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YOUR CHARACTER:   in 5 quotes.

tell us your favorite quotes from your character.
give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said.
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  • “Ohhhhhhhhhh…Dude, that was so close to being smooth. Like I sensed myself about to get hard over what you were going to say and then you said it and I’ve only got a semi…Like the tone was smooth but the diction was weak.”
  • “Duuuuuude, its so sad people can just hurt plants. Like plants are living and we don’t even fucking care. I’m never going to eat a plant again. Why doesn’t anyone fucking care about them, man? Plants are animals too.”
  • “Honestly, though…What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? I mean, there was one time I was getting like really hot and heavy with this guy. And he pushed me back onto the bed and I started undoing his pants and it was like so fucking perfect. But I pull him out of his boxers…AND HE’S FUCKING TINY. I’m not talking like…below average…it’s more like, what am I even supposed to do with this? But what the fuck do you do? Like I can’t look at the guy and be like ‘sorry your dick’s too small’ so we kept going. Went all the way too but it kept like falling out cause he couldn’t pull out that far…yanno? The worst part is that he fucking like groans in my ear, ‘do you like my BIG DICK inside of you?’ and I fucking snorted but I tried to make it sound like a moan. Anyway, the whole time I had to say shit like, ‘mhh, it feels so good’ and ‘you’re so big’. It was fucking terrible, man. Like I’m not a whore but I certainly should’ve been paid to have done that.”
  • “Art is the language that cannot be translated into writing or mathematics. Brush strokes, pencil scribbles, colour, figure, and other aspects are understood even by the most ameteur viewer through the emotions they provoke. That is why I love art.  ( Also Leonardo Da Vinci’s muse drew a ton of dicks in his notebooks and that’s pretty fucking cool too. )”
  • “… Dicks kinda look like really fat worms.”