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Did you see the Star Wars prequels? Btw your art is absolutely amazing! Keep going, stay as awesome as you are and don't let yourself get stressed by others! ❤

duude the prequels were my jam! If you think I can’t shut up about star wars now just be glad you didn’t know me circa 2005 I was really, really obsessed back then lol

anyway thank you for writing such a lovely message! I get stressed v easily but I will try! Have a good day, anon  💖

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my friend borrowed money from me like 7 months ago. I waited this long, i told her how it made me feel disrespected cos i pay bills while her rents pay her bills and give her an allowance. She said shed pay me back thursday and well, its sunday. LIKE WHAT DO I SAY? i dont want to make it awkward but she thinks i forgot or something.

Duude get cho money back. Like just tell her, like “yo i dont mean to come of rude or anything but i need that money asap”


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duude are u bi?

i say im gay (including cis and trans guys) but im really open to anything and if i like someone it really has nothing to do with gender, ive dated boys and girls