dutch vodka

monkey-tennis  asked:

Ok so seen as you're still taking requests, how about when they're working their way up to teh sex and they both take a swig of vodka for Dutch courage? Honestly I just found it so sweet that they were both so nervous. My precious babies! I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING THESE GIFS 💕💕💕💕

I love you for indulging and orienting me w/ requests! You are the one doing me a favor here and OF COURSE THE VODKA MOMENT IS A MUST!


My faithful followers, you must all know I’m a lush by now, which means you must all trust me to know what’s best for us when it comes to vodka.  Van Gogh vodka is IT.  The pinnacle of perfection in the world of flavored vodkas.  I first had it back in 2007 at Chicago’s most awesome vodka bar/teahouse/russian restaurant (Russian Tea Time for those of you stuck in Chicago) and was instantly hooked.  Oddly it’s easier to find in all its various flavors in the US than it is in The Netherlands, but slowly slowly liquor stores here are starting to carry some flavors.  I don’t know what they do to flavor their vodka but this is the smoothest, most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted; the chocolate tastes like drinking chocolate, caramel like caramel, the double espresso would SERIOUSLY almost fool me into thinking I’m drinking coffee…..A couple breakups and apartments ago VonLivid and I sat around cheering one another up and the houseboy made us chocolatinis, one part Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate and one part Van Gogh Double espresso.  She loved it and asked what was in it…..so he told her what I put in my chocolatinis.  She kept screaming, “That’s just ALCOHOL?” over and over for about 5 minutes.  And 3 drinks later we were asleep.  They’ve recently come out with a Dutch dark chocolate flavor that absolutely blows my mind.  So yes, I can’t always afford this, but it’s a delectable treat and passes the “my blood doesn’t hurt in the morning” test.  Except that time when my cousin came to visit my husband and I and we put away 3 bottles in one night.  But I think we had wine before that too.  Anyway, less than 3 bottles won’t make your blood hurt.