I just want a cute girlfriend who i can cuddle with, have lazy weekends with, go on random adventures with, who i can tickle beceause she has the cutest laugh and smile in the world, who i can kiss whenever i want and who i can show of to everyone beceause she’s perfect to me and i love her so much.

Let me love someone!

Jurassic World, Here We Come!

The Quagga is an extinct species of zebra that lived in South Africa.  Thirty two years ago today on June 4, 1984 scientists were able to clone the DNA sequence of the quagga.  The name comes from the sound the quagga makes when startled or scared, an onomatopoeic name transliterated from the bark made by the quagga by the Dutch as kwahaah or cuacha, rendered now as quagga.  South Africans pronounce it  KWAH-ha, and this is considered the correct pronounciation in English and other languages.  

Image of a quagga in the London Regent’s Park Zoo, 1870, by Frederick York.  


Elke week wil ik een sex party gaan organiseren.

Daar heb ik natuurlijk mensen voor nodig.
Als je geïntreseerd bent stuur mij een berichtje.

Ik ben van plan verschillende soorten feestjes te geven.


Pee sex.

En nog meer.

Ook zijn ze te combineren natuurlijk zoals:
SM Gangbang of BDSM Gangbang.

Hiervoor huur ik hotelkamers.
Natuurlijk 18+

Als je mij een berichtje stuurt stuur je kik. Zodat ik je kan toevoegen aan de feestjes waar jij intresse in hebt.

Graag zoveel mogelijk proberen te rebloggen. Zodat het netwerk groter word.

Als je nog vragen heb kan je die natuurlijk altijd stellen.


Workshop of Karel van Mander II | Dutch | 1579-1623

creation date about 1640

materials wool and silk plain weave with wool warp tapestry

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Tobias and the Angel Curing Tobit of Blindness

Simon Hendricksz. van Amersfoort, Dutch or Flemish, Dates unknown
oil on panel

Birmingham Museum of Art

Dutch Uncle is a term for a person who issues frank, harsh, and severe comments and criticism to educate, encourage, or admonish someone. Thus, a “Dutch uncle” is a person who is rather the reverse of what is normally thought of as avuncular or uncle-like (which would be indulgent and permissive).

During the Anglo-Dutch Wars between England and the Netherlands in the 17th century, the English language gained an array of insults (including “Dutch uncle”), such as:

  • “Dutch courage”: Booze-induced bravery
  • “Double Dutch”: Incomprehensible; nonsense
  • “Dutch Comfort”: Saying that “Things could be worse!”
  • “Dutch metal” or “Dutch gold”: Cheap alloy resembling gold
  • “Dutch treat”: Social date where the invitee pays for him/herself
  • “Dutch concert”: Noise and uproar, as from a drunken crowd
  • “Dutch wife”: Prostitute; sex doll
  • “Dutch nightingale”: A frog

etc. etc…

These terms also gained prominence in 17th century New England — during their rivalry with New Holland, which was captured (and later recaptured by the Dutch) during the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

These colorful (though now incongruous) phrases became part of English usage worldwide, and some are still in use.

- From the Wikipedia Page  for “Dutch Uncle.”

Ok i'm lonely so please

I’m really insecure and i meen it when i say i think i will end up alone. (Even tho i get lots of compliments wich i really apreciate! So lovely) please send me a message in my ask box or private if you’d date me!? Please. Like i really kind of need that confirmation or something right now the loneliness is getting so real…. Ok bye