dutch triangle of love

So I just finished watching the first season of Killjoys and I just want to say that it is absolutely amazing. 

Why you should watch it?

-strong female protagonist (Dutch is seriously badass)
-strong female characters in general
-amazing platonic relationship (Dutch and Johnny are by brotp)
-awesome world development (they’re in the Quad with a mini planet and its moons)
-awesome character development
-poc protagonist
-a guy with PTSD and they treat it as a real issue (they call it battle brain)
-adorable brothers
-an AI picking favourites (because everyone should love Johnny)
-NO LOVE TRIANGLES (best thing ever, other than Dutch and Johnny’s friendship, but that’s why there is no love triangle sooo…)

There are so many reasons to watch this show. I really suggest it. And if anyone wants to freak out with me about Dutch and Johnny, feel free, I am more than willing to fangirl about this show.