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Percival Graves x Reader Imagine II

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“Imagine Graves puts you on desk duty because he’s afraid you could get hurt on a mission again.”

You didn‘t understand what happened. Your boss and actually good friend Percival Graves put you on desk duty after your latest mission. It didn‘t make sense to you, you did a great job back then. Yes, you had to take a few days off because you got a little hurt but it was nothing serious and you accomplished the job successfully. You didn‘t belong in an office, you knew it and you were pretty sure that Graves did too. So far as you could tell he even felt bad for doing it. He gave you your own office after complaining once, he brought you the best work supplies and always made you small compliments about your apperance but you were still angry, sad and disappointed. You liked to hunt down dark wizards and witches, you were good at it and the desk duty with all the paper work bored you to death.

You drowned yourself in self-pity when someone knocked against the door of your office. You quickly grabbed a feather and acted like if you would actually work on the papers which Graves gave you.
„Come in !“ you shouted.
The door opened and Graves entered your office. He closed the door behind him and stepped in front of your desk.
„Good evening, Y/N.“ He smiled at you.
You tried to avoid his gaze so you looked down on your unfinished paperwork.
„I wouldn‘t call it a good evening, Mr.Graves.“
Graves furrowed his eyebrows and the smile vanished.
„Did you just call me ‘Mr.Graves’ ? We‘re alone, just call me by my forename or such, like always…“
You laid down the feather. „Give me my old job back and let me hunt dark wizards and witches again, like always.“  
Graves sighed and shook his head. „No, Y/N. I removed you from your job for a good reason.“
You stood up and looked him in the eyes. „Which is !?“
Graves walked over to you. He laid his hand on your cheek and stroke with his thumb over your face.
„For the reason that you could get hurt again. Your latest mission opened my eyes, I forgot about the danger in this job because you never got back injured.“
His words made you think and you leaned into his touch. „But the other Aurors get hurt all the time, this was the first time that I got back injured, so why did I lose my job ?“
Graves blushed and looked nervous around. „Hah… well… how do I tell you… I don‘t really care for the other Aurors, do you understand ? It doesn‘t affect me if one of them gets hurt or if they die, but I was so worried when I heard that you got hurt, I was so panicked, I would be heartbroken if you‘d die, do you know what I want to tell you ?“
Your eyes widened and your face flushed red. You knew exactly what Graves was telling you in this moment.
„I didn‘t know… I was so confused, I thought I did something wrong…“
Graves pulled you into a hug. „No, no. You were my best Auror but I can‘t put your life on a risk.“
„Graves… I understand your concern but I‘ll leave if you force me to work in this office any longer. I hate it here, I don‘t want to be here. This isn‘t my fate, paperwork is nothing I‘m good at nor something I want to do.“
This were some hard words. Graves didn‘t know how much you hated your new job and he didn‘t expect to make you so unhappy.
„I‘m so sorry Y/N, to make you unhappy was the last thing I had in mind when I put you on desk duty.“
„So, do I get my job back ?“
Graves hesitated a moment before he answered. „You do, I don‘t want to see you so sad and I don‘t want you to leave the ministry… but we have to talk about it ! But not now, the only thing I want to talk about now are your feelings.“
You were so happy that Graves agreed to give you your job back and you felt so lucky that such a handsome and wonderful man like Graves fell in love with you.
„I really like you, and I‘d like to… you know… we could go and get some drinks, right ? We need to celebrate that you got your best Auror back !“
Graves smiled at you, he was happy that you felt better now and that you had feelings for him as well.
„Of course, I‘d love to. But first, if you don‘t mind…“
He leaned down and pulled you into a kiss.

i’m rlly bored at desk duty and i wanna do something nice for u guys since i hit yet another milestone in just a short time; so these will be little mini aesthetics based on the vibes i get from your blog! i love aesthetics so i went a little overboard: if this gets popular please be patient with me!

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5 Transmen Who Are Good Rolemodels

 There are many transmen who do a lot for their community and advocate for the people who don’t have a voice. Here are 5 transmen who live lives that anyone would be proud to live up to. Of course there are many more out there than these 5 but these are who I personally look up to. 

Sgt. Shane Ortega: Shane is an openly transgender soldier in the US Army as well as a bodybuilder. He served 3 tours for our nation, 2 before testosterone and 1 after. With the ban against transgender individuals in the military, he did not hide his transition. He ended up being placed on desk duty before the ban had begun reevaluation. As of now we are still waiting for a verdict but Transgender individuals who are in the army now will not lose their jobs. Shane Ortega became a spokesman for transgender soldiers in the US Army and has done his part fighting for trans soldiers as well as the nation itself. I have personally spoken to Sgt. Shane Ortega and can honestly say he is an amazing man and role model who lives a life that is selfless and brave.

Aydian Dowling: Dowling is a model, activist, another trans bodybuilder, and runner up in the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy competition. He lives a life that trans athletes and other advocates can look up to. You can see him often on the cover of FTM Magazine. Aydian Dowling is the first transgender man to be featured on the cover of Men’s Health and Gay Times Magazine. @

Malcolm Rene Ribot: Malcolm Ribot is another trans advocate that is just an amazing human. He has been on the road now for 11 months “connecting our community and spreading visibility.” You can follow his journey on Instagram and Tumblr. @gorillashrimp

 Arin Andrews: Arin is another trans advocate I have personally talked to. He is an amazing young man who has shared his voice to many by speaking for the community on tv and in speeches in front of many people. He is also the author of an autobiography, Some Assembly Required, telling his journey through his transition in a close minded area. He is a young college student who has devoted his life to just being awesome. 

Jason Robert Ballard: Jason Ballard was pointed out to me by my mother who’s friend pointed him out to her. He was born and raised in the area that I was born, and still am being raised in which is in Western New York. He is the founder of FTM Magazine and The Self Made Men. His magazine raises so much awareness for the LGBT community and is such an amazing resource. “Celebrate. Promote. Entertain.” @jasonrobertballard @ftmmagazine

Ugh, guiiillllllt. And failure. For every class, I have to write a daily report about what I covered in class and assigned for homework as well as reporting on the students’ behavior. I have a class of fifth graders where two boys, while good-natured, are just disruptive, and I spend most of my time trying to keep them on track to the neglect of the other students. Of course I write about them in the report, which the desk teachers read. Today, during our class break, a desk teacher asked to speak with the boys to I guess reprimand them. When they came back they were more subdued. One bounced back pretty quickly, but the other looked like he was on the verge of tears. He did seem to get back into the groove, laughing a few times, but… I don’t know why I feel guilty about it? I know I pretty much fail on the class management front, and it’s part of the desk teachers’ duties to lay down the law. Bleghhhhhhh, I just hate seeing kids down in what is already a pretty bummer situation (academy all day, every say), which is admittedly why I suck at class management. I don’t have the heart to make going to academy evem more burdensome than it already is. Perhaps I should save the sympathy…

Yes, Professor


Pairing: Professor!Dean x Reader

Summary: AU where Dean is a professor of English at the university that the reader attends.

Word count: 2008

Warnings: Sexual tension (?), use of sir (although that’s because he’s her teacher) and I think that’s it?

A/N: Just to let you know, I absolutely adore the characters of Supernatural and any unflattering portrayals of them in this fic are just works of fiction! The story couldn’t carry on without any bad guys ;) but let me know what you think! Whether this becomes a series or not pretty much rides on the feedback from you guys :)

@abaddonwithyall @but-deans-back-tho @ouijawinchester @yoursupernaturalsammygirl @mrswhozeewhatsis

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Not Safe

Word Count: 496

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none?

A/N: Week 8 of @one-shots-supernatural ‘s hiatus challenge. Prompt: “No, I said we were safer, not safe.” 

A/N2: totally just wrote this in 5 minutes at 3am while drunk. I’M SORRY FOR ME

You were supposed to be doing research with Dean. Keyword: supposed to be. You were both mildly injured in your last hunt and Bobby had relegated you to desk duty. Neither of you were happy about it so instead of doing any actual research you opened up a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue and started chugging whiskey.

That led to the two of you staggering down the stairs and into Bobby’s panic room, Dean shushing your giggles all the way down the stairs until he shot the iron door. “I forgot you were such a giggly drunk.”

“Not drunk.” You slurred and fell over, landing on the cot in the center of the room.

“Right.” Dean chuckled and sat down next to you, pulling you back into the heated kiss that had started upstairs. His hands found their way to the hem of your shirt, playing with the fabric before pulling it over your head and tossing it to the side. You giggled and tugged at his shirt, haphazardly pulling it up until he moved your hands and pulled it off himself, throwing it on top of yours.

His eyes went straight to the bruises that covered your torso and he ran his warm hands over them before trailing kisses over each one, making it down to your belly button before you heard footsteps in the basement.

“Y/N! Dean!” Bobby was pissed, probably after finding the empty bottle of whiskey you’d left on the table along with the lore books.

“He knows!” You breathed and Dean put his hand over your mouth, effectively shutting you up for the time being. The footsteps got further away and eventually you heard boots walking up the stairs and further away from you.

“He’s gone.” Dean breathed a sigh of relief and pulled you back in for a kiss, trailing them back down your neck and torso. You leaned back and grabbed fistfuls of his hair while he had his fingers hooked around your shorts, ready to pull them down, when the door flung open.

“You two!” He yelled and you instantly broke apart, grabbing Dean’s shirt off the floor and throwing it on quickly. “What are you two idjits doing? Didn’t I tell you to research?”

You looked away and bit your lower lip, trying to keep the intoxicated giggle from flowing out. “Instead you drink an entire bottle of expensive whiskey and going at each other like horny teenagers! Get your asses dressed and upstairs, now!” Bobby yelled and stormed off.

“You said we’d be safe in here!” You giggled and slapped Dean’s chest. You quickly pulled his shirt off and handed it back, reaching for your own.

No, I said we were safer, not safe.” He corrected and laughed through his nose, leaning back in to kiss you some more.

“I said move!” Bobby suddenly reappeared, walking in and pulling you away from each other and shoving you both up the stairs in front of him. “Idjits.”

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Agent Jongin pt. 2

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Jongin AU

In every mission there’s a risk, some just may cost you your heart.

Warning: Jealous Jongin is hot as fuck

Part 1 Part 3

Hold my hands above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause I’m a screamer baby
Make me a mute
” -Simon Curtis

Ever since your last mission, you had kept your distance from Jongin; not wanting to deal with asshat.  “Agent Y/L/N, you need to come to the Director’s office.”  You threw your paperwork back on your desk, you had been on desk duty all week due to your “failure to comply with the job”.  Now they wanted to have an actual conversation?!

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The Agent » Matt Murdock

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Fandom: Daredevil + Marvel

Words: 1081

Summary: You’re an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and you’re sent to Hell’s Kitchen to help out. 

A/N: I plan on releasing a lot of new reader inserts soon! c: 

Originally posted by chraliecox

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The Art of (Almost) Seducing Your Professor

Professor Dean Masterlist

Summary: The reader has her first desk duty with Meg and then goes to see Professor Winchester, culminating in a rendezvous of sorts in his office.

Word count: 2700

Warnings: Use of sir, Meg being a little mean but nothing too bad? Lots of sexual tension, making out and hints at smut.

A/N: I hope you like this! Let me know if you want me to continue :)

@abaddonwithyall @but-deans-back-tho @yoursupernaturalsammygirl @thinkwritexpress @mrswhozeewhatsis @myfand0msandm0re

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I’ll always find you

Request: Can you do an imagine where you rescue Spencer from kidnapping?

Warnings: Mild kidnapping

Pairing: Reid/Reader but mild mild romance.

Kinda a weird one! But hope you like it! ~AdminAnna



Your gloves made a loud sound in the empty FBI gym. It felt good to get back to your daily routine. You dragged the back of your hand across your forehead to get the sweat off. You were a naturally good fighter and really only called in under the extreme cases. When you’d gone a little overboard catching a murderer, understandably you were assigned to desk duty for a while. You finally had your access to the gym back. You were pushing yourself, hard.

Your phone went off and you’d realized you’d stopped kicking the dummy, lost in your own thoughts. You looked at the caller I.D. You put the phone to your ear and fixed the tape on your knuckles.

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Y/N. I need you to come in.”

You huffed, annoyed, “So I can be off desk duty-“

“Y/N.” Her voice went soft, “Reid’s in trouble. I need you to extract him.”

It felt like your whole world stood still. 

No. NO.

You closed your eyes and inhaled slowly. You felt your whole body tremble. You forced yourself to breathe in and out slowly. You had to calm yourself down before you went in. 


She read it to you, “Hostage situation. Four men inside.”

“On my way.”


“No movement inside,” Derek Morgan scowled from next to the house where Spencer was being held, “It looks like its calmed down in there.”

Aaron Hotchner whipped a hand across his face, “Any noise from Reid?”


The senior agent’s phone rang. He took it out of his pocked and looked at the front to see who was bothering him.

“Strauss I really don’t have time for this,” He snapped into the phone, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Put me on speaker Aaron.” Her tone had a no-nonsense air.

Aaron raised his eyebrows and put it on speaker phone. He waved over Prentiss, Morgan, JJ and Rossi.

“We’re all here.”

Strauss exhaled, “I’ve Y/N..”

“What do you mean?” Aaron’s face hardened, “Strauss of all the people to send-”

“I know Hotch,” She snapped, “I know she’s emotionally invested but we all are. You have to let her go in.”

The phone went dead on the other end.

“What the hell-” Derek started.

Suddenly there was a crash on the inside. It was faint, but we could hear it.

What was that?” They heard over the radio.

Another voice came over the speaker, “I don’t know. The FBI’s right outside. They haven’t moved. I’ve been watching.”

Go check it out!” The leader commanded.

All 5 of the BAU agents gathered around the radio that was wired to listen inside. They waited.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” Emily bit her lip.

“No.” Rossi shook his head, “She’s right. If anyone can get him Y/N can.”


You  hid in the dark hallway. It was easy enough to get in. You’d learned to pick a lock in third grade. You tipped over the vase on purpose. You’d seen one of the captors come to check on it. You let him walk past you before you jumped on him, taking him down quickly in surprise. He fell to the ground and you put a cloth over his nose and mouth.You pulled his tie behind his head, cutting off the air supply. He fainted quickly and quietly. You used cable ties to bound his wrist and ankles so he couldn’t move if he came to. You continued down the hallway to where you could tell Reid was being held.

You looked quickly around the corner. There were 3 standing around Reid. He was bloodied. You couldn’t focus on that now. You had to get him out.

You didn’t see any weapons in their hands. They were laying on a table near the back wall. You could shoot two down easily. It was the third that could probably get to a gun.

You inhaled and exhaled three times. You could do this. You could do this for him.

As you predicted, you fired and brought two down easily. You shot them each in the leg. The third ran to the back table and quickly retaliated. He fired the same time you did.

He crumbled to the floor. You quickly restrained the two still living. They needed to be interrogated. You finally ran over to Reid. You felt the air go back into your lungs. He was hurt, but not too badly.

“Hey love,” You slapped his cheek lightly to try and get him to come to, “Spencer wake up. Spence. Open those eyes.”

Slowly, he opened his eyes.

You smiled, tears forming in your eyes, “There they are.Hi baby.”

“Y/N?” He asked in confusion as you untied him quickly.

You practically jumped into his lap, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. He lifted his arms, squeezing you to the point of almost pain. 

“You’re my night in shining armor.” He chuckled sadly, putting his face in your neck.

“Always,” You kissed him, “Always.”


There wasn’t a lot of Shandy in this episode, except for the fact that Sharon and Andy worked closely together (maybe Andy is still on desk duty?), but look how close they stand to each other and how synced their movements are. They obviously can’t keep a professional distance. And maybe, both of them needed the intimacy, because it was such a rough case for them. 

Let's Watch - Telltale Batman - Episode 2: Children of Arkham (part 1)

In game: *police officer kills man in custody*

Michael: You’ll spend life in prison.

Jeremy: The fact is you shot somebody still.

Ryan: I mean, it’s a real shame she’s going to have desk duty for about 3 weeks and then back in the field.


After Class

Pairing: Professor!Bucky x Reader

Summary: AU where Bucky is a professor of English at the university that the reader attends.

Word count: 2000+

Warnings: Sexual tension and contextual use of Sir.

This is a converted version of my Supernatural series: Yes Professor.”

Tagging: @vigorousxangry @younonothingrosie @castiels-forbidden-angel (let me know if you want to be tagged!)

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The Norwegian Tourist Who Fell Asleep On An Airport Baggage Belt

Rome’s Fiumicino Airport security procedures were under fire after a drunk Norwegian tourist fell asleep on a baggage belt and travelled 160 feet before being identified by an X-ray scanner. The unnamed 36-year-old arrived at the international terminal of Italy’s busiest airport in 2012 with a backpack and a can of beer in his hand.

The Norwegian was due to check in for a flight to Oslo. When he found no one on duty at the airline desk, he leapt across the counter and fell into a deep asleep on the baggage belt with his bag beside him. 

As the belt began to move the unsuspecting tourist reportedly travelled for 15 minutes through the secure baggage area in Terminal 3 before officials spotted his body curled up in a fetal position in an X-ray image on their monitors. He slept through the whole episode and airport police had trouble waking him when they were called to the scene to investigate what had happened. (Source)

After Class - Part 3

 After Class Masterlist

Summary: The reader has her first desk duty with Meg and then goes to see Professor Barnes, culminating in a rendezvous of sorts in his office.

Word count: 2750-ish

Warnings: Use of sir. Lots of sexual tension, making out and hints at smut.

A/N: Let me know what you think, or if you’d like to be tagged!

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