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Blue. Phanfic.

Summary:  In the year 2003, fifteen five year old’s disappeared across the country, baffling police with no leads. At eight years old Phil Lester was supposed to be one of them, but he was spared for reasons unknown. As he grows up, the faces and names of the missing kids haunt him, until he turns sixteen when a boy with blue hair appears on his doorstep out of nowhere. The boy seems remarkably familiar, and Phil comes to realize he has more in common with the stranger than he thought.

 Words: 9K

Thank you to @bringonthephandom for being my beta! :D 

Part: 1/?


9th November, 2003.

He knew the parents were downstairs. Because Jennifer Lester’s house had been under surveillance for quite some time. The mother and father never checked up on little Phil Lester after 8pm. He was usually asleep, cuddling his most trusted teddy bear and a pretty battered copy of Flat Stanley. The operation was simple, and it couldn’t go wrong. The windows were easy to break and it was an easy job: just straight in, grab the child, and then back out into the getaway car. He had done it a million times and tonight was no exception.

Except this time he didn’t break the window. Not after last time. It was his what, third kidnapping? Well, he wouldn’t call it a kidnapping. When these kids were older they’d thank the organisation for this opportunity. But at five years old, you can imagine a little kid’s reaction when a man is smashing through your bedroom window and climbing through. It doesn’t matter how many times he shushed the screaming kid or once or twice swore at it; because this one kid would not shut up. It turned out hissing, “Shut the fuck up you little brat!” didn’t work, and he had to actually use human emotions he hadn’t used in a very long time. Such as hugging the kid to his chest and murmuring that everything was going to be alright.

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Vocabulaire français - des substantifs

abîme (nm) - abyss, chasm, gulf

tibia (nm) - shinbone, shin  

feuillage (nm) - foliage, greenery 

détresse (nf) - distress, suffering, hurt 

ecchymose (nf) - bruise, hematoma 

édredon (nm) - duvet, quilt, bedspread

parquet (nm) - wooden floor

pouce (nm) - thumb, big toe 

serrurier (nm) - locksmith

mésange (nf) - chickadee

lucane (nm) - stag beetle 

ficelle (nf) - string

marelle (nf) - hopscotch 

sente (nf) - footpath

câble (nm) - cable, line, rope

tournevis (nm) - screwdriver 

vis (nf) - screw

sonnette (nf) - bell, doorbell

rez-de-chaussée (nm) - first floor

velours (nm) - velvet 

hydravion (nm) - seaplane

hélice (nf) - propeller

pacotille (nf) - cheap, phoney, fake 

faillite (nf) - bankruptcy

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Name: Beth

Nicknames: Keat/Egg

Gender: Female

Height: 5′3″

Star Sign: Gemini

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favourite animals: uhhh birds, wolves, foxes, most. most animals.

Average hours of sleep: eight or nine.

Current time:  21:46

Dog or cat person: booooth!

Blankets you sleep with: currently, a duvet w/ two bedspreads haha.

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