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Hi! I'd like headcanons on The bosses (Tsuna, Byakuran, Dino and Xanxus) madly in love with an underpaid government official


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  • Tsuna scowled as he watched you from his phone to where he had Shoichi set up a private link from the security camera now permanently aimed at your desk. You were working too hard again. In addition to this the group of bitches you call your coworkers had dumped their weekend duties on you all of them thinking you had no life of your own.
  • Who the hell did they think they were?!
  • Didn’t they know that you’ve been struggling to put your little brother through school all on your own because you don’t have parents anymore? Didn’t they know you did volunteer work for the local shelter whenever you have free time?
  • And even if you didn’t have all that, you still had the right to your free time!
  • He knew all this because he made it a point to remorselessly have everything about you investigated ever since your letters came to his attention. You had sent his office several letters asking him to not tear down the building where the shelter was.
  • At first Tsuna had laughed at this and threw your letter away. He had been thinking of building a casino on the property and no pathetic little mouse was going to make him change his mind.
  • But the letters came everyday over and over for three months straight. In twos and threes and even fives. It irritated the hell out of Hayato but it made Tsuna curious so he ordered you found and investigated.
  • At first he thought your life was pretty pathetic. You reminded him so much of himself it wasn’t even funny. He wanted to tell you off so badly that he walked in the shelter pretending to be a homeless person so he could humiliate you and give you a piece of his mind.
  • But as soon as he started ranting bitterly you surprised him by actually listening to his insults and smiling in understanding and telling him you understood that life was unfair sometimes so it was okay to be angry. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be tired. But while being all that he should eat first so he could have enough energy to be mad or try again. Then you served him dinner.
  • Tsuna forgot what he was supposed to say and gawked at you like a caught trout.
  • From then on he watched over you, fighting with his twin emotions of hate and respect.
  • He watched as you worked hard all day and come home to kiss your little brother on the head tenderly whenever the poor brat fell asleep on his desk studying.
  • Watched you when you thought you were alone and crying because you couldn’t make ends meet before jumping back up from it with pursed lips telling yourself everything was going to be alright.
  • Tsuna’s respect turned to admiration. Before long it transformed to obsession. It wasn’t long before he was forced to admit that he wanted all you had to offer for himself.
  • He sent you flowers everyday much to the astonishment of all your coworkers since all knew you didn’t have time to date. Those flowers then evolved into sweets of the most expensive kind.
  • No return address of course since he had watched you long enough to know you’ll just send them back.
  • He watched the security guard come over to your desk and put a cup of coffee by your elbow to which you responded to with a dazzling smile. Tsuna almost broke his phone.
  • What the fuck were you so happy about? It was just some goddamned coffee! Tsuna wanted to hit the security guard in the face for being so presumptuous with you! The only person allowed to make you smile like that was him!
  • Tsuna arranges for you to meet him in one of his more legitimate offices and he glories in the smile you give him when he tells you he won’t give the property over to the government but it can stay as it is.
  • He’ll seduce you with other charitable works and make you his escort to galas and charity balls.
  • He’ll set your brother up for scholarships.
  • Any coworker who harasses you will now be met with an unfortunate little accident or suddenly develops a desire to flee from the country.
  • Afterward you’ll ‘accidentally’ find out the reason your life has become so easy lately was because of him.
  • After confronting him about it he then makes his move and officially ask you out. Because he wants you. And he was not going to let you go.


  • He gritted his teeth when your dick of a boss slid his hand over your ass again and you flinch. Byakuran already knew you couldn’t afford to lose this job because you weren’t exactly rich and no one else was going to support you. He observed as you jerkily manage to make an excuse to get away from the odious pervert that was the DA who was prosecuting him.
  • Byakuran had not been very happy that the DA managed to gather enough loopholes to get a judge to actually get him to come in for questioning. It was a good thing Kikyou had been reliable enough and managed to get all of his alibis in order but he was still pretty angry. The Gesso Boss knew the DA was too incompetent to gather all that evidence on his own so he had his staff investigated.
  • And he found You.
  • The smart legal assistant who had put together enough evidence to almost put him behind bars.
  • Initially he wanted you immediately annihilated but he wanted the affair dealt with as flawlessly as possible. Also he wanted you to experience terror and harassment at the hands of his men. So he had you followed and observed. What he found out aroused his curiosity and amusement.
  • Running away from home from an abusive father and an indifferent mother you put yourself through school all on your own. You became a legal assistant to pay for all of the student loans.
  • You don’t make enough money to pay for your bills sometimes so it would be no ordinary thing to see your electricity being cut off or for you to gorge on cup noodles.
  • Byakuran was not a merciful or compassionate man. He was no Sawada Tsunayoshi in that respect. It would have been so easy for him to ignore your plight and torture you some more since it looked as if no one would actually miss you anyway. However…
  • He also noted how you keep on being sexually harassed by your male bosses at work. How you do not get along well with your coworkers because they’re jealous of you. But most of all, he couldn’t help but notice that despite all these trials and tribulations you keep on doing your job perfectly and to the letter. Working over time without pay just so you could comply to your boss’ wishes.
  • Your quiet strength and your defiance of your lot in life gained his respect. Plus it was more than obvious that you’re practically running the DA’s office behind the scenes.
  • You had the makings of a queen. His queen.
  • He smirked as the beginnings of a plan formed in his devious mind.
  • During his trial he managed his lawyers to defend using a strategy that discredited the DA and forced you to come to the stand and act as witness.
  • Of course you couldn’t lie so you had to admit that you were being sexually harassed by your Boss. Byakuran gets acquitted and as planned, you lose your job.
  • Yes, he just got you fired.
  • He then swoops in and kidnaps you so he can persuade you to officially go out with him.
  • Of course you’ll refuse out of principle but the Gesso has a long reach.
  • He’ll just keep on getting you fired from any other job you try to get into until you agree to what he wanted.


  • He met you one night when you saved him from being ambushed. He had ditched his bodyguards in favor of indulging his favorite escort’s naughty suggestion to do the naughty in a darkened alleyway.
  • Just as he was about to engage in battle while his date fled into the night a loud whistle from right behind his enemies sounded off into the night and distracted his assassins. Dino then found himself being dragged away by your hand and hidden behind a dumpster.
  • It was obvious you didn’t know who he was nor did you ask him who he was. When he tried to reward you you declined and left as soon as his bodyguards arrived.
  • As his men and his li’l bro’s subordinates spread their wrath over the poor fools who had dared try to harm him Dino used this time to find you. To learn everything there was to know about you and your life.
  • He found you working in a post office. Dealing with stamps and other useless gibberish. Hidden from the world from the moment your shift started to the moment it ended.
  • It wasn’t as though your coworkers were bad. In fact, they adore you. Especially your very divorced male boss who seems to enjoy checking up on you seemingly every other hour with that perverted look in his eye much to Dino’s distaste.
  • The spy he placed in the postal office to keep an eye on you also reported the man had offered to make your work load lighter to which you steadily declined not wanting to take special favors from anyone. Dino had to respect that. He knew too many women who would jump at the opportunity.
  • Suddenly, you find yourself receiving flowers at work every day. Not just any kind of flower, though. These are top class bouquets. The card on the bouquet only read, “Thank you.” so you really have no idea who to send it back to even if you wanted. Dino had his spy record everything secretly through a special nano camera so he could watch you open his presents.
  • Before he knew it Dino found himself looking forward to watching you receiving his gifts. Every single gasp and smile and worried frown made him grin and chuckle.
  • It was like falling in love with an actress through a movie screen.
  • He loved hearing your voice, he loved every single gesture. He loved watching you engrossed in work and the kindness you showed another man had made him scowl in possessive anger on more than one occasion.
  • The flowers evolved gradually into chocolates and other expensive sweets and for the life of you you have no idea where they were all coming from. Dino’s obsession for you grew.
  • Your reactions were endearing. There was a little fear on your face but there was also a delight at the thought that someone would think of you in such a way. He felt a little flutter in his chest every time the thought that he had placed those expressions on your face himself came to his mind.
  • He oversaw your security; he knew where you lived. He made sure his men followed you home to ensure you were safe round the clock.
  • So when he heard your boss had followed you home one night he felt his blood turn cold and he personally rushed to your house just in time to find the bastard on the verge of raping you.
  • He had been beyond fury. He beat the pig senseless for even daring to touch you! He would have killed the man had you not thrown yourself at the blonde don and asked him to stop. To leave everything to the police and that it was going to be alright.
  • The one that caught him and brought him back his sanity was the realization that you were comforting him rather than the other way around. Dino couldn’t stop himself from turning around and holding you close finally allowing himself to feel relieved nothing had happened to you.
  • It was right then and there that he had realized it. He’d fallen in love with you.
  • After he secretly took care that your boss’ body was never found he officially invited you to dinner. He had pulled out all the stops and made sure all the presents he had sent decorated the intimate little spot in the fancy restaurant he had reserved for the evening.
  • You realize he was the one sending you presents the moment you walked in. He watched as amazement crossed your face and Dino reveled in your admission that you had never forgotten him. That you had always worried about him since that night when the two of you met.
  • That evening Dino decided on one absolute truth.
  • He was going to make you his wife.


  • Xanxus glared at the fucking idiot you were laughing with from the shadowed alcove of this cheap restaurant that student PE teacher had taken you to.
  • Usually he would be kicking back in his own mansion being the bane of his subordinates’ existence. But instead he was here keeping an eye on things because how dare you go out with someone else?!
  • He knew it was unreasonable but goddammit he can’t help it! Don’t you fucking realize you belonged to him?!
  • This was fucking crazy! He had been personally stalking you everywhere you go (not that you go out much)!
  • Making sure those brats you call your students didn’t fucking worry you so much.
  • Secretly paying all your utilities for you under the guise of a fucking long lost friend of an equally long lost fucking relative who decided he had a debt to pay by taking care of you.
  • He was being a general creep all together and you don’t even fucking know it because he had no idea how to approach someone so untainted and innocent.
  • And he had Squalo to blame for everything.
  • The shitty shark decided the Varia Boss should be evaluating new recruits this year so Xanxus would stop bitching about how lame Squalo’s picks have been these past couple of years. He wouldn’t normally allow the damned shark to bait him like that but the swordsman basically challenged him. That maybe Xanxus was just afraid he would pick a pussy who would die on the first mission.
  • Of course, Xanxus’ response to that was a bullet to the brain to which his right hand man had dodged and got away from with merely singed hair. An act that Squalo had translated from his Xanxunese dictionary as a ‘Yes’.
  • With Squalo as his bodyguard Xanxus arrived at the recruitment hub with a growing amount of irritation. He was about to enter the building when he heard you calling someone’s name.
  • Curiously, Xanxus turned and saw you approach a brat from behind and grab his arm. You looked so out of place with that cheap skirt and blazer in this flashy part of town that he couldn’t help himself. The brat tried to shake you off but you called his name again and pleaded. Your words made Xanxus stop and stare at you in wonder.
  • You told the kid he needed to come back to school. You told him there was nothing in the Mafia that could promise anything good for his future. The Mafia was nothing but loneliness and darkness and cheap thrills and that at the end of the day, he would just feel empty. That killing someone― harming someone would just turn his soul into a black hole that will never be filled no matter how much he tried loading it with glory.
  • Xanxus watched as the kid shouted at you to shut up and pushed you to the pavement forcefully. He saw your hands bleed as you scratched them on the hard pavement but still you got up and chased after the boy and continued to plead with him.
  • Telling him that he was a good boy; a great student. That you would do everything to help him.
  • The brat wavered for a moment but then his eyes hardened and again he pushed you away before running into the members only bar where the recruitment was supposed to take place.
  • He watched you shed silent tears of despair. Saw the blood smear across your chin as you wiped them away with your injured hand before you pursed your lips and attempted to follow him.
  • At which point Xanxus stood in your way telling you to back down. That it was the boy’s decision to make not yours.
  • But you practically broke what was left of his heart when you told him you were the boy’s teacher and that he was just sixteen. That your student was too young to make these rash decisions for himself.
  • The emotions in your eyes were so strong, the anguish on your face so real that Xanxus couldn’t doubt how sincere you were. Before he could stop himself he told you to wait there, got in the bar and then started throwing all the recruits under eighteen out the door, bellowing at the little turd bags to not come back until they’re fucking legal.
  • All Squalo could do was gape at him like a dying salmon. But when you turned your grateful eyes on him Xanxus couldn’t care less anymore. From then on out he ordered Squalo to only take recruits who were old enough to make a fucking decision and not just loaded with the bullcrap his recruiters injected in their empty little heads. He could see Squalo was still astonished but he saw his Boss’ point. Although there were undisputed talents in the younger brats the Varia wasn’t exactly known for their patience training them to act more mature. They had other Famiglia who dealt with shit like that. Varia Quality meant you shouldn’t be so easily manipulated by others as well, after all.
  • The smile you gave him was crippling and Xanxus found himself looking for ways to approach you ever since.
  • At school he would find an excuse to talk to you while he ‘inspected his territory’ (though legally it was Cavallone land, not that Dino would mind).
  • You look up at his approach with an open and respectful smile despite the fact your other coworkers were already inching away from the both of you.
  • He walked you the fuck home whenever he could especially when you had to stay at work late checking all those goddamned papers.
  • So why the fuck was some vanilla douchebag on that table with you touching his knees to yours, basking in the presence of your smile and not him?
  • Why the fuck is this mother fucking nobody paying for your drinks instead of him?!
  • The straw that broke the camel’s back came when the fucker dared tuck a lock of your loose hair behind your ear.
  • Xanxus saw red as he broke his table in two and approached the table. You eyed him with confusion but all he did was drive a fist into your date’s skull before grabbing your wrist and dragging you out of the restaurant leaving your poor coworker to bleed to death.
  • Struggling, you demanded he let you go but as soon as he reaches an empty alleyway he crushes you against the wall with his body and kissed you with insane, desperate want.
  • He didn’t care if he wasn’t worthy of you anymore. He’ll kill any man who dares touch you. He’ll empty his guns into the skulls of anyone who takes you away.
  • You fucking belonged to him.

me in high school:

me in med school:

Weekends in high school consisted of lots of sleep, meeting friends & watching TV. Maybe 1 hour was booked for doing that stupid homework. but that was it.

Since I’ve entered the world of adulthood, the weekend offers a great opportunity to catch up the time I need to get my life back together: to clean up the chaos in my apartment, washing clothes so that I don’t have to be naked on Monday, studying 24/7 at the same time because the books seem endless, buying some food so that there’s something to eat when you come home from your 13 hour day…and suddenly Monday has already arrived. 

so Happy Saturday!

Hubby and I joined 24 hour fitness and I must say for 40$ per person per month is totally worth it. I mean, access to the pool, a bike room where you pick where you wanna ride and follow it on a big screen, unlimited classes, and tons and tons of amazing equipment. I’m super excited about this. Sub ball is in two weeks and I am hoping to tone up as much as I can before then.

He also doesn’t have duty this weekend so tomorrow we’re going to sea life park and then Sunday is our couples photoshoot. I’m just happy we can start doing stuff again like going to the gym and finally exploring the island together ☺

Ivan Chernenkov Fanfic: Treasure Hunt

Be My Princess S2, Ivan Chernenkov.
(Written in Ivan’s POV; Adventure/Romance)

Final giveaway prize for my lovely the-dragons-roar.

A/N: Enjoy reading this 4.7k words of a fanfic, I enjoyed writing it way too much. I wanted to do a treasure hunt across all of the 8 countries, but I would probably take up to about >10k words. Hope you will like it :) 

Treasure Hunting (Ivan Chernenkov)

The morning breeze was soft on my face, a sliver of light peeking through the billowing curtains as I lay in bed with my lover next to me. I had managed to complete my duties, leaving my weekend vacant to spend time with Alicia who had come to visit Sanct Sybil. It was a beautiful morning, and I yearned for nothing more than to be able to pass my time simply in my lover’s embrace, to be together with her.

I propped myself up on my elbow, gazing down at Alicia who was still sleeping like a little baby; her long lashes were fluttering in the wind and her hair was a fan of mess framing her face, she was absolutely captivating. She looked innocent and vulnerable; and I couldn’t help but to comb a few stray strands of those brown locks that was partially covering her face. It was tough to resist the urge to kiss those full lips, but small actions like this should suffice for the moment, I didn’t want her to be startled awake.

“…Prince Ivan?” Alicia murmured groggily through her half-lidded eyes, it had seemed that my touch had rudely awakened her from her dreamland. However, after a silent nod from me, she had buried her face into my chest, only to drift off to sleep once again.

I laughed quietly; she was always doing adorable stunts like this. “Wake up, sleeping beauty.” I prodded her gently on her cheek, only to earn myself a pout on her lips as she eventually opened her eyes, her emerald orbs staring at me in a daze.

Then, I kissed her on her lips, unable to wait any longer, “Good morning, princess.” Her reaction was hilarious yet breathtakingly stunning, a shade of warm red bloomed on her cheeks in an instance while she tried to stutter her greetings. Although I had wanted to tease her even more, our little shenanigans in the morning was interrupted when my two beloved beasts entered my bedroom.

Snieg nudged me on her nose, a golden envelope was protruding from between her fangs; while Urey went over to Alicia’s side and placed his head on her lap, evidently requesting to play. I took the envelope, slightly hesitant as to what it could be; carefully tearing apart the seal and read the letter. My eyes narrowed instinctively at the content, preparing to dispose of the letter at once when I reached the end.

“What is it, Prince Ivan?” Alicia asked me, her eyes were staring at the envelope with curiosity as I headed towards the waste bin.

I sighed, raking a hand through my hair, explaining grumpily, “It’s nothing. It’s simply some nonsense about a treasure hunt.”

“Treasure hunt?” Her voice went up an octave high as she looked at me in delight; her face practically beaming as her mind had only registered the last two words.

“…Yes. It’s in Oliver’s handwriting, he is probably bored out of his mind considering that he was under a restrain order from leaving Altaria.” My words were lost on deaf ears as Alicia was completely immersed in reading the letter that I had handed over to her.

“Treasure hunt for you lovers…” Alicia murmured, reading aloud to herself, “First stop, head out to the magical forest in Sanct Sybil… Urey and Snieg will lead you there… Have fun… With love, the Man in Black…”

“Shall we do this, Your Highness?” Alicia asked pleadingly, turning towards me, and soon enough, I was already succumbing to those large puppy eyes of hers.

“…Fine.” I agreed in defeat.

I guessed that my peaceful day was long gone now.

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Lifting tips for Jo Ann Fabric and Crafts

I used to work at Jo Anns so I figured why not share some tips. Be aware this is for the location I worked at so your mileage may vary

There aren’t very many cameras. There’s a real time monitor at the door, a couple at the registers, 2 domes on the fabric side, 2-3 domes on craft side and another real time monitor in the jewelry section

All of the employees wear headsets.During the day in the middle of the week theres usually only 3-4 in the store. One cashier, one on the cutting counter, (sometimes) one zoning on craft side, and the MOD (manager on duty)
On weekends or after 5 in the evening there could be anywhere from 4-7 SAs in the store and up to 2 managers
We were never trained on the shoplifting policy but we were told to “keep an eye on teenagers and shifty people”

Not sure where to put this one so it’s going here
Managers are the only ones who watch the cameras because they’re the only ones with a key to the office. If its busy 99% of the time the MOD will be on the floor and not in the office.

If its pretty slow the cashier is supposed to put back returned or unwanted items and usually cant see the door so thats your best time to get out

Again this is just for my store so yours may be different


Congratulations to Denial Esports, your 2015 Call of Duty World Champions.

This weekend, 32 teams from across the world descended on Los Angeles to compete in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for their share of the million dollar prize and the title of Call of Duty World Champion.