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Headcanon: Alec is totally confused by the difference between "on stand-by" and "off duty".. And magnus really trying to explain that normal people do get time off, multiple hours a day, at least 1-2 days per week and sometimes even for weeks at a time.. To do things like schedule dates and be guaranteed not to be interrupted and be ready to fight at moments notice. Alec finds the concept totally baffling

omg can you imagine

Magnus: When was the last time you actually had a day off?

Alec: Like … two days ago. We went to Venice, remember?

Magnus: But you were still on-call. Remember, we barely had fifteen minutes after getting back before you had to go back to work. That’s not the same thing. I’m talking about an actual day off. 

Alec: …….???

Magnus: Off duty. No phone calls. If something goes wrong, they call someone who isn’t you.

Alec: …..okay …. that sounds fake, but okay….

Magnus: An actual day off. No calls. No interruptions. Sometimes more than one in a row. Which is called a vacation.

Alec: ……that’s not a thing people actually do, is it?

Magnus: Not only is it a thing people do, it’s a thing you’re going to do. You are going to have two consecutive days off, and I’m taking you to the Virgin Islands, and you can tell the people in charge that if your phone rings one time while you’re there, I will move it to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Alec: You can’t do that.

Magnus: Watch me.


One Year Later… Sam is still the worst.

take this burden - 40

[ light me up - bronze radio return ]

‘If you’re feeling good, that’s all I need to know.’


Mo Guan Shan groaned in frustration, falling back into the passenger seat and closing his eyes.

‘I kinda set myself up for failure there, didn’t I?’ He asked.

‘Set me up with fucking blue balls again is what you did.’ He Tian grumbled.

Mo Guan Shan snorted a laugh, a smile playing across his lips.

‘Want to see my underwear now? Just to get it out of the way?’

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Are You Alone?

There were a lot of advantages to working in a small, three person office; no gossip, no drama, and a grateful, genuinely kind boss who recognized how vital her two employees were to keep things running. There were downsides, too, like not having anyone new, or at least different, to talk to for forty hours a week and the generally slow nature of the business, which meant I probably spent more time surfing the net than I did doing actual work.

In the beginning, it was pretty much ideal; I did the work that came my way and then spent the rest of my day doing whatever I wanted (within reason, the boss lady still liked to believe I was being productive). After a couple years, however, it had started to get pretty old. The job was dull and unfulfilling and I got zero satisfaction out of it, but I was far too loyal to Tanya to leave, so I was stuck in a sort of limbo.

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I’m convinced that if I were a dog, I’d be one of those ones who just run and chase tennis balls all day

ok story time: so i doubt i’ve ever told you guys but i work as a hostess at a 1940’s themed diner called ruby’s. and among many duties [i.e., answering phones, taking to-go orders, yada yada], my primary job is to seat guests accordingly. so today, sometime around one-ish in the afternoon, i seat a cute, little family [mom, dad, a son who looks like he’s eighteen, and a younger son who looks about somewhere from eleven-thirteen]. so anyways, i seat them and move on, doing my thing, when about ten minutes later, i notice the dad and younger son hurriedly heading outside and sitting at one of our patio tables. i’m usually not nosy but somewhere amongst the noise inside i hear someone [i think it was the mom] say that the poor kid was starting to hyperventilate and needed to get some air and i let instincts kick in and head outside. i immediately ask the dad if his son needs his water, if they need anything, and the dad thanks me and both he and the poor little guy explain to me that he struggles with not only with panic attacks but also fainting spells when he gets overwhelmed. after which, i more than happily tell them both that i struggled continually with the exact same [i kid you not] problems from the eighth grade-high school and assure them both that with time, they eventually faded out and no matter how hard and frustrating this is for him, it won’t last forever. they both thanked me and i made sure their drinks were sent out to them [you think this is the end but wait, there’s more!]. a bit later, when they’d had their food for a while, i asked the kid his favorite shake flavor and bought him a strawberry shake, on me. even now, remembering his smile as i handed him the shake and told him to hang in there, brings the biggest grin to my face. as their whole family was leaving, the boy [who told me before he left that his name is samuel], came back into the restaurant and gave me the biggest hug while thanking me again for the shake and i tell you my friends, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to truly be kind. just taking the time to encourage samuel [who’s probably never had someone tell him that he’s not the only one who struggles with anxiety at such a young age] and give him some hope, has created a memory that will always stay with me; knowing that in my small, insignificant way i touched his life … truly, nothing is better than that.

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I was the PTSD ask, and it's okay! I completely understand. :) Thank you anyway! Well let me ask something else then. Hm... how would the RFA + saeran & v react to MC being a vigilante? (Like batman! Or the girls from the show sweet/vicious!)

Yay! I was hoping you’d send another request! Ah~ thank goodness. You’re so sweet, anon. Hopefully this makes up for not writing your last request!

-You’re like a hero from his comic books
-So when he finds out, his mind is just
-Will ask for your autograph
-Yoosung seriously looks up to you
-Full on fanboying sometimes over how cool you look fighting crime
-He’ll want you to tell him stories about your encounters
-Heart eyes throughout your whole story
-That doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry
-But he doesn’t want to get too much in the way, so he just checks up on you often

-Oh my god that’s so badass
-Worried every time you’re out doing your job
-And when you’re late returning back home
-*Worry intensifies*
-You can obviously handle yourself and you’ve proven that, but this boy will still feel like it’s his job to protect you
-Zen being Zen, he is very protective over things he loves
-So you can bet that you’ll catch him following you around a couple times when you’re on duty
-Will keep his phone with him at all times during rehearsals in case of emergency but he’s been doing that since you’ve started dating anyway

-Spits her coffee
-She’ll fangirl over how amazingly talented you are
-Jaehee is a black belt in judo but you’re a superhero like she is so impressed
-She wonders what kind of previous training you’ve done and would love to hear about it
-Maybe you can teach her a few techniques? Or she could teach you some, perhaps?
-Jaehee will swoon everytime she sees how cool you look when you’re all serious and focused on justice and all that
-She’s your number one fan

-Jumin unlock the fucking door I have crime to fight let me out of your penthouse
-He’s first concerned about your safety, but then he sees that you’re more qualified than even his best bodyguards, so he backs off a bit
-Jumin gets worried over whether or not what you’re doing is legal, but you calm him down from that as well
-Eventually, with lots of convincing, he agrees to not interfere
-It’s going to take a while to convince him to not have bodyguards following you around whenever you’re off duty however. He wants to make sure criminal groups don’t target you

-He found out during his initial background check before you joined the RFA
-Holy shit that’s so cool
-Calls you Batman, and various other superhero names
-He’ll brag about it, unless you keep your identity secret
-If that’s the case, he’ll just mention vaguely how much he appreciates people like you
-“Wow~ did you hear about that robbery the other day? It’s so incredible that that mysterious hero saved the day~”
-He’ll even tease you about it
-You’ve seen Maid Seven but NOW get ready for SUPERHERO SPANDEX SEVEN
-SaeyouNG PLS

-V thinks it’s really admirable
-You do important work, and you protect lots of lives
-He’s 100% respectful and supportive
-He asks if he can tag along to take photos of you, but he’ll understand if you keep your identity secret, plus it wouldn’t be safe etc.
-Being the mom he is, he’d make sure you’re prepared before you head out
-“Take a jacket. It’s chilly.”
-“Where are you going? What’s the street address?”
-“Make sure to call me if anything happens.”

-Calm down V they’re a professional

-He thought you were kidding at first, but the more he thinks about it, the more it makes sense
-He knows how advanced your fighting skills are, and has seen it himself, but he never thought you’d tell him you’re like a literal superhero
-Gets sad and anxious if you are out really late though
-He doesn’t like the fact that it’s so dangerous, but it makes him admire you even more
-You’re so brave and strong he can’t help but feel his heart flutter
-But he’d never let you know that

There and Back Again (Part 4)

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Summary: Recuperating from the shifter hunt means down time and a long conversation with John. Dean wants to go on a hunt without you.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: mild angst and language, mention of death 

A/N: welcome to part 4! Mostly fluffy stuff with John and a little angst with Dean. Not much action, so maybe I’ll get part 5 out for all you lovely people this weekend ;)

This is a series! Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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‘Meow’ Chapter 20 (Epilogue): a Happy Beginning

thank y'all so much for reading and reviewing! I am so happy that you went on this journey with me!

5 years later

“John, I said I don’t leave the flat for anything under a seven,” Sherlock stated as they walked into 221B. Mary Watson sat on John’s chair with Rosie in her arms.

“You two bicker more like an old married couple than you do with me or Molly,” Mary laughed.

“Where is Molly?” Sherlock asked.

“Bath,” Mary replied. John walked over and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek as Sherlock stalked off to the bathroom.

“Molly?” Sherlock called to her. “Are you alright?”

“Hm? Yea, just trying to calm the pain,” Molly told him. She was covered in bubbles from the bath. He sat on the floor beside the tub and she leaned her head over the side to kiss him.

“Mm, I love you,” Sherlock murmured against her lips.

“I love you t—,” she gasped in pain as the next contraction hit her.

“Hospital? It’s time?” Sherlock asked frantically. Molly only nodded her head in confirmation. “Okay, come here, I’ve got you.” He helped her out of the tub and gathered everything they needed as she dressed herself.

“Sherlock? Got an eight for ya,” Greg Lestrade announced from the doorway.

“Not now, it’s going to have to wait,” he replied as he rushed into the bedroom.

“Is it time?” John called out.

“Yes!” was all Sherlock exclaimed. Mary’s face lit up.

“Look at that, Rosie,” she said. “Aunt Molly’s about to have her and Uncle Sherlock’s baby!”

“Sherlock Holmes, what is all the ruckus about?” Mrs. Hudson asked as she entered 221B. The consulting detective held onto his wife, all the necessities ready to go. Realization dawned on Mrs. Hudson’s face. Toby mewled at Molly’s feet. Another contraction hit and Sherlock did his best to comfort her as he led her toward the doorway.

“Toby not now,” she spoke through gritted teeth. “And to think all of this happened because I just had to sneak my cat onto campus.” The room burst into laughter. Sherlock safely guided her downstairs and hailed a cab with John, Mary and Rosie following in another.

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“Hello?” Danny croaks into the transceiver, tossing his now empty water bottle to the side and praying for a response. The sun is beating down on the little life raft, as it had been for hours now and he’s feeling dizzy with the heat, “Hello? Anyone?” he asks again, letting off of the button and getting only static in response. The same static he’s been getting since the plane went down and his life officially went to shit.

Actually, his life really went to shit more around the time that the life raft he was in got separated from the others during the night. Or maybe even when he realized that he had a broken wrist on top of being stranded in the middle of the ocean with a concussed pilot, an injured flight attendant, and some smoke inhalation. Or when the three of them realized that they only had two bottles of water to share.

“Hello? Mayday?” He tries again, losing more and more of his patience with each unanswered call, “Pick up the fucking phone you assholes, people are dying out here.”

Once again he’s only answered by static.

He squeezes the transceiver in frustration, threatening to break it before lobbing it to the other side of the life raft and leaning against the side of the pontoon, staring off into space. The sky looks beautiful, blue as far as the eye can see, reaching out until it blends into the ocean on the horizon. The wall of blue is only marred by the bright summer sun where it’s sitting high in the sky. He sighs and closed his eyes against the intense light.

He’s going to die out here, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean headed towards a place he never wanted to move to in the first place and worst of all, he’s never going to see Grace again. He laughs as the horrible realization sets in, it seems like a much better idea than throwing himself overboard.

-do you read

Danny lifts his head when he hears the noise, quiet and broken up, and looks over to the pilot and flight attendant in the raft with him. They’re still unconscious and certainly not the ones speaking to him.

This is the USS Port Royal

He shoots up, rocking the raft with his movement, and scrambling around looking for where the transceiver had fallen.

Please identify the voice tells him just as his fingers brush over the plastic, I repeat, this is-

“Yes! Yes, I hear you!” Danny practically shouts into the microphone in his relief.

This is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett of the United States Navy. Please identify yourself. the voice tells him.

“This is Detective Daniel Williams. I was on flight 1682 from Newark to Honolulu that crashed about eleven o'clock last night. I am stranded in a life raft.”

There’s a pause before, Are there any other survivors Danny?

“We got everyone alive out of the plane and into life rafts before it sank but we were separated in the night. I’m with a flight attendant and one of the pilots, I can’t see anyone else near me.”

Can I speak to the pilot, Danny? Steve asks so Danny gets back onto this hands and knees and scrambles the six feet to the other side of the raft. He shakes the pilot but neither he nor stewardess leaning on his shoulder make any sign of awareness. Swallowing down the sudden rush of dread, Danny placed his fingers onto the pilot’s pulse point, the skin is hot from the sun but there;s no pulse beating against his fingertips.

Danny? Steve asks as Danny repeats the process for the stewardess, breathing a sigh of relief when he feels her heartbeat, slow but steady.

“The pilot’s dead, the stewardess is unconscious, I think she hit her head during the landing,” he says into the transceiver, noticing for the first time an ugly bruise starting to blossom over her temple.
Okay, Steve says after a pause, sounding much more somber, Listen Danny, we’re talking with the FAA right now. The other survivors were picked up by a ship this morning, now we’re trying to get the location where your plane went down to try and figure out where you are.

“What time is it?” he asks in lieu of acknowledging the fact that no one had any idea where he is.

It’s thirteen twenty-four hours.

“And what’s that in normal language?”

One twenty-four in the afternoon.

He does the math, fourteen hours adrift in the ocean. That means that he could be miles away from where the plane went down so even if the rescue did manage to figure out where to go, that still didn’t mean they would find him in time.

Okay Danny, can you tell me what type of radio you’re using? Steve asks after a long silence.

“I don’t know,” he says, turning around the small box in his hand looking for a make or model, “It’s like a walkie-talkie thing, uh…. it says Kenwood on it,”

Okay, Danny, that’s great, that model only has a broadcasting distance of about ten miles.

“That’s still a lot of ocean to be lost in,” Danny grouses, but he does feel better with the information.

It’s a whole lot better than searching the entire span between California and Hawaii, Steve retorts and Danny can hear the sarcastic tone.

“Not by much.”

Are you always this negative?

“I just survived a plane crash and am stranded with a dead guy and an unconscious woman, forgive me, but I think I have the right to be negative about a few things,” Danny slings back only to get silence on the line and he panics, “Steve? Steve!” he yells, wondering if the connection is gone.

I’m here Danny, just was talking to my CO, Steve’s voice filters back over the line and Danny lets out a breath of relief.

“Okay,“ He takes a deep breath to calm himself and then, because the only way Danny is ever calm is when he’s talking, he pushes the transceiver button again, "So you said you were a commander right?”

Lieutenant Commander.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a Lieutenant Commander usually do more important things on a ship. Whose Cheerios did you piss in to pull phone duty?”

I’m covering for a friend while she was called into a meeting,/ Steve chuckles, honestly, I’m not even usually on this ship. I’m in the reserves, this is my training weekend.

“Lucky me. So, if this is just your just a weekend warrior, what do you do the other five days of the week?”

I’m head of the Governor’s task force on Oahu, Steve says and Danny can practically see his head swelling with pride, You said you were a detective right?

“Yeah, that’s right.”

You work with HPD?

“I was supposed to start next week.”

So, we probably would have met each other anyway.

“I think I would have preferred meeting you without the life threatening situation, thank you.”

He Danny, listen up, Steve interrupts his story about his first drugs bust some time later, we coordinated with the FAA and NOAA on the plane’s flight route and ocean patterns, we narrowed down our search to about five square miles accounting for your life boats drift. We’re sending out our two helicopters so if you see one I want you to send off one of your flares, okay?

“Roger that,” Danny assures, giving a sloppy salute even though there was no one to see it.

How you doing out there buddy? Steve asked, sounding much less Lieutenant Commander this time.

“Oh, you know, just working on my impression of a boiled lobster.”

“Hey Steve,” Danny croaks, interrupting one of Steve’s stories about surfing on the North Shore, “Can I ask you to do something really shitty?”

Yeah, what is it, buddy? Comes Steve’s immediate reply.

“I’ve got a daughter, her name’s Grace and she’s eight. She moved to Honolulu with my ex-wife and her new husband and I was following to be with her.”

That’s amazing Danny, Steve says but he can hear the worry in his voice.

“Yeah. Listen, if this thing goes south and you don’t find us in time I want you to tell her something for me.”

Don’t even say it, Danny, we’re gonna find you.

“I’m being baked alive here Steve, just please…”


Thank you,“ he says and fights the urge to cry even though he’s so dehydrated the tears won’t form, "Just, tell her that Danno loves her okay?”

I’m not gonna have to, okay buddy? You’re just gonna have to suck it up and hang in there because it’s gonna be my ugly mug coming into that life raft to save you. Steve tells him and he laughs, smiling and saying “Listen, Babe, I don’t care how cute you think you are, I don’t put out on the first date.”

“Hey Steve,” Danny says, staring at the blinking red light on the top of the transceiver, “I lied about something.”

What was that Danny? comes curious Steve’s voice.

“I do put out on a first date,” he admits with a smile, hearing Steve’s laugh reverberating through the speaker, “You got people looking out for us right?”

Yeah, we got two birds in the sky and everyone available is topside looking for you.

“Good. That’s good,” Danny says, licking his dry lips, “Listen, I don’t know how much juice I got left in this thing so I’m gonna send you a signal alright? Tell your people to keep their eyes open.”

Danny? Steve says as Danny drops the transceiver and picks up the flare gun. Fighting off a dizzy spell, he loads a flare into the chamber and leans back, aiming the flare gun high into the sky. Danny, answer me! Steve yells and Danny can hear the note of panic in his voice as he squeezed the trigger. The flare flies high into the sky and still Steve is yelling through the speaker until, just as the flare hit the water, the transceiver dies.

He wakes in a cool hospital room while a nurse is checking on his vitals. “Detective Williams,” she says with a smile, “Welcome back. Your daughter will be very happy to know you’re awake.”

Sixth Months Later

He’s responding to a back up call on Sand Island, listening to the chatter on the radio for a better location and lamenting that this has to be Meka’s vacation time. He finds the raid when a gangbanger runs in front of his car and he clips him with the front fender, jumping out and handcuffing him before he can recover.

When he looks up he sees a cop fighting hand to hand with another gang banger just around the corner and shoots him while he’s recovering from a nasty front kick to the chest. The bad guy drops and the cop looks around for the shooter, relaxing when he sees Danny’s HPD vest. He’s walking closer to ask the guy for more information about the raid when the guy tilts his head and says “Danny?”

He doesn’t remember a lot after the plane crash, but that voice has been imprinted on his memory. He’s so familiar with it, he swears that sometimes he thinks in that voice, and now he has a face to go with it.

“Steve?” he asks just as a woman runs up and informs them that the building is secure.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again,” Steve says as he comes closer and Danny can take a good look at him. The only thing he can think of saying is, “I seem to remember asking for a non-life threatening situation when we met.”

 Steve throws his head back and laughs, gathering him into a hug. “I’ve been thinking about you, lately. Was wondering if maybe you wanted to have a conversation face to face this time.”

“Are you seriously asking me out right now?” He sputters, “There is a dead body next to us.”

Steve looks around and shrugs like this whole situation is no big deal, “No time like the present,” he says with a smile and Danny stares aghast, wondering if he suffered some serious mental health damage while he was stranded because he’s actually considering saying yes. When Steve continues to stare at him he gives in to the voice inside his head reminding him he liked talking to Steve and that it could be fun to just see where it goes, “I like Italian,” he says and Steve lights up like he just won the lottery.

Ways to make sure Mem never sleeps again: wake her up by convincing her something was crawling over her, followed by ten minutes of noises, followed by finally finding a massive cockroach in my bed and crawling over the wall.

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Imagine Ziva, Tony, and McGee fighting over who has to wake Gibbs up from his nap.

“You do it.” Ziva snapped at the two boys in front of her as the three of them huddled around their sleeping boss’ desk.

“No, I am senior agent. I am in charge when Gibbs is preoccupied, and I say that one of you do it.” Tony said, defending his position that he should not be the one to wake their sleeping boss

“The last time that I did something like that, Gibbs put me on phone duty for nearly an entire week. I did it last time. I pretty much always do it. I am not doing it this time.” McGee whispered loudly, angrily, at his coworkers.

“Well, somebody has to wake him.” Ziva said, exasperated

“Yeah, he needs to know what we found out.” Tony added

Ziva turned to Tony, with her arms crossed over her chest, “Well, Tony, if you think he needs to know it badly enough, then why don’t you tell him yourself?”

Tony scoffed dramatically, thinking about a response to Ziva’s suggestion, “Like I said, Ziva, I am the senior agent, and I say that you should inform our boss of the new development on the case.”

They continued on like that, bickering in whispers, all three going back and forth, arguing about who was going to wake up their boss. They formed a tigt circle around each other, ignoring the man napping on his desk, even though he was the source of their squabbling.

Deep in their argument, they just barely noticed the sound coming from the place where their boss rest. They turned, expecting their boss to be upright and alert, only to find that he was still slouch on his desk, seemingly fast asleep.

They immediately resumed bickering.

The three agents did not stop their dispute until the sleeping figure slumped over the desk groaned in annoyance, “Please, somebody, anybody, just speak.” Gibbs complained, still not looking up. His face was still pressed tiredly against the surface of his desk.

The three agents looked alarmingly at each other, before all three simultaneously bursting into explanations as to what was going on. Not a single word could be deciphered among the overlapping mess of statements.

Gibbs groaned. Sometimes those three could seriously act like little kids. He lifted his head delicately off of his desk, glaring at the three people standing in front of him. He leaned back in his chair, exasperated.

“Okay,” He sighed, “One at a time. Ziva, you start.”