dutch soap opera

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have you ever visited america and if so what did you think? you seem so influenced by american pop culture, i'm really curious how you feel about it if you've been there before.

I have not, the pop culture thing is probably because I’m from a small country where lots of people understand english, and a lot of english language pop culture spreads easily to other countries. Especially western ones. It’s a shitload of USA blockbusters vs like a handful of mediocre dutch movies in cinemas, big budget HBO shows and all that versus a cheap dutch soap opera or reality tv and game shows, food chains spread all over the world, the globalization of big brands in general etc. not to mention how easy it is on the internet where big websites are pretty americanized. Pop culture is just becoming this mash of english language stuff and whatever is going on in your own country. Also I don’t really talk about dutch stuff on here because the majority of you wouldn’t know wtf I was talking about probably lmao.

I’m going to america at the end of this month tho, just to spread my bad influence