This is Ella. She is the familiar to one of my friends and patrons, Marc . Over the years I spent a fair amount of time with her. Our interactions usually consisted of her coming up to me at some point, sniffing my foot and running off. Though I am not one for close animal engagement, my encounters with Ella were always pleasant as it seemed we had a mutual respect for each other. So I was not unmoved when I learned, from Marc, of Ella’s passing a few days ago. In his email he described a particularly connected moment that reaffirms my feeling of there being a mutual respect between Ella and me.

“After I was living at my mom’s for a bit, I decided to lay out all of the art I had to see what I wanted to hang on the walls of my studio. When I rolled your piece out, Ella rubbed her face all over it and then proceeded to lay down on for about an hour. She was a fan.”

Goodbye… Ella, the black cat (1995-2011)

Commute (Poke Me Full of Holes), 2012     62cm x 91cm acrylic on cork board

An office motif on an office supply for the office. Commute (Poke Me Full of Holes) is part of an ongoing series of office themed pieces painted on cork bulletin boards including I Can’t Be Fired, Slaves Are Sold , (2010) and This Isn’t a Desk. It’s a Landfill, (TBA).

Untitled Page from a Sketchbook (Coffee)  2008 29cm x 21 cm graphite on paper

When I start a new sketchbook (as I am currently) I first review a few of it’s predecessors, to time travel, see if progress has been made/critique, and to scavenge any bits of idea-flesh that may remain overlooked on the carcass. In 2008 I was balls deep in office culture, bored and drank a lot of coffee to cope with the aforementioned circumstances.

Tim Kerr (Second Version), 2010    61cm x 101cm acrylic and charcoal on cardboard

To date I’ve done only a handful of portraits depicting people of renown and only a handful of portraits of folks I know. This piece is one of two in the cross-section. Back in 2010…(click me and I will take you to an explanation). While I was painting the other one I decided it would be very clever of me to make two different pieces in homage to the double volume compilation, Skinny Elvis and Fat Elvis, that one of Tim’s bands, The Big Boys released.

Post-Historic Neo-Craft™, 2008 51cm x 71cm  acrylic on canvas

In the years, even decade, leading up to the current economic conditions I have noticed a strong trend in the return of various pioneer/homestead/artisan types of skills and interests. These interests include knitting, sewing, taxidermy, curing of meats, cheese making etc. Granted a number of these skills, such as fishing and hunting, never fell out of favor with certain folks but many others, after spending years getting bachelors degrees and some masters degrees as well, seem to have chucked it all and returned to the lifestyles of their great-grandparents. This phenomena I call Post-Historic Neo-Craft™. In this painting a Post-Historic Neo-Craft™ woman wears a a modern/victorian throwback sheer gown revealing a modern bra. The collar of the gown is decorated with infinity loops, signifying the return to mankind’s future past. She sits sewing at a very modern (expensive) computerized Bernina™ sewing machine, no doubt making an organic reclaimed hemp Edwardian hoop underskirt.