Ondskapt - Draco Sit Mihi Dux (Full album)

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898)
Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen

Canciller y Mariscal de campo del Imperio Alemán
Cancellarius et Marescalcus Imperii Germanici
Reichskanzler und Generalfeldmarschall des Deutschen Kaiserreiches
Chancellor and Field marshal of German Empire
Chancelier et Maréchal de camp de l'Empire Allemand

Primer ministro de Prusia, Príncipe de Bismarck y Duque de Lauenburg
Primus minister Borussiae, Princeps de Bismarck et Dux Lauenburgi
Ministerpräsidenten von Preußen, Fürst von Bismarck und Herzog zu Lauenburg
Minister President of Prussia, Prince of Bismarck and Duke of Lauenburg
Ministre-président de Prusse, Prince de Bismarck et Duc de Lauenburg

Franz von Lenbach (1836-1904), 1890.

Rainbow sheets felt appropriate!
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Lukas Geniušas, age: 24

Lukas Geniusas is a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory where he studied with Prof. Vera Gornostayeva (2013). He is continuing his studies as a postgraduate student and intern. In 2010 he was a prize winner at the 15th Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition in Salt Lake City (USA), and he also took second prize in the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. In 2012 he was awarded the Deutscher Pianistenpreis. In the 2014-15 season he debuted in London’s Wigmore Hall and in Paris at the Louvre Auditorium. In 2013 he was on the programme of the Stars of the 21st Century of the Moscow Philharmonic. He has recorded for the NIFC, Art Classic, DUX and other labels.

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Just wanted to ask a question. I really want to do medicine and I've been determined since the start of this year it's really interested me and I've set my mind firmly on it. Though my family is not supporting me but currently I'm Dux of my year and I get A grades for all my subjects. I feel a sense of doubt when they put me down but to really want to do something do you have to want to be it from a young age? Is it bad that I've just only recently this year wanted to do Medicine. I'm keen tho!

Hey there.

I think that’s so sad that your parents aren’t supporting you, and I’m sorry about that. I think the best way to handle that is to try and prove them wrong. As I’ve said to others with this issue, it’s only you who knows your true capabilities. Don’t let anyone else try and dictate what’s good for you - as cheesy as it sounds, you shouldn’t let people get in the way of your dream.

And of course you don’t have to want to do it from a young age! To be honest, when people go on about having wanted to do medicine since they were 4 it just makes me roll my eyes a bit on the inside. No one really knows what they want to be when they’re that young, you don’t even understand the world yet, let alone know about job opportunities! 

A guy in my year at medical school is 30 - he loved economics and studied that at university, then he got a job in business for years… then he completely changed his mind and applied to medical school! There’s nothing wrong with that! If you want to do medicine then go for it! x

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“I love it when you leave your marks on me…” (dux-ignis)

Smut Meme: Rough Sex Edition

I know you do duke… that’s why I keep doing” they have become lovers ever since that ball, he wanted her to be his only mate, she just wanted someone to share a bed. They continued arguing about that, but never stooped having sex

I translated some Omega Ruby stuff into latin
  • Drought:siccitatis
  • Lament of Falling Stars:Conquestio Stellae Caducae
  • Red Spider Lily:Red Aranea Lilium
  • Magma leader battle:Magma dux proelio
  • Flight Into Space:Effugio In Spatium
  • Steel Champion Battle:Ferro Fortissimus Proelio
  • A Drought is Unleashed:A Siccitate Sasonum
  • Soaring Dreams, Soaring Illusions:Abigate Somnia, Coruus Illusiones

This one’s a music video re-dux. As in… I’ve already shared the song, but now that there’s a music video and since I love the song, we get to enjoy it together again! A couple of months ago, Liverpool newcomers CANVAS charmed my heart with their debut single, a crunchy, plucky, and warm indie rock and pop tune named Growing Up. As someone who loves bands like The 1975, The Griswolds, and Two Door Cinema Club, CANVAS lured me in straight away with the debut. The quartet’s new video for the song was crafted with the aim of being personal and honest. In fact, CANVAS made it themselves with an old handycam to give it a nostalgic feel, evoking old family home movies. The video also reminds CANVAS of when the members used to film each other skateboarding when they were younger. The band shot the video in one day, sort of like a day in their life as a band.