Live Free Illustrations: Best of Toasty

(Best of Splickedy)

@splickedylit and I have been working on this fic since October 2015 and illustrating every chapter, so I thought I’d compile my favorite illustrations I’ve done!  This story has been a real journey in terms of both art and writing.  I’ve learned a lot about just diving right into backgrounds, for one thing, although they wouldn’t have been possible without ref from this gorgeously designed show!

The Burners and the stereotypes they break.

Mike Chilton

  • A tragic past makes a brooding loner. (He is a positive, outgoing person who sees his teammates as family.)
  • The leader is always an uptight stick in the mud. (Mike is the exact opposite of this.)


  • The white guy is always the hero. (Chuck would rather avoid that kind of danger.)
  • Too afraid to participate. (Even though it terrifies him, he always rides shotgun with Mike.)

Julie Kane

  • Only girl on the team = pink everything. (Her car is YELLOW.)
  • People with connections to the enemy are morally ambiguous. (Julie has made it clear that she doesn’t support what her father does.)
  • “My parents are evil, therefore, I hate them. (Julie cares about her dad and wants to believe he can change.)
  • Two female characters have to be rivals for a man’s attention. (Julie and her friend Claire pass the bechdel test every time they’re on screen together.)

Dutch Gordy

  • The black guy dies first. (There is an entire episode dedicated to breaking this one.)
  • Only there to check off the diversity box. (Dutch is the only character on the show who comes close to having a full backstory.)


  • Strong = big. (Except for Julie, Texas is the shortest one on the team.)
  • Guys don’t like girls who are stronger than them. (Texas is attracted to powerful women.)
  • The dumb jock. (You need a functioning brain to come up with the kind of ideas Texas has.)
  • Asian = martial arts master. (He usually just shoots his attacker.)

Burners in general

  • The end justifies the means. (They refuse to let stopping Kane justify hurting innocent people.)

Live Free, Chapter 13: Fight to the Death!!  Mike vs. Motorcity!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: What will happen now that Mike’s broken the implant? Will Julie make up with her friends? What is Kane’s final plan? IS EVERYONE GOING TO DIE?! Hold your ponies, lady-girls.  We’re gettin’ to the tasty bits.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat

mid-childan-puella-magi  asked:

Julie's magic tattoos look nice! How do they work?

Chuck and Julie are the kind of super-prepared, careful mages who go the full mile and get their most important spells tattooed/scarred into their skin (the hands/arms are traditional and convenient, so they’re usually the first place to get scarred.  

Julie has illusion spells immediately ready to pre-cast, in case she might need them.  Chuck was instated as king during a very dangerous, war-torn time, and he has the magical equivalent of his slingshot scarred into his arms because even now that things are peaceful there are still people who want him off the throne and are very willing to aggressively make that happen.

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:

So if Texas has the stone that grants fire breathing, what do the other three stones do? They have to relate to an ability dragons can do right? I’m guessing Julie’s gives her either a magic boost or grants her illusion magic, but Chuck’s and Dutch’s are still up in the air. (Any hints or is it still a work in progress?)

x-i-l-verify said to livelivefastfree:

So besides Rayon (poor guy), who are the other dragons the Duke has locked away? Are all the leaders of the other car gangs in Motorcity dragons in this AU, perhaps?

Well as for the other gang leaders/the Duke’s prisoners:

Hit the nail on the head!  (fwiw the gemstone names were come up with by humans, the dragons don’t really make the color distinction amongst themselves)  Re: the other Burners,

As previously mentioned, Julie’s illusions are actually a pre-made spell and don’t need dragon powers to use, so hers actually gives her scrying/visions and insight through illusions.  Dragon eyes, haha.  Texas’s is pretty straightforward, as is Dutch’s.

Chuck’s is….

……..a mystery.  >:3c

I drew Mike having that one when he was a kid but I am retconning the SHIT out of that haha I just realized I could have him make another one in the story and there’s NO way I’m passing that up


Live Free, Chapter 14: The Trial Of Mike Chilton!! What’s The Verdict, Motorcity?!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: Hello Motorcity!  We’re broadcasting from the Cablers’ Settlement, where we’ve set up court on neutral ground to review the case of Mike Chilton vs. the people.   We’re leaving the final decision in your hands.  Mike Chilton; innocent, or guilty?

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat

anonymous asked:

FINISH IT OFF. Dutch+Julie!


Okay but dude please imagine how epic their dance would be?!  Lindy Hop+hardcore ballet, my dude, WOW.  I…..my art can’t do that justice, ahhhh @o@

Let’s see, Julie+Dutch…….well for one thing, they’re a great buddy, and very loyal and a whiz at coming up with ridiculous, meticulous and surprisingly-functional plans.  They have a creative flair for thinking outside the box, but they’re also more cautious and fact-oriented than Texas’s craziness–so their plans are unexpected and kind of ridiculous, but with fall-backs upon back-ups upon fail-safes.


They’re also powerfully nostalgic and passionate about Deluxe in a way no other Burner fusion quite manages.  If Dutch every thought about it, he would probably assume that the powerful feelings of protectiveness and family love their fusion feels toward Deluxe is because of his family–Julie obviously wouldn’t argue, but there’s definitely more to it than that.

Their weapon transforms, the same way Dutch’s omnitool does, and is mostly solid-light projection like Julie’s–and all of their options are roundabout or unconventional.  Julie’s boomerang, Dutch’s bolo, hard-light whips,or plasma bolts that bounce off hard surfaces a few times before exploding.  Unpredictability is the best weapon in their arsenal!

Their hair is also completely natural, no dye involved, to their immense delight when they fused for the first time.  


*whispers burner-swapssssss* (I still have 0 ideas what I think Red looks like so I took some of my fav. headcanons that I’ve seen around and made something up. TuT) (Jacob stays on their side to balance numbers and because I wanted his dynamic with Abraham!)

Where Deluxe is a peaceful and orderly (but not too orderly) city in the sunshine and Motorcity is all but owned by a Ms. Kane whose belief in complete personal freedom extends to crushing any attempts at establishing a police force or any form of enforced order.  If anybody signs on with Kane Co., protecting them becomes her personal interest and any slight or injury toward them will be severely punished—in extreme cases, by Kane Co.’s continuously-smiling right hand man or the highly experimental bots turned out by her one-man R&D department.

Actually I have so many thoughts and a lot more drawings so I’m gonna do a readmore, hold up.

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Live Free, Chapter 15: The Beginning of the End! Will You Stand and Fight?!

On Ao3

Chapter Summary: The verdict is found, and everything gets almost immediately worse. A surprise guest gives the people of Motorcity a little inspirational push.

Art and writing by @splickedylit and @toastyhat