Willem Claesz Heda. 1594-1680. Haarlem. La Tourte au cassis. La Tourte with blackcurrant. 1641. Strasbourg. Palais des Rohan.

Willem Claeszoon Heda (December 14, 1593/1594 – c. 1680/1682) was a Dutch Golden Age artist from the city of Haarlem devoted exclusively to the painting of still lifes. He is known for his innovation of the late breakfast genre of still life painting.

Abraham Hendricksz. van Beyeren, Still Life (detail), 1640-1680

“Seventeenth-century Dutch still lifes show a frequent, recurring motif. A suitably ornate table is heavily laden with flowers, Venetian glass, porcelain… plus an abundance of fruit. In the foreground of the composition, the artist often places a sample of prowess. This feat of transcendental technical virtuosity is a peeled lemon, with the spiraling peel still attached to the unclad fruit, showing the delicate finery on the surface of the lemon and the lace like lineaments of pith, in a regular geometric array, on the surface of the segments within… There is a plethora of such paintings.” (1)

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