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Behaviors of America’s First Avenger Turned KittenA List Compiled by Bucky Barnes

1.  Quivering butt; ready to pounce

Bucky doesn’t hesitate.  He ducks, letting Steve fly over his shoulder straight at the HYDRA goon who’s about to shoot him in the back. 

He’s actually lucky that Steve aimed super-soldier serum enhanced kitten claws and fangs at his face.  The last time, Steve went for the goon’s groin.  

Steve has always been a vicious little critter.

2.  Rolling Back and Forth on the Carpet

“Look,” Bucky said in exasperation.  “This doesn’t mean I’m letting you off the hook for not changing back to your proper human form yet.”

“Meow."  Paws batted up at him invitingly, big blue kitten eyes blinking twice.

"Nope, punk, you’re not getting me with that Look.  I am immune to that Look, do you hear me?”


“God damn it, Steve.”

Steve gets scritched anyway. 

3.  Making Squinty Eyes at You

“He’s laughing at me, Barnes.”

“That’s because you’re a funny little bastard, Stark Junior.”

“HEY.  I’ll have you know that I NARROWLY escaped that.  Mom was like…. six weeks preggers when she walked down the aisle with Dear Old Dad.  And horrible, traumatic Daddy Issues aside, Kitten America is STILL LAUGHING AT ME.”

“That’s okay, Tony.  We think you’re funny too.”

4.  Raised Butt in Your Face

“This is Steve’s way of saying ‘Fuck off’ isn’t it?” Barton commented.

“Pretty much, yeah." 

"I don’t get it.  Why doesn’t he want to change back to his human form?” This from Jemma Simmons.

“Maybe Cap just wants a break.  Maybe he just wants to make sure Bucky Bear here doesn’t go anywhere?" 

"I already promised you, Steve.  I’m staying.  Remember?”


5.  Sleeping in a Perfect Circle

Steve sleeping in a perfect circle of blonde fuzz, right on Bucky’s belly, went a long way in keeping away Bucky’s nightmares. 

6.  Kneading With Paws

This is less kitten instinct and more of the fact that Steve had discovered a way to render his Soldier into a puddle of goop via the magical properties of kitten massage.  

Also, the Avengers and Phil Coulson’s baby SHIELD agents quickly got used to the fact that Bucky Barnes was actually capable of purring himself. 

7.  Sitting in Cat Loaf Formation

This really translates to “It’s time to watch Singing in the Rain, Bucky.  Put the DVD on, queue up Netflix, chop chop!" 

8.  One Leg Extended During Bath Time

Eventually Bucky discovered that putting Steve in a sink of warm water went a long way towards making his Kitten Captain happy. 

9.  Showing Its Belly to You

Bucky Barnes is the only one allowed to scratch the fuzzy belly.  Everyone else will get clawed. That includes you, Tony. 

10.  Staring Off Into Space Wide Eyed

"Meow?” Nat asked.

“Meow.  Meow meow meow meow.”

“Nat, do you actually understand what he’s saying?” This from Tony, who had noticed that Bucky seemed to have an easy time of translating Steve meows to Proper English but didn’t realize that Natasha was apparently able to do the same thing.  

“He’s saying we got a sniper at our 10 o'clock.  Clint - ”

“Already on it!”


11.  Sleeping in Boxes

This only really works if Bucky puts in a shirt he’s recently worn in said box.  Otherwise, Steve sleeps next to him or basically in his general vicinity.

Bucky thinks he hasn’t imagined the other night, where he ended up spooning an actual human body that’s a bit disconcertingly bigger than the little one in his memories.  But he doesn’t really mind. 

“Are you going to be a cat when I wake up, Stevie?”


“Okay.  You know I do love you, right?  Even though I’m a fucked up mess?”

“Same.  Both points.  Lots of love.  A whole lotta mess.”

“Okay.  Good night, baby." 


12.  The hug n’ bite

Yes, that really was an unknown HYDRA tracker in Bucky’s flesh arm.  Steve had alerted them all to its presence and Tony had gotten it out just in time before HYDRA used it to activate the self-destruct in the Weapon.  

13.  Chirping Out the Window at Birds

"He’s chirping at us.  And he’s got this look that I don’t like, man." 

"Cap, you do know that Falcon and I aren’t really birds, right?”

“Yeah, Steve.  Me and Hawk over here just have cool codenames, okay? Okay, Steve?”

“Shit, run, Sam, RUN!" 

14.  Sitting on Your Computer When You Need to Work

"But I need my laptop, AC!  And Cap’s not letting me near it!”

“Skye, you have been trying to hack into that HYDRA database for the past seven hours.  You need food, liquids and rest.  In that order.  Captain’s orders." 

Skye pouted.  It really didn’t help when one’s boss was a massive Captain America fanboy and was right all at the same time. 


It also didn’t help that Cap still made for an adorable kitty. 


15.  Nowhere to be found, no matter how hard you look

Bucky doesn’t flip the person who wraps his arms around his waist and instead settles back in that familiar warmth and scent with a sigh.  He gets a nuzzle and a brief kiss along his jawline as a reward from a very human nose and a very human mouth. 

Thank God. 

“Well, Stevie?”

“Well,” Steve Rogers sighs happily.  “I’m back." 

- end -

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