 156 mins due to the publisher’s fault. Therefore, they will reproduce the DVD and send it to the customers asap.

→ So we can watch the other 80 mins which has never been released before, right? Woahaha 2017 is so blessed thank god! I’m so freaking looking forward to it, YuZhou foreverrrrr


Deleted scene from The Runaway Bride


【♪祝♪】 ちぎみゆトップ就任2周年おめでとうございます! 【♪祝♪】 
  ❤ September 1st: Chigimiyu’s 2nd top inauguration anniversary ❤