dutch trailer

Hello Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes fandom :D Some of you have been asking me 1) do I have a link to a high-quality file for Carol and 2) how I manage to make my gifs look hq. 

  1. Unfortunately, I do not have a link to a higher-quality version of the entire film (compared to the quality of the dvdscreener that was leaked last month).
  2. My gifs (most of them, save for a few) are high-quality. That is, I make gifs from 720p videos I find on Youtube (there are lots of Youtube video download websites out there…).

So, here’s a compilation of most of the videos (I didn’t save all of them) that contain the content that you have seen featured on my blog in the form of gifs. None of these clips are originally mine; a lot of them come from “official” YouTube channels so…yeah.
I have organized the videos in the simplest way possible (to me, at least lol); hopefully you find it easy to navigate through :D Let’s get started!

Trailers/TV Spots // I have included trailers from different countries as well; while a lot of them have hard-coded subtitles, they do sometimes have different cuts (longer/shorter; text/no text [i.e. rave reviews]) and some of them show scenes not shown in the film or in the US Trailers. Keep in mind that these show a lot of the same content; for this reason you may just want to skip going through these.

Movie Scenes/Clips // Again, some of these are dubbed in their respective foreign languages. Worry not– you can check the screenplay for dialogue. And another thing: many of these scenes/clips are extensions of another [ex. “Strange Girl” and “Sundays”] or just the same scene under different titles. I’ll try to keep them in the same clusters; however, they are not in chronological order.

Featurettes/Interview Specials // These are interview segments mixed with film clips. A lot of my gifs come from these videos.

So there you have it :D All (or most of them) should be available in 720p.
And remember that this post isn’t exhaustive because I did not save all of the videos I used into a playlist :// Also, please tell me if a link doesn’t work! Most importantly: have fun while making your gifs/edits or just have fun crying over how amazing Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes is. ‘Cos I do that.