dutch hits

max just told dutch reporters that hitting his teammate was the last thing that he wanted to happen and apologised to daniel. the reporter asked about the penalty that was given and he said “well, i did take someone out.” “but don’t you think that the 10 second penalty a bit much?” “that’s not up to me.”

good lad 👏🏼

Paying in Germans

Germany: “So… how do you call my language again?”
Netherlands: “Duits.”
Germany: “Mhm. And how did you call your coin again?”
Netherlands: “A Duit.”
Germany: “Right. And how do you make your words plural?”
Netherlands: “By adding -s or -en.”
Germany: “…”
Netherlands: “…”
Germany: “…are you implying you’re paying people in Germans?

J.L.M. Lauweriks, Quadratuuralfabet, Alphabet, 1900. NAI Collection. Source flickr

As a theorist and an artist, Lauweriks exerted great influence on early 20th-century movements such as the Amsterdam School, De Stijl and the Bauhaus. He was also a key propagator of proportion theory and system thinking. Het Nieuwe Instituut

oxer in the jump off during the classic! We went clear but in the jump off we had 1 time fault because i forgot where i was going after this jump so i didn’t gallop to the 3rd jump wasting time trying to remember what my next jump was lol.