dutch triangle of love

So I just finished watching the first season of Killjoys and I just want to say that it is absolutely amazing. 

Why you should watch it?

-strong female protagonist (Dutch is seriously badass)
-strong female characters in general
-amazing platonic relationship (Dutch and Johnny are by brotp)
-awesome world development (they’re in the Quad with a mini planet and its moons)
-awesome character development
-poc protagonist
-a guy with PTSD and they treat it as a real issue (they call it battle brain)
-adorable brothers
-an AI picking favourites (because everyone should love Johnny)
-NO LOVE TRIANGLES (best thing ever, other than Dutch and Johnny’s friendship, but that’s why there is no love triangle sooo…)

There are so many reasons to watch this show. I really suggest it. And if anyone wants to freak out with me about Dutch and Johnny, feel free, I am more than willing to fangirl about this show.

I Fucking Love Killjoys

you know why?  Because they never do what you expect.  I mean you got Dutch, Johnny, and Davin.  You think oh great another fucking love triangle, but nope.  Dutch and Johnny are platonic life partners.  Dutch and Davin hook up and flirt a little, but it is no where near a main plot point.  Johnny and Pawter are a main plot point.  And when Pawter dies (still upset/ in denial about this) and Johnny leaves for months he gets no new love interest and is still broken by Pawter’s death.

And this is just a couple of over arc things.  Every episode takes a common trope and does the unexpected.