dutch travel writing

ID #49326

Name: Ellie
Age: 26
Country: France

Hey everyone ! I’ve always loved sharing with people from all over the world. And I love writing long letters, it’s such a beautiful, caring form of communication where you can really take the time to learn to know another’s mind and your own (I’m broke though and email is also very fine :) So that’s why I applied.
I am a masters student in conflict resolution, with a focus on democratization and public outreach/involvement. (I tend to ramble about politics)
I am half-dutch, half-french . I also study Chinese (at a very low level) and I love learning new languages in general, especially flowery swearwords. I love traveling, nature, stories in all forms, books, movies, short films, series, from the trashy to the pretentious. I would also love to do little craft exchanges. Or writing prompts. I have been working on my own urban fantasy novel since I was fourteen and uh, I have a bit of an issue with finishing things. I also have ADHD so long rambles are kind of my thing.
Stuff I love : Harry Potter, ATLA/LOK, American Gods, SKAM, TRC, Black Sails, queer history, Wicked and the Divine, les Mis, B99, Buffy, etc

Preferences: 20+, LGBTQ friendly (I’m bi myself)