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TalesFromYourServer: "I'm sorry, how many did you say?"

So tonight was a little slow, we’re not the type of place that you go for St. Patrick’s Day. But when I say slow, it was still busy, just slow by our standards….we’re one of the busiest restaurants in town (we’re a national chain, one of the busiest locations in the company). I was the Manager On Duty tonight. We close at 11pm, and by 9:30, we had just our closers working (2 cooks, a dishie, a bartender, and 3 servers…one for each section). At around 10:30, I come out from the office and look towards the lobby, where I see a very large group of people gathering. I immediately head in that direction. The conversation that I walked into the middle of went something like this:

Leader of group: “We should have a reservation”

Bartender: “I’m sorry, we don’t take reservations. How many in your group”

Leader: “A lot”

Bartender: “We can’t put anything together for you until we know how many you have”.

Leader: “OK, it’s probably about 70”

Bartender: “I’m sorry, how many did you say”

I arrived at the podium just at that last part. The bartender’s reaction (basically your classic jaw-drop), along with my blank stare, made an impact. Before I could speak, the bartender said, “You do know we close in about 30 minutes?”

The leader of the group just said, “Come on guys, let’s just go to "XXXXXXX” (restaurant next door).“ He turned around and a bunch of them followed, but not all. I let them go without dispute.

Now faced with a much smaller group, who were willing to break into sub-groups, we got around to seating them. We ended up with about 35-40 of them, spread them around among the 3 servers, and I headed immediately into the kitchen to alert the guys. Unhappy, they stepped out for a quick smoke before the chaos, so I manned the line. The orders started coming in before they returned, so I started cooking, and the guys came back just before all the main orders came in. The 3 of us pounded out all of the food quickly, then I ran around to expo the trays up and help run food….then jumped out on the floor to help bus tables (the ones that were lingering when the group arrived had now left). We got the entire group in-and-out within about 45 minutes.

I doubt any of my team will read this, but I just want to go public with telling them "Great Job tonight”. Amazing teamwork got the job done. Unfortunately for the cooks, the late rush reversed most of the cleanup they had done, so we all got done late, but I was proud of the job they all did.

But seriously, who brings 70 PEOPLE into a restaurant 30 minutes before close?

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Oh, my heart 😭😭😭

So like I said, I have to open at work tomorrow. Which means going in at 7 am. So, jermain has baby duty tonight. Well, Jaylee isn’t used to that. It’s been a loooong time since I went to bed before she did.

Well, I’ve got our bedroom door cracked, and she ended up walking up to it, pushing it open, and walking in the dark to find me. Jermain came and picked her up, and she said, “ma ma, ma ma” all the way back to the living room 😢😢😢

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"Are you scared of being hurt?" ((endy-mixn))

[Deep Ass Starters @endy-mixn ]

Elydir had escaped her duties. for tonight there was a full moon upon the sky and she wished to admire its beauty. So she lied on the riverside, the water relaxing her as she looked at the bright light of the moon and the stars around it. Yet, her hand never left the hilt of her short blade.

The voice made her sat up, but the being that spoke to her seemed.. nothing like she had ever seen. A breathtaking man pale and with silver hair and eyes. She relaxed, guessing that if he wanted her dead, she would be. “Always on guard, but not because I’m scared. I just know people are after me. I like to be ready to face them”

Beast Boy: Is there a reason you let Bart fly the Batplane?

Robin: He asked.

Wonder Girl: Actually, Tim, you lost a bet.

Robin: That wasn’t a bet. I never agreed to any bet.

Beast Boy: What bet?

Kid Flash: Tim bet me he’d have all of you old guys following his orders by the end of the week. I said, “not Starfire!”

Robin: Starfire burned a hole through the Teen Wonder’s cape when he tried to tell her she’s on monitor duty tonight.

Beast Boy: When you say “old guys” you mean Kory and Vic, right? Right? Oh god, I’m an “old guy.”

–Tim Drake with Garfield Logan, Cassandra Sandsmark and Bart Allen (Teen Titans #50 – Friday Night Lights)

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♛─ Tori

The night was rather warm. Not unusual though, it was nice. Especially with the pleasant breeze that was running through the alleyways. So enjoyable. Ajay wasn’t standing outside to get a little bit of air though. Night patrol was a common thing and it was his turn. The only thing he was waiting for was his partner for the night. Because patrolling all on your own wasn’t a thing. At least not for Ajay. 

With one foot resting against the wall he was holding his weapon rather loosely, gaze focusing on the ground. There were a few noises coming from around the corner, nothing to worry about though. Then finally, his partner for the night arrived. Late. But well, he wasn’t gonna be sulky, not even pulling a face.

  ❛ There you are. I already thought
      you’d be skipping duties tonight..

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can you write a drabble where harry gives darcy and noah a bath and darcy asks what's the little thing in between noah's legs? 🙈❤️

“My butt has never felt so happy to be sitting,” you sighed, throwing your back on top of the duvet. Your eyes flickered a few times to the dim lights that seemed vaguely bright in the room before you felt another heavy, warm body lay beside you. Harry’s smile pushed against your forearm, pressing a few kisses along before enveloping your lips with his. His hot breath lingered around the corners of your mouth before your eyes slowly opened and found his already looking at you. 

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||Wanted arrest: Officer Au||

The city was warm but silent, the clock tower bell began to ring at the stroke of midnight. The noise caught officer Hanoka saima’s attention but she looks to her watch which shows the time of 12:02.  She was called on duty tonight by her commanding officer who told her about the same suspect that had somehow slipped past the police many times. Even she was given the slip by this guy many times when she was so close to catch him.

So her commanding officer figures why not ask her to give it a shot to find him again? A light groan came from the female’s throat, wondering why she answered her cell and accepted this on her day off? How hard was it to catch one guy?