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So I went to my local bookstore and look what I found guys!  An Dutch Anime Magazine and it had Yuri!!! on Ice in it!

First here is the cover it has Yurio, Yuuri and Viktor on it! Also the “YURI!!! ON ICE MAAKT GESCHIEDENIS” translates to “YURI!!! ON ICE MAKES HISTORY” nice pun on the whole opening song! X3

When you open it up you see “Sexy Katsudon” XD

Then when you flick a few pages further there is two pages full of Yuri!!! on Ice content it’s basically explaining in Dutch what the anime is about. 

And lastly there is a sexy poster of the whole cast~ 

So yeah that’s pretty much there is all to see about Yuri!!! on Ice in this Dutch anime magazine XD I really wanted to share this with you all guys!

A Gender Discussion Pt 3

I read most of the Boys By Girls interview today, and I say most because the right half of the last page was almost entirely cut off. I will be analyzing that, but not until I can actually read the whole thing.

The main thing, it’s almost exclusively about gender, and probably the closest we are going to get to CS coming out as genderfluid and sexually fluid for the foreseeable future.

Much of the article delves into how being in the industry and playing Cody really fucked with CS’ views on himself and where he falls into masculinity. And it reminded me of an interview he and Dylan did on Live with Regis and Kelly back in 2005, right before Suite Life aired.

2:53 - CS looks like he wants to say something. Dylan kind of took point, but CS really wants to say something, and he seems super nervous about it. He’s rubbing his hands together, biting his lip and looking down a lot.

3:05 - After he let Dylan talk for a few seconds, he just couldn’t hold it in anymore “I dress in drag” he practically explodes. And he looks so proud of himself once he says it. It’s clearly something REALLY important to him.

3:10 - Kelly looks shocked and slightly horrified and CS responds loudly with “Yeah!” which is the kid equivalent to “shut the hell up with your views on who I should be”

CS keeps talking “it was quite…” and Dylan cuts him off by saying “it was quite funny” CS clearly did not find humor in it at all, but Dylan seems pretty protective and knows whatever CS is going to say will get him in a lot of trouble. He says it anyway.

3:11 - Over Dylan trying to make it a joke you can hear CS say “It was quite _____ wearing high heels”

3:16 - Then Kelly decides that now is a great time to teach a boy who is questioning his gender and sexuality that it’s wrong to dress in drag as you get older. CS responds with “well, at least it’s in Hollywood.” This kid is 11 and not only already understands that breaking gender norms is a problem, but also doesn’t seem to care.

3:17 - Dylan glares at him. I think at the time, since CS was much more in tune with who he was, Dylan played the big brother role, making sure CS didn’t say anything that would get him in trouble. And it’s sad, over the next few years, CS completely lost himself and started playing into the masculine identity that was being pushed on him. Including the power play part, which is why, when I went to their signing for R.O.N.I.N 47, CS did a douche nod and said “whatever” when I complimented him on Suite Life.

3:22 - Kelly says drag almost ruined someone’s career she knows (I couldn’t hear the name) and CS just looks down dejected and sighs

3:23 - Dylan got the memo, joking about this isn’t working, so he says “well, we work in Hollywood, so I guess we can pull that off, can’t we?” And CS just beams at him.

CS knew who he was AT ELEVEN. And then Disney, being what is was back then, shoved him so far into the closet that he forgot he was there in the first place.

I’d really love to hear him talk about Andi Mack. How he feels watching Joshua Rush get to do what he never could.

Since he got into photography, CS has also found different ways to involve himself in the queer community without screaming his own identities from the rooftop, I mean, as Kelly said, those who do drag lose their jobs.

Most of his models are queer.

We have Dagsen

- Interview with verygoodlight.com

Rain Dove

- Interview with afterellen.com

Aus Wang

Just to name a few.

He also has many gender neutral/ feminine articles of clothing. Some he’s used only in shoots while others he wears in his daily life. I am absolute crap at finding clothing matches, but these are the three I did find.

In his Last Magazine shoot last year, he wore sailor pants, which he has worn on many other occasions both as a model and just on set. I couldn’t find the exact match, but

His, at least from this shoot, seem to have a bit harder fabric, but this very well may be the brand he owns himself as seen in the frozen gif on the right

We also have the Beer sweater from the same shoot. Here, just in general, he looks really feminine.

And then we have the Dutch army jacket, which, while unisex, the merchant specifically says can be worn as a dress if you are short enough.

Finally, since Suite Life, he recently brought up doing drag again at the Paleyfest Panel back in April

10:45 - The question, which is pretty fantastic, I might add, is “Is there a character besides Jughead that you identify more personally than your own”

10:51 - You hear Madchen “whisper” Alice Cooper, which, isn’t the BIGGEST compliment on the planet, though she does care, no matter how poorly she shows it.

(There is so much more here than I am going to talk about, like that Mads says “I thought you were going to say, Mrs. Grundy,” solidifying yet again that he’s with KJ, but we’ll get to this video in another analysis)

12:04 - I don’t know WHY Madchen decided this is the moment to talk about CS doing drag, but she literally has been thinking about it for at least a minute. “What he’s not admitting is, I find CS dressing in Alice Cooper clothes all the time, it’s okay”

12:13 - And yes, CS’ response of “what I’m not admitting is that I know that you’re there” is obviously a joke, but given how everyone, including Madchen, loses it with that one, it doesn’t seem like the first part was, not to mention everything I’ve talked about in this post up to this point

At the Comic-Con 2017 Entertainment Bash red carpet, CS says at 0:47 “I’m trying to watch my girlish figure.” As these add up, and certainly after reading the Boys by Girls interview, this isn’t something he says as a joke.

At a party at Dillon Moore, his best friend since childhood’s house, he is seen wearing stripper/ drag heels.

These videos were on accounts of people who aren’t famous, so it’s not like they were meant for fans to laugh at. He tried on heels, he couldn’t walk in them, they were too tall, that was the funny part. Not that he was wearing them at all.

Femininity is a big part of who he is. And the more people seem to act like it’s a joke, the more he seems brazen enough to tackle the subject head-on.  

I can’t wait to share my analysis of the Boys By Girls interview with you.


Heteronormativity’s Nightmare