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vilu i'm watching 28 days later right now and do you know why it was shot in such low quality ??? genuinely asking

The decision to film on DV (using Canon XL1 cameras) was both an aesthetic and a logistic choice. Aesthetically, Danny Boyle felt that the harshness of the DV imagery suited the post-apocalyptic urban landscape and the grittiness of the film in general. In the production notes, Boyle says “the general idea was to try and shoot as though we were survivors too.” Logistically, producer Andrew Macdonald claims that shooting with standard cameras, especially some exterior scenes, would’ve been impossible. As MacDonald points out in the production notes, “The police and the local authorities were quite happy to assist us because we could set up scenes so quickly. We could literally be ready to shoot with a six-camera set-up within minutes - something we would not realistically have been able to do if shooting under the restrictions of 35mm which takes a good deal more time to set up a single shot.”

Nevermind All That

Time: July 14th, 5:00 pm
Location: The Yellow Book Road, Mini Cafe
Status: Open

Suspicion ate Daria up and it was highly appropriate. The night of the Ridge’s has passed but chaos still left the town in shock. But still, Hermosa is known for a town that’s full of secrets and passive aggression. She would know these traits well. His father exudes them in an alarming rate. Able to escape the tragedy with her family, she left the scene unscathed. Her semi-circle of friends or rather colleagues seemed to fine and dandy as well. But as she reviewed her footage in her dingy, DV camera, it was as if she had clips on the latest natural disaster-based blockbuster.

She held the camera a bit high but just high enough for it to stay in her line of vision. She tapped her unmanicured finger nails mindlessly on the table before her. There’s a story in here was a phrase echoing her mind that moment. Another was what the Sibyls had said in their late night transmission: the universe is very much upset. She heard these phrases on repeat in her head as she watched mindlessly of the meteors bringing destruction to the kind people of the town. A lot has happened. And that just meant she had lots and lots of work to do if she wants to get started. 

She sipped on her cup of cafe Americana and stared at the pile of flyers beside it. It read: Where you at the night of the falling? You comfortable being filmed? Hit me up. in a modernized Impact-esque font. She looked at the barista in the counter, trying to build up her confidence. After psyching herself up, she grabbed her flyers and her brown leather rugsack. But as she stood up, she accidentally collided with another person causing her flyers to fall slowly to the ground. 

She sighed at the sight of it and at her slight humiliation. “At least, we’re off into a good start.” she murmured under her breath. 

30-day Tales of [Art] Challenge
Day 17: Funniest Scene - Raine Busts the Bombers at Asgard

It’s maybe not as funny to me now, but back when I played Symphonia before the days of full-game Youtube walkthroughs, I would record the TV with a little DV camera whenever there were funny scenes; this one in particular would kill me every time.

Get wrecked Harley