I just a thought maybe Burners need a kind of racing girl or something.
I forget that thinking later, and I going to Motorcity wiki and find this.

'[Full of gung-ho spirit and fierce determination, Texas is the ultimate Burner cheerleader…] - At Texas’s page’

"Oh cheerleader, huh? (‘▼’)" …and there it is. lol
And this is my first pic I drew all of burners kids.
(…Eh, they are kid’s. Right? ‘x’)a …)

쟤네들이 teenager라니 믿기 힘들어…
(translation: I can’t believe they are teenager…)

Look what you’re doing Tumblr, making everyone draw sad things.

I got a prompt that said “What if Dutch didn’t survive?” (in The Duke of Detroit episode).

Texas and Roth would go out and paint on walls and whatnot in Dutch’s memory. They may not be very good at it (not sure of the extent of Roth’s AI either), but it’s the thought that counts and how they keep Dutch’s legacy alive. (dragons with laser beams included)

Mike will continue to cry in a corner.