“Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. These two Church Amish women are engaged in quilting. Quilting bees are popular in this area. Notice the illuminated family record on the wall.“ 3/20/1941

Rusinow, Irving, Photographer . Series: Photographic Prints Documenting Programs and Activities of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics and Predecessor Agencies, ca. 1922 - ca. 1947. Record Group 83: Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1876 - 1959 

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Beginning in 2010, Australian photographer Bill Gekas creates elaborate portraits of his five-year old daughter that are inspired by classic paintings.

Cameras: Pentax K-5 - Pentax K-5 II / Pentax 645D / Pentax K-7

Dutch Polder Map, 1750. The peat mounds visible on this map are still maintained by the Delfland Water Board.

From The Oxford Map Companion: One Hundred Sources in World History by Professor Patricia Seed, which illustrates how peoples and cultures throughout the human past have imagined their worlds through a diverse collection of historical maps from the Paleolithic to the present.