dutch map


(forgive me if any of these freeze)

Gotta get started on another MAP part, the one I was currently working on has a deadline a month longer than this, so figured it’d be best to switch gears.

Short part anyway and not going too ambitious with the amount of frames or speed compared to the other one.
(I’ve scrapped and redone a few parts of it already regardless, tho, ahaha)

Jyde has become a very fun character! let’s see if coloring him is half as fun

Map of the Molluca Islands by Dutch Cartographer Wilem Blaeu, 1630.

The Mollucas (called Maluku in modern-day Indonesia) were the center of control for the Dutch East India Company and the greatest sources of spices sent back to Europe in the seventeenth century. Spices like nutmeg and pepper were so valuable in Europe that a series of wars convulsed the entire region as the British and French attempted to wrest control of the so-called “Spice Islands” from the Dutch.  Eventually, the other European powers were able to break the Dutch monopoly by subterfuge.  Both the British and the French organized schemes to smuggle seeds out of the Moluccas and to their own territories.

Jan Goeree, Voor-bereidselen tot de bybelsche wysheid, en gebruik der Heilige en kerklijke historien, Amsterdam, 1690.