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My cuz & I watched an old movie. In one scene a chubby boy said something silly and my cousin said 'He's pretty chubby.' Later, an overweight person had trouble getting out of a telephone booth and my cousin laughed.. "he can't even get out" Then I was annoyed "so you're just hating on fat people." "no i'm not" "what about the chubby kid then?" He said "but it's funny" I was pissed. My cousin used to be a chubby kid growing up until he was about 15/16. Why does he act like this?

Our culture is very powerful at fat shaming. Despite your cousin’s personal experiences, society is constantly messaging him, and all of us, that fat people deserve to be laughed at and shamed. He may have internalized a lot of that messaging. And since he’s no longer fat, he may disassociate who he is today from who he was then as a totally different person- one who society says it’s still okay to make fun of.


I’ve never been this open on YouTube, but I hope you enjoy a look at how I’ve felt since I started my youtube channel.

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Trench Coach

Portrait Trenchcoat from Lord & Taylor (similar here and here and here) // H&M Moto Jacket (similar here) // Alfani Lazor Sleeveless Lazor Cut Out Tank Top (similar here) // Minnie Pant in Medallion Print (similar here and here) // Colin Stuart Velvet Peep Toe Pumps (similar here) // Coach Crossbody Leather Bag in Violet // Carlo Giuliano La Marinera Necklace

You like the name? Clever right? Trenchcoat and a Coach bag so ‘Trench Coach.’ I thought it was hilarious, but I’ll stop now.

I basically lost the feeling in my fingers and I’m not really sure if that’s good or bad. I had to jump in and out of my car just to take these pictures without wanting to curl into a ball and cry, so big ups to me for pulling this off.

You have got to see the first and second set of photos I took. I am a literal blur. But it’s this below freezing temperature that is responsible for my crazy antics. This weather has been all over the place lately. What with us having a cool fall breeze on Christmas Day and then it dropping 5 degrees everyday thereafter, it’s really no surprise I put off taking these photos for a few days.

By the time I took these pictures, wearing peep toe heels seemed border-line insane, but when it comes to my attempts at learning how to use my Nikon, insanity seems to be the key factor. However, it’s not as hilarious as me wearing a gold necklace in hopes that it would shine brightly against a white shirt. In theory, it seemed like a great idea, but in actuality, not so much.

I also got to thank my girl Rese of Lovealwaysrese.tumblr.com for helping me decide on the final photos for this outfit post.

Photos taken by: Duty Free Critic

Shot on: Nikon Coolpix P7700