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Things that are going down in Holland

Since Tumblr is being awfully quiet about this drama going on between Nethelands and Turkey, allow me to shine some light on this rediculous happening.

As some of you may know: dutch elections are coming up, that are currently on the same level of chaos as the american last year.

A few days ago, the turkish minister of foreign business (I’m just literal translating don’t know the english word) wanted to speech in Rotterdam about a referendum in Turkey that will give Erdogan more power, a.k.a. become a dictator.
That visit was supossed to be today but parlement (all parties, left and right) decided to say no to this visit because we are in the middle of campaigning for our own shitshow and don’t want another country meddling with the people that have to vote. Also we don’t support this referendum.

Erdogan got pissed, pulled out some sanctions, and called us nazi’s and facists.

He’s done this to Germany as well for not supporting his plan and in my eyes you’re just being a huge manchild.

Tumblr likes punching nazi’s, Tumblr likes freedom of speech, sexuality and gender. (Things Holland likes too, remember gay marriage in 2001, first of the world, ;) )

I’m sort of freaked out about the situation and the silence around it on the internet. Trump is a big deal, but I can tell you that Erdogan is on the same page.

I justed wanted to inform you on this, do with it whatever you want. I don’t really care anymore. *buddies, pals, support the turkish protestor as well please. There are some who are pro-Erdogan but I’ve heard of people from Turkey that agree that this whole thing is getting out of hand. Support them, compliment and praise because that’s how we stay connected and pull ourselves through this!

Newsies walmart headcanons
  • Spot and Race play Marco Polo across the entire store and everyone that works there knows them
  • Crutchie gets lost in the crafts sectionand stays there for while just looking at all the stuff and its potential
  • Jack steals the paint color strip things and buys copious amounts of hair dye that he will never get to use but likes the color
  • Davey has a wallet full of coupons and only has to pay like five dollars when he gets over two hundred dollars worth of stuff 
  • Les buys the entire toy section pretty much or he tries
  • Specs buys a bunch of reading glasses because he likes to have back ups
  • Spot buys bundles of everything oh he needs peanut butter ? better get the extra large bundle pack
  • Race buys board games out the kazoo and always gets a pack of playing cards no matter what hes there for
  • Skittery buys a bunch of hair products and gets those rolling pin things that curl your hair
  • Dutchy buys plants no matter what hes there for he just really likes plants
  • Bumlets gets a bunch of candy and will go there at ungodly hours and stare the employees down if they even start to ask him why
  • Itey will go to the womens section and giggle like a school girl 
  • Swifty stays in the athlets section mostly but has been caught buying ten buckets of ice cream once or twice
  • Finch buys a beta fish every time he goes cause he wants to set them free in a big tank he has 
  • Romeo buys flowers and Hallmark cards in bulk 
Writing Headcanons

@nonstop-laurens and I created some wonderful Newsies writing headcanons cause we literally had nothing else to do.

  • Davey’s is really straight and neat
  • Skittery’s is incredibly messy and scratchy cause he doesn’t give a shit
  • Jack’s is neat enough to where you can read it but can be so messy that it doesn’t look like english
  • Race’s is neat most of the time
  • Dutchy is dyslexic so he doesn’t write much but when he does he tries super hard so it’s shaky
  • Specs is as blind as a bat so his letters are scrawled and over all really bad
  • Blink has really nice cursive and all the boys make fun of him for it cause its “girly”
  • But everyone is secretly really jealous
  • Especially David cause he actually went to school
  • Bumlets misspells nearly everything because Spanish is his first language
  • Everyone lets it slide
  • Itey has weirdly cool slanty handwriting but it’s super neat
  • Mush connects all the letters if possible
  • Crutchie has tried to write but failed
  • Spot writes in all caps
  • Everyone has given up on him
  • Snitch hardly puts any space between his words so it looks like one giant word
  • It pisses everyone off
  • Pie can’t even finish sentences because he gets easily distracted by food
  • Boots is in the same boat with Crutchie
  • Tumbler doesn’t even try
  • Swifty writes so fast you can’t even read it
  • Snoddy writes small
  • Like really small
  • And Kloppman can’t read it and gets annoyed
  • Itey has to help him
  • Les had the stereotypical messy 10 year old writing
  • Sniper’s is super bad and half of the letters are merged together
  • He also makes up words so it makes zero sense

Feel free to add on!


(forgive me if any of these freeze)

Gotta get started on another MAP part, the one I was currently working on has a deadline a month longer than this, so figured it’d be best to switch gears.

Short part anyway and not going too ambitious with the amount of frames or speed compared to the other one.
(I’ve scrapped and redone a few parts of it already regardless, tho, ahaha)

Jyde has become a very fun character! let’s see if coloring him is half as fun