Hello everyone This is my second entry for Shallura week! It’s for day three, but my day two picture is taking awhile I probably have a lot to fix on this, but for now I’m calling it done XD;; 

EDIT: I forgot to upload the ‘clean’ version as well I’m too tired lol



*He Tian sees GuanShan talking to a guy he doesn’t know, he gets closer*

He Tian: Hey little Mo~ *puts an arm around Shan’s shoulders* Who’s that?

GuanShan: *angry, tries to free himself * He is an old classmate, from middle school

Old friend: H-hi

He Tian: Hey *scary look* GuanShan’s mine so go make yourself a life, or I’ll end it

GuanShan: !?

Old friend: *scared to death* W-what?

*a girl gets closer*

Girl: Honey sorry I’m late *feels the akward atmosfear* Who are these people?

Old friend: Let’s go! *runs away*

He Tian: …

GuanShan: …

GuanShan: Are you proud of yourself?

He Tian: …yes

Imagine Thor, having taken care of Loki throughout their childhood feels as though it’s his job and duty to protect his brother Loki. He goes as far as protecting him from harm, danger, and instead of fighting against him he fights with him and beside him. He knows that their mother would be proud to see them finally looking out for each other, that’s why Thor feels as it’s his duty to not only service Loki but also make their mother proud. ❤️ 😭


So, it is basically fanon that come senior year Bitty is going to be the captain of SMH. I personally want that for Bitty and if it does happen, I desperately want him to be really good at it. I think he has the ability to do it (he was captain in high school) but I can’t help but feel like he would have to change how highly he prioritizes his relationship with Jack to make that happen. So far in his junior year, his relationship with Jack has negatively impacted his hockey enough that he is willing to admit it, so I don’t think Bitty can keep the status quo and still do right by his team. I’m really conflicted about it, but I personally would want Bitty to buckle down and focus on his responsibility to his team even if that means not seeing Jack as much as he possibly could. I think Jack would be pretty conflicted too. On one hand, he loves Bitty and wants to be with him as much as possible, but on the other, I get the impression that being captain is basically a Sacred Duty to Jack and he would feel guilty about distracting from that. There is some dissonance because Jack’s arc is partly about how there are things that are more important than hockey.  I just want Jack’s heart to swell with pride whenever looks at Bitty and thinks, “My boyfriend, the captain.”  

I don’t know. Maybe this wont even be a conflict. Maybe now that they don’t have to hide their relationship from everyone, Bitty will have enough of a support network to handle being away from Jack more. Maybe Jack will come to Samwell more so Bitty doesn’t have to be away from his team.

The key to winning, as always, was looking as if you had every right, nay, duty to be where you were. It helped if you could also suggest in every line of your body that no one else had any rights to be doing anything, anywhere, whatsoever.
—  Terry Pratchett - Nights Watch

“Integrity, dignity, sense of duty, justice, humanity, honesty, straightness, and good conscience. Are certain qualities really affirmed for their own sake with these well-sounding words, or is it a case of being moved into a certain light in which they acquire value?”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §353 (edited excerpt).