duy's photo shoots

Photo Shoot.

The amazingly talented Duy has just released the fairy photos we took!

They look absolutely stunning! I’m portraying the Queen of the Fairies. It’s quite beautiful. But you’ll have to wait to see them. I’ll reblog them if he decides to introduce them to the tumblr world.

Definitely looking forward to posing as Eponine for the Les Mis shoot!

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Top Image: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Joan Crawford by Nickolas Muray
Middle Image: Ryan Patterson and model Crystal Louise (http://crystallouise.tumblr.com/) by Duy’s Photo Shoots

Bottom Image: Chad Luvison and Anahita Taheri by Duy Truong Photography, then Duy’s Photo Shoots

As you can tell from these images, and other ones, I like to reuse poses and concepts… a lot.