dutch map

Romeyn de Hooghe - Nova totius terrarium orbis

between circa 1675 and circa 1710


Amsterdams Historisch Museum


Ice: Talk with friends and meet other nations, I guess…

Ice: And I won’t choose! Dan won’t either!

Bonus: also drew Denmark’s Great Northern War uniform here lol Position First Line Right Wing Dragoon [I think]


((Hong Kong during 1700s: By the end of 1699 it was a wasteland and then by 1711 it was governed by the Xin’an County and it was one of Imperial China’s military forefront. Only in 1800s that HongKong got his name officially on documents.

Australia during 1700s: during the 1600s a dutch explorer mapped the land & called it “New Holland” and around 1700s a british explorer called it “New South Wales” for GB.

Welp. Just researched all this shit. Sorry for mistakes.))

TOURISM in Germany

In 2012, Germany was the 7th-most visited country in the world with 407.26 million overnight stays. This included 68.83 mio nights by foreign visitors, the majority of whom came from the Netherlands, the USA, and Switzerland. More than 30% of Germans spent parts or all of their holiday in their own country. According to Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports, Germany is rated as one of the safest travel destinations in the world. The German National Tourist Board, represented worldwide by offices in 29 countries, surveyed perceptions and reasons for holidaying in Germany, which are as follows: 

culture (75%), outdoors/countryside (59%), cities (59%), cleanliness (47%), security (41%), modernity (36%), good hotels (35%), good gastronomy/cuisine (34%), good accessibility (30%), cosmopolitanism/hospitality (27%), good shopping opportunities (21%), exciting nightlife (17%), and good price/performance ratio (10%) (multiple answers were possible). 

Domestic and international travel and tourism combined contribute over EUR 43.2 billion to the German GDP. Including indirect and induced impacts, the travel industry contributes 4.5% to the German GDP and supports 2 million jobs - that’s about 5% of total employment. 

A list of German UNESCO World Heritage Sites here.