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Day: 493

Shirt: Justin Van Hoy - Milk And Honey

Color: Off White

Brand: RVCA

Source:  I asked a friend last night if she believed in God or not.  she hesitated and hedged, and said she didn’t know.  I told her i thought it was pretty black and white, either you did or you didn’t.  there isn’t much grey area about it.  We stalled and changed the topic cause it was clear we were at a standstill.  

This morning i flew back from NY, only to land to having a bunch of text messages to me all asking me what happened to our friend Justin Van Hoy. I was still groggy from the ambien i took to sleep the 6 hr flight, but it soon became dreadfully clear that one of the nicest dudes i had ever had the pleasure of being friends with had passed away.  I was for the first time in…ever choked up that someone i knew and liked so much was now missing from my life, shit everyones life.

Wanna know what the kicker is? He beat Leukemia not ONCE but TWICE!!!!

He just finished putting together an amazing book called Milk And Honey that is really very impressive.

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He spent all this time on it, laid it out himself, it was beautiful, and now he will not be around to make another.  maybe this was his legacy , i dunno. to me his smile and his kindness will be his legacy but this book will be something that i can hold and look at to remind me of his legacy.  

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I don’t know what else to say, im’m sorry to be a bummer, but like every band, shirt and artist i have posted up on this blog who was inspiring so was Justin.  He was what i think an example of a wonderful human being is like.  

I used to see him all the time at THIS gallery and we would talk, he always interested me.  I remember one day just thinking to my self, i want to be friends with this guy, he is the kind of person who i want to have as a friend, and i am notorious for telling people i have enough good friends in my life i am not taking on anymore.   Justin was an exception i was more than happy to squeeze in.  

SO i emailed him and said i know this may sound like i am trying to pick up on you but i wanna be friends and hang out, can we do that? he wrote me back the same day and said he felt the same way.  invited me to his office and we must have just talked for 4 hrs went to lunch and had a great day.  

I can’t really write anymore cause it’s making me too sad but my most heartfelt condolences goes out to Justin’s wife and family about their loss, but at the same time i think they should be extremely proud and happy that they unleashed and shared Justin on this world.  

Loosing Justin only proves to me there is no God in this world, otherwise i wouldn’t be writing this post and Justin would still be here. 

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Go buy this book, keep it on your shelf and share it with everyone you know. 

you will be missed Justin..