dutch hits

Paying in Germans

Germany: “So… how do you call my language again?”
Netherlands: “Duits.”
Germany: “Mhm. And how did you call your coin again?”
Netherlands: “A Duit.”
Germany: “Right. And how do you make your words plural?”
Netherlands: “By adding -s or -en.”
Germany: “…”
Netherlands: “…”
Germany: “…are you implying you’re paying people in Germans?

J.L.M. Lauweriks, Quadratuuralfabet, Alphabet, 1900. NAI Collection. Source flickr

As a theorist and an artist, Lauweriks exerted great influence on early 20th-century movements such as the Amsterdam School, De Stijl and the Bauhaus. He was also a key propagator of proportion theory and system thinking. Het Nieuwe Instituut

oxer in the jump off during the classic! We went clear but in the jump off we had 1 time fault because i forgot where i was going after this jump so i didn’t gallop to the 3rd jump wasting time trying to remember what my next jump was lol.