I'm back!

My three weeks in America were amazing and so a huge thank you has to go out to all the fabulous people I met out there who made it so special (UrgentOrange, Motical and duvalia I’m looking at you :P). :D Now, I’m pretty much all set to move into my new house and start my last year at University so I guess that means that I can finally get back to posting/writing! 

I know I’ve got messages in my inbox and memes and things to do so bear with me a little, but even so, I’m back! :D Although I do get GTA 5 tomorrow so you know… 


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13: Stomach Kiss + toarcher

(I’m literally going to free write these and see what happens, so apologies in advance for the limited amount of editing I’m going to do.)


For obvious reasons at least, the opportunity for laziness didn’t really exist within in the 141.

As a result, Archer didn’t do well with slow sunday mornings on leave. Even with the best will in the world he’d spent the majority of his adult life getting up at the crack of dawn and training, a routine that proved difficult to break even if he wanted to. The only way he would ever really get a good morning’s lie in was through the medium of a good deal of whisky the night before, his mind becoming pleasantly bogged down beneath an enough alcohol to lose track of time.

The night before had been one of those nights. They’d been drinking, sure, but Archer awoke with a warm feeling rather than a splitting headache, his brain feeling more fuzzy than hung over. Between the pair of them, they had managed to work their way down half a bottle of whisky and a packet of cigarettes, pleasantly drunk as they sat around in a familiar kind of silence. Jeff wasn’t entirely sure when he and Chris had started spending their leave together like this, but he was more than aware of the fact that he’d be lost without Toad rattling around his old apartment.

A gentle pressure against his stomach forced Archer to open his eyes. He glanced down, catching the coy expression written across Toad’s features. His partner cocked an overconfident eyebrow before leaning over again, his lips pressing against Archer’s skin once more, full of blatant suggestion. Archer merely stretched out in response, still pretending to be half asleep in the hopes that that might encourage him further. After all, what was the harm in a bit of laziness after all?

duvalia replied to your post “Random note, I was looking through my writing folder and found a document titled ‘Lara’ dated August 2012. Only thing in it “Hood/Lara - “Who’s the new chick?” Hood dropped his rucksack on the floor of his room, exhausted from yet another of Shepherd’s month long assignments.” Most likely, it arose from a need to practice writing het.”

It’s not that incredible if all I managed to write were two sentences. I forgot you even knew about Hood. :P And if practicing het is so necessary… you working on those shega and Boone fics?

Haha its incredible that you even thought of Lara haha! I am very touched <3 

As for the fics… I have as a matter of fact. The Shega ground to a bit of a halt because I forgot my angle with it, but the Boone fic I was working on not so long ago actually. So nerrrr :P