dutch angel dragon


Full House - Dutch angel dragons

My dutchies made their con debut at fur-eh!
This group of suits was part of a contest I ran last year.  I loved the simple color scheme and the clean designs.
This group was designed by nibolette and made by me

Corresponding suits and names:
Hearts - Rummy
Spades - Spades
Diamonds - Solitaire
Clubs - Blackjack


Happy Telephone Tuesday, everyone! :3 

Today, we’re learning about how angel dragons react to music!


*~ Q the Dutch Angel Dragon ~* 
I think this has been one of my favourite suits to make so far! <3 He’s a digitigrade fullsuit based on a golden pheasant, all his feathers are sewn on by hand, and all the markings in his yellow parts & all his tail & wing spots are hand-sewn as well! He features a special imported fur (the patterned seal) as well!
He’ll be shipping out tomorrow to debut at Megaplex!

o 3D Eyes (Which will have eyelids!)
o Plush Neck
o Freshly-Redesigned Plush Chibi Wings
o Plush Teeth, Spikes & Horns
o Plush Feathers

Additional Shots: http://imgur.com/a/laGjz

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A gift for Ino, the creator of Telephone and the Dutch Angel Dragon species, and for Michelle, owner of Voodoo and Monstercat Creations, for bringing Jyde to life.

Jyde finally meets Telephone - but the encounter is less than dramatic.

Song is Beatophone (club mix) from Caravan Palace