dutch presentator

I have two exams today, one is about English literature the other one is a presentation for Dutch classes in which you have to convince people of a certain statement. I’m so bloody nervous for the presentation that I’m very close to panicking and crying ._.

“Santa Claus (Leading Aircraftman Fred Fazan from London) hands out presents to Dutch children at Volkel, 13 December 1944.

This is Hawker Tempest Mk.V W2-A (NV700) based at B.70 Volkel Air Base near Uden, Netherlands. (possibly flown by Wing Commander Evan Mackie (DSO, DFC)

Members of No 122 Wing had saved their sweet ration for weeks, and contributed enough money to give the children their first proper Christmas party. It was noted by the photographer that this year Santa was afraid of Messerschmitts, so he decided to come by RAF Tempest!”

Photo source - IWM CL 1729
Royal Air Force official photographer
Clark N S (P/O)

Colorised by Benoit Vienne from France.
via World War Colorisation on FB


LIST OF ROMANOV RULERS: #3 - Tsar Feodor III of Russia (9 June 1661 - 7 May 1682)

“The tsar was consecrated last Sunday according to the manners and customs of this country. The people and the courtiers were all superbly turned out, dressed in cloth of gold and silver; a number of them had their coats and tall hats very richly embroidered, decked with a quantity of pearls. Prince Mikhail Dolgoruky threw liberal handfuls of gold and silver pieces to the people. There was present a teeming mass of people of all sorts, shouting at the tops of their voices, wishing the prince all kinds of prosperity. However certain of them, over eager to gather up the money, were trampled under foot.” - Van Zeller, a Dutch statesman present at the coronation of Feodor III

A Moor Presenting a Parrot to a Lady (c.1660-70). Nicolaes Berchem (Dutch, 1620-1683). Oil on canvas. Wadsworth Atheneum.

This elaborate painting reflects the Dutch interpretation of Mediterranean life and leisure. An elegantly dressed lady is being courted by an African “Moor.” The exact meaning of this encounter remains ambiguous. It may be an allegory of love and desire, represented by the statue of Venus and Cupid, or an illustration of the five senses.