dutch trance


Have two hours of Dutch house music by Armin Van Buuren


I saw that gif set going around titled “animals enjoying a bath” and it had the Dutch bun in it tranced and going into shock. Just a psa if you flip a rabbit on it’s back it will be tranced, meaning it’s so scared it won’t be able to move and can have a heart attack( yes domestic buns can die of heart attacks) this should ONLY be done for very short durations and in a specific way so the rabbit doesn’t break it’s back from kicking AND FOR A PURPOSE (ie. nail trimming or scent gland cleaning) by someone who knows what they are doing. ALSO DONT BATHE YOUR RABBITS, that will also potentially put them into shock and probably result in death (even if you have “done it before” there is always a potential for shock or the stress from the bath putting them into stasis) because of the temperature difference and potential for burns ( their skin is really delicate). They almost never need to be bathed and keep themselves very clean. If they need help cleaning themselves unscented baby wipes will work or a warm damp wash cloth. Look at the house rabbit society website for more information, they are the best resource for rabbits.