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noticing there’s a weird divide between the attitudes of Hellsing Fans like the fans of the gonzo anime have some pretty strong rose tinted glasses imo

“Hellsing Ultimate is terrible. It’s script is crap and it has horrible cgi. The original is so much better in every way.”  They cry to the heavens. 

okay but the anime is horribly divergent from the manga storyline and therefore non canon
and it aged badly. Not just in terms of quality but also visual style.
Also it has very poor consistency in animation quality and style through the whole TV series. The main villain Incognito didn’t even fit in the universe at all in terms of visual design, if anything he looked like a rejected early design for Megamind.

Ultimate’s animation quality can stand up to animes that have come out in the past year and it’s cgi is still better than the shit that was used in the Sailor Moon Crystal 3D


I will protect him.


‘Time’ from the dress rehearsal for the Us + Them tour.

Warning about the current KKM Musical english version online

I have to point out something important about the current online version of the second maomyu (musical) with english subtitles on youtube, the one I shared in a post earlier today but now I decided to take down. This is currently the only version available online of the musical. This video is EDITED and several scenes were CUT.

Like Yuuri petting Wolfram when he feels sick while talking with Conrart…

Or the close up of Conrart dancing some lovely moves with Josak…

Or Yuuri slowly taking Wolf’s hand inside the closet and apologizing, followed by a long chat (one of the longest cuts I suppose)…

And I don’t know what else is missing because I didn’t continue watching.The cuts are noticeable and you’ll see them, the missing scenes feature certain pairings or characters.

The current subtitled musical is incomplete and since I strongly disagree the only version out there is like that, we decided to work with some translators and use our own RAWs of the DVDs to make a full version. We’ll do all of them, because I don’t know if the first musical is edited too (it’s done by the same person) and I don’t own a copy to compare it. 

We’ll start working on the second musical now because it’s the only DVD I own, but eventually we’ll release the others, as soon as I get the rest of the RAWs. 

We want to provide complete material, I’ll try to double check what I share from now on.

“unavailable to stream but it's on Netflix DVD”

I don’t pay you to advertise your DVD service

I don’t own a DVD player, game console, or even a DVD drive in my computer

The reason I give you hapless gelded monkeys money is to have a legitimate means of watching the shit I want to watch

If you can’t do that, get fucked