dutty love don omar

So I was tagged by both @platonicharmonics and @afro-elf to put my music on shuffle for 10 songs, and then tag 10 people! (Sorry that I got to this so late, ya’ll-nursing school just started, haha!) Now here we go! 

1.) Four Seasons of Loneliness, by Boyz II Men 

2.) Dutty Love, by Don Omar (Ft. Natti Natasha) 

3.) Runaway, by Cartel 

4.) Formation, by Beyoncé

5.) Yeah, by Kelly Clarkson 

6.) No Hay Igual, by Nelly Furtado 

7.) When We’re All Together, from the Bratz-Genie Magic album 

8.) Pressure, by Paramore 

9.) Dietro Casa, by Ludovico Einaudi 

10.) Forever, by Red 

Aaaaaaaand for the ten people that I tag! @the-omniscient-narrator, @zetsubonna, @indi-flying-with-dragons, @spartanlady16, @unclesteeb, @violadavisisasaint, @redsixwing, @thunderhunk, and @hobbitsaarebas, and @writeroffates