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May 23 in Music History

1644 Birth of composer Thomas Eisenhut.

1696 Birth of composer Johann Caspar Vogler.

1741 Birth of composer Andrea Lucchesi.

1753 Birth of tenor Etienne Lainez in Vaugirard.

1756 Birth of composer Nicolas-Joseph Hullmandel.

1759 Birth of composer Antonio da Silva Leite.

1794 Birth of Czech composer and pianist Ignaz Moscheles in Prague. 

1814 FP of Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio in its present form at the Kärntnertor Theater in Vienna. 

1825 FP of Spontini’s “Alcidor” Berlin.

1826 FP in USAmerica of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni sung in Italian by the Garcia family with Mozart’s librettist Lorenzo da Ponte attending at Park Theater in NYC. 

1831 Birth of American composer William Oscar Perkins in Stockbridge, VT.

1850 FP of Hernando’s “Bertoldo y Comparsa” zarzuela, Madrid.

1851 Birth of composer Antoni Stolpe.

1864 Birth of Danish composer Louis Glass, in Frederiksberg. 

1871 Birth of Norwegian composer Sigurd Lie.

1878 Birth of French music critic Emile Vuillermoz.

1879 Birth of English pianist Harold Samuel.

1887 Death of tenor Gaetano Fraschini.

1894 Birth of German baritone Heinrich Rehkemper.

1895 Birth of baritone Josef Krikava in Rakovnik. 

1895 FP of Houseley’s “The Juggler” light opera, Denver.

1889 Birth of composer Jose Padilla.

1901 Birth of English composer Edmund Rubbra in Northampton. 

1902 Birth of composer Mark Lothar.

1906 Birth of composer Hellmuth Christian Wolff.

1911 Birth of Russian-American composer Boris Kremenliev. 

1911 Birth of Danish baritone Frans Andersson Copenhagen. 

1912 Birth of French composer and pianist Jean Francaix in Le Mans.

1913 Birth of German baritone Horst Gunter in Leipzig. 

1921 Birth of English trumpeter Humphrey Lyttleton

1922 Birth of Swedish tenor Per Grunden in Eskiltuna. 

1923 Birth of Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha in Barcelona.

1926 Birth of Hungarian baritone Zsolt Bende in Budapest. 

1926 Birth of German tenor Hanns Nocker in Westfalen. 

1926 Death of German composer Hans Koessler in Budapest. 

1926 FP of Miaskovsky’s Symphony No. 8, in Moscow. 

1929 Birth of German bass-baritone Konrad Rupf in Pohlau.

1929 Birth of bass Dalibor Jedlicka in Svojanov. 

1929 FP of Vasilenko’s “Sin solntsa” Moscow.

1933 Birth of German soprano Ingeborg Hallstein in Munich. 

1933 Birth of American pianist John Browning in Denver. 

1934 Birth of American experimental composer Robert Moog.

1937 FP of William Grant Still’s Lenox Avenue for narrator and orchestra.

1939 Birth of German mezzo-soprano Evelyn Dalberg in Leipzig. 

1941 Birth of American composer Jackson Hill in Birmingham, AL.

1941 Birth of Dutch composer Roderik Deman in Bandung, Indonesia.

1943 FP of Samuel Barber’s Commando March. Army Air Force Technical Training Command Band, composer conducting in Atlantic City, NJ. 

1949 Birth of American composer and flutist Carol Barnett.

1962 Death of Czech bass Marcello Cortis. 

1966 FP of J. Hauer’s “Die schwarze Spinne” Vienna.

1971 FP of Gottfried von Einem’s Der Besuch der alten Damen at the Vienna State Opera.

1971 FP of American composer Rogers Sessions’ cantata When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed’ on text of Walt Whitman in Berkeley, CA.

1977 Birth of American composer Gregory Spears.

1983 Death of Norwegian composer Finn Einar Mortensen in Oslo. 

1987 Death of Belgian composer Karel Albert in Antwerp. 

1991 Death of German composer, pianist Wilhelm Kempff in Positano, IT. 

1992 Death of South African soprano Joyce Barker. 

1993 FP of Daniel Pinkham’s Nocturnes for flute and guitar with flutist Fenwick Smith and guitarist John Curtis at the First and Second Church in Boston, MA. 

2003 Death of Australian soprano Glenda Raymond.


Dutch pianist, composer, and leader of the ICP Orchestra Misha Mengelberg died in Amsterdam on March 3, at 81. Our jazz critic Kevin Whitehead spent four years in Amsterdam in the 1990s, writing about Mengelberg and his circle of his musicians, and hearing him whenever he could. 

“In the ’70s Mengelberg’s wife Amy had a parrot who loved her and hated him as a romantic rival—this is Misha’s version. His work as composer involved singing and whistling to himself, and the parrot started heckling him by imitation—interfering with his process. Not to waste this avian hostility, the pianist recorded a duet with the bird, making it an unwitting collaborator. Years later, Louis Andriessen taught a graduate composition workshop at Yale. To introduce his students to Dutch musical culture, he played them Misha and the parrot. Misha Mengelberg was the best kind of contrarian: a smart playful trickster unafraid to poke fun at himself.”  

Music from this appreciation: 

  • Eric Dolphy: Hypochristmutreefuzz (1964), Last Date (various issues) 
  • ICP Orchestra: Kwela P’kwana (1990), Bospaadje Konijnehol II (ICP 029)
  • ICP Orchestra: Happy-Go-Lucky Local (2009), !ICP!50 (ICP 050, LP) 
  • ICP Orchestra: Rollo 5 (1991), Bospaadje Konijnehol II 
  • ICP Orchestra: Kehang (1990), Bospaadje Konijnehol II 
  • Misha Mengelberg: Koekoek (1999), Solo (Buzz 75033)
  • Misha & Eeko the parrot: Instant Composition 5-VI-’72 (1972), [untitled] (ICP 015, LP)

Henriëtte Bosmans - Poème for cello and orchestra

Poème : voor violoncel en orkest (1923)

Dmitri Ferschtman, cello
Orchestra: Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Ed Spanjaard

dedicated to Marix Loevensohn

Henriëtte Bosmans was a Dutch pianist and composer. Her father, Henri Bosmans, had been principal cellist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, while her mother, Sara Benedicts, taught piano for 40 years at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Henriëtte studied the piano with her mother, gaining a piano teaching certificate cum laude from the Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Toonkunst in Utrecht at the age of 17. 

By the 1920s her career as a pianist was firmly established. She appeared with leading European conductors such as Monteux, Mengelberg and Ansermet, with a repertory including Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Grieg, Franck and Debussy. Between 1929 and 1949 she performed 22 times as soloist with the Concertgebouw Orchestra. She was also active in a number of chamber music ensembles.

She began composing in her teens, studying harmony and counterpoint with Jan Willem Kersbergen and, later, instrumentation with Cornelis Dopper (1921–1922). Many of her works were inspired by musicians with whom she performed. Her friendships with the cellists Marix Loevensohn and Frieda Belinfante resulted in several works for cello, including two concertos and Poème for cello and orchestra. 

Until 1927, her music was characterized by broad, lyrical lines, with clearly discernible Romantic influences. In the years she studied with Pijper (1927–1930), her style quickly became less Romantic and the instrumentation more transparent and colouristic, suggestive of the techniques and atmosphere of Debussy and Ravel. The Concertino for piano and orchestra, which was selected for the ISCM festival in Geneva in 1929, is harmonically related to Debussy. 

In 1934, Bosmans became engaged to the violinist Francis Koene, who died the following year. The Concertstuk for violin and orchestra, intended for Koene, was given its first performance by Louis Zimmerman in 1935 with the Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Mengelberg. It received many performances at home and abroad, including the USA. 

Koene’s death, together with the impending war, were probably the main reasons that Bosmans stopped composing until after the war. During the war Bosmans refused to become a member of the Kultuurkamer, which was required of all Dutch musicians. At the end of August 1942, performance of her music was banned. She earned an income playing in private concerts. 

After the war Bosmans concentrated almost solely on vocal compositions. She wrote the passionate Doodenmars (‘March of the Dead’) to a text by Clara Eggink, and a more hopeful orchestral song, Lead, kindly light (1945), to a poem by Cardinal John Henry Newman, first performed on 3 November 1945 by the soprano Jo Vincent and the Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Adrian Boult. In the last years of her life Bosmans formed a duo with the French singer Noëmie Perugia, who inspired her to write a large number of songs, mostly on French texts. 

Her songs vary strikingly in character and have a high degree of expressive tension. Many are narrative and ballad-like, the music artfully underlining the text. She was equally skilled in setting both French and German poetry, such as Heine’s Das macht den Menschen glücklich. After the war she also regularly contributed articles on music to various Dutch newspapers and periodicals. She received a posthumous knighthood.

Bosmans had relationships with both men and women, with whom she often also collaborated musically.

May 07 in Music History

1667 Death of German composer Johann Jacob Froberger in Hericourt. 

1704 Birth of German composer Carl Heinrich Graun in Saxony. 

1744 Birth of composer Joseph Beer in Bohemia.

1746 Birth of German violinist and composer Karl Stamitz in Mannheim.

1747 J.S. Bach meets with King Frederick II of Prussia in Potsdam. 

1769 Birth of composer Giuseppe Farinelli.

1793 Death of Italian composer Pietro Nardini in Florence. 

1800 Death of Italian composer Nicoló Piccini in Passy, suburban Paris.

1818 Death of Bohemian composer Leopold Kozeluch in Vienna. 

1824 FP of Beethoven's Choral Symphony No 9, at the Kärntnertor Theater in Vienna. Beethoven kept time but the musicians followed the assistant conductor, Michael Umlauf.

1825 Death of Italian composer Antonio Salieri in Vienna, at age 74. 

1829 Death of Italian composer Mauro Giuliani. 

1833 Birth of German composer Johannes Brahms in Hamburg.

1836 Death of German composer Norbert Burgmüller in Aachen.

1840 Birth of Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

1850 Birth of Hungarian conductor Anton Seidl in Budapest. 

1861 Birth of Hindu poet and composer Rabindranath Tagore.

1873 Birth of American composer Clarence Dickenson.

1883 Opening of The Royal College of Music in London.

1883 Birth of composer Gino Roncaglia.

1888 FP of Lalo’s opera Le Roi d'Ys in Paris.

1890 FP of Godard’s “Dante et Béatrice” Paris.

1901 Birth of Belgian composer Marcel Poot in Vilvorde. 

1907 Birth of composer Jef van Durme.

1908 Birth of Dutch composer Wouter Paap in Utrecht. 

1910 Birth of German composer Heinrich Konietzny in Gliawitz. 

1910 Birth of pianist Edward Kilenyi.

1913 Birth of clarinetist David Glazer.

1915 Sinking of the Lusitania taking the life of Irish composer O'Brien Butler Whitehall.

1918 Birth of composer Argeliers Leon.

1919 Birth of English violinist Emanuel Hurwitz. 

1926 FP of Darius Milhaud’s opera Les malheurs d'Orphée at the Théatre de la Monnaie in Brussels.

1927 Birth of Swedish soprano Elisabeth Soderstrom in Stockholm.

1931 Birth of Swedish baritone Ingvar Wixell in Lulea.

1931 Birth of Swedish tenor Helge Brilioth in Vaxjo.

1936 Birth of English composer Cornelius Cardew in Winchcombe.

1942 Death of Austrian conductor Felix Weingartner in Winterthur, Switzerland. 

1944 FP of revised version of Aaron Copland's Our Town film score suite. Boston Pops conducted by Leonard Bernstein. 

1945 Birth of composer Ann Gebuhr.

1945 FP of Fran Martin´s In Terra Pax, an oratorio, on radio broadcast celebrating the end of WWII, in Geneva.

1947 FP of Virgil Thomson’s opera The Mother of Us All in NYC.

1949 FP of Hans Werner Henze’s opera Das Wundertheater in Heidelberg, Germany

1950 Birth of English composer Philip Lane.

1954 Birth of American composer Frank Halferty.

1958 American pianist Van Cliburn signs contract with RCA Victor records.

1961 Birth of American conductor Robert Spano.

1963 Birth of American composer Mike Christianson.

1964 Birth of Scottish composer Kevin Mayo in Stirling.

1970 Death of English composer John Raynor in Sussex. 

1981 Death of American composer Peggy Stuart Cooledge in Cushing, ME. 

1985 FP of David Ward-Steinman's Chroma Concerto for multiple keyboards, percussion, and chamber orchestra. Noveau West Chamber Orchestra conducted by Terry Williams, with the composer and Amy-Smith-Davie, soloists, in Scottsdale, AZ.

1988 FP of Karheinz Stockhausen’s opera Montag von Licht ‘Monday from Light’ at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

1988 FP of Michael Torke’s ballet Black and White. NY City Ballet Orchestra, David Alan Miller conducting, at the New York State Theater.

1993 FP of Harrison Birtwistle's Five Distances for Five Instruments at the Purcell Room, by the Ensemble InterContemporain, in London.

1998 FP of Joan Tower's Tambor. Pittsburgh Symphony, Mariss Jansons conducting.

1999 FP of Robert X. Rodriguez' Bachanale concertino for Orchestra. San Antonio Symphony, Christopher Wilkins conducting.

2002 Death of Catalan composer Xavier Montsalvatge.

2002 Death of British contralto Monica Sinclair in London.

2005 FP of Richard Danielpour and Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison's Margaret Garner at Detroit Opera House

September 04 in Music History

1500 Birth of Spanish composer and singer Cristobal de Morales in Malaga. 

1596 Birth of Dutch composer Constantin Huygens at The Hague.

1622 Birth of composer Jacob Hintze.

1811 Birth of French concert pianist Marie Pleyel in Paris. 

1816 Birth of composer Francois-Emmanuel-Joseph Bazin.

1824 Birth of Austrian composer and organist Anton Joseph Bruckner. 

1827 Death of composer Michael Pamer.

1843 Birth of composer Jan Levoslav Bella.

1844 Death of composer Oliver Holden in Charlestown, MA. 

1859 Birth of composer Edoardo Mascheroni.

1872 Birth of tenor Alexander Davidov.

1881 Birth of American composer Walter Ruel Cowles.

1883 Birth of composer Karel Candael.

1887 Birth of tenor Carl Martin Oehman.

1892 Birth of French composer Darius Milhaud in Aix-en-Provence. 

1896 Birth of mezzo-soprano Cyrena Van Gordon.

1899 Birth of English composer and organist Frederic Curzon in London. 

1903 Death of German conductor Hermann Zumpe in Munich.

1906 Birth of American critic and musicologist Gilbert Chase in Havana.

1906 Birth of composer Antanas Raciunas.

1906 Birth of composer Alexander Moyzes.

1907 Death of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg in Bergen.

1909 Birth of composer Karel Horky.

1915 Birth of German tenor Rudolf Schock.

1921 Birth of soprano Gita De La Fuente.

1939 Birth of American pianist Irwin Gage in Cleveland.

1942 Birth of Canadian composer Brian Cherney. 

1962 Birth of Irish-American composer Michael Remson.

1964 Birth of German bass-baritone Rene Pape.

1965 Death of organist and Bach scholar, Albert Schweitzer.

1972 Birth of American composer Mickey Helms in Redwood City, CA.

1991 Death of bass-baritone Carlos Alexander.

1996 FP of Steven Mackey’s Lost Found for orchestra. San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas conducting.

1999 FP of Philip Glass’ score to accompany the classic 1931 Tod Browning horror film Dracula starring Bela Lugosi. Kronos Quartet at Telluride, CO. 

2002 Death of Lituanian born French pianist Vlado Perlemuter in Paris.

August 26 in Music History

1687 Birth of Dutch composer Willem de Fesch in Alkmaar. 

1726 Birth of composer Karl Kohaut.

1745 Birth of composer Francois Guichard.

1749 Birth of composer Johann Ernst Rembt.

1788 Birth of composer Aloys Schmitt.

1794 FP of Cimarosa: “Le astuzie femminili” Naples.

1813 Death of German composer Daniel Gottlob Türk in Claussnitz. 

1815 FP of C. M. Von Weber’s Clarinet Quintet in Bb, Op. 34, with clarinetist Heinrich Bärmann, in Munich.

1823 Birth of composer Wilhelm Troszel.

1828 Birth of composer Erik Anthon Valdemar Siboni.

1843 Birth of composer George August Lumbye.

1846 FP of Mendelssohn’s oratorio Elijah, composer conducting at Birmingham Festival in England.

1847 Birth of baritone Ippolit Pryanishnikov in Kerch.

1849 Death of French composer Jacques Mazas in Bézier. 

1860 Death of German composer Friedrich Silcher. 

1867 Birth of Italian composer Umberto Menotti Maria Giordano.

1879 Birth of Russian-English violinist Michael Zacharevitch in Ostroy. 

1885 Birth of Sardinian soprano Carmen Melis in Sardinia. 

1887 Birth of Nicaraguan composer Luis A. Delgadillo in Managua.

1889 Birth of Italian conductor Franco Ghione in Parma. 

1894 Birth of American pianist Arthur Loesser in NYC.

1896 Birth of composer Richard Hammond.

1906 Death of baritone Eugen Gura. 

1911 Birth of composer Jacopo Napoli.

1913 Birth of Italian tenor Gino Sinimberghi, in Rome.

1915 Birth of British composer Humphrey Searle in Oxford. 

1915 Birth of Dutch soprano Gré Brouwenstijn.

1915 Birth of composer William Bardwell.

1918 Birth of American composer Paul Bouman in Hamburg, MN.

1922 Birth of composer Lazar Nikolov.

1923 Birth of German conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch, in Munich. 

1931 Birth of composer Dane Skerl.

1939 Birth of English conductor Nicholas Braithwaite in London.

1939 Birth of American mezzo-soprano Gwendolyn Killebrew.

1939 Birth of Austrian soprano Dagmar Koller, in Klagenfurt.

1947 Birth of French baritone Philippe Duminy, in Boulougne.

1950 Death of Italian baritone Giuseppe De Luca.

1954 FP of Alan Rawsthorne’s Practical Cats based on texts of T.S. Eliot, for speaker and orchestra, at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

1956 Birth of English composer and violist Sally Beamish.

1956 FP of B. Martinu’s Frescoes of Piero della Francesca for Orchestra, at the Salzburg Festival in Austria.

1957 FP of Panufnik’s Rhapsody for orchestra in London.

1958 Death of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

1960 Birth of American Saxophonist Branford Marsalis in New Orleans.

1960 Birth of American composer and trombonist Monique Buzzarté.

1971 Death of American soprano Anita Rio. 

1983 Birth of American composer Alex Temple in New Haven, CT.

2001 FP of André Previn’s Tango, Song and Dance at the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland; with Previn’s future wife, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and pianist Lambert Orkis.

2002 Death of American bass-baritone William Warfield.

2003 FP of John Harbison’s Cucaraccia and Fugue for four violas. Token Creek Chamber Music Festival, Madison, WI.

August 30 in Music History

1693 Birth of Dutch composer Jacobus Nozeman.

1767 Birth of German composer, organist and conductor Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Schwencke.

1769 Birth of Italian composer and harpsichordist Bonifazio Asioli.

1809 Birth of composer Adolf Friedrich Hesse.

1820 Birth of American composer George F. Root.

1820 Birth of bass-baritone Edouard Gassier.

1842 Birth of composer Victor Alphonse Duvernoy.

1868 Birth of mezzo-soprano Armida Parsi-Pettinella.

1875 Birth of tenor Rudolf Jager.

1879 Birth of Austrian soprano Fritzi Scheff in Vienna. 

1883 Death of mexicannsoprano Angela Peralta.

1887 Birth of pianist Yolanda Mero in Budapest. 

1891 Birth of Italian composer Tomaso Gardella in Carmogli.

1902 Birth of Moravian-born Canadian composer Arnold Walter.

1904 Death of English composer and pianist Kate Fanny Loder in Headley. 

1910 FP of Arnold Bax In the Faery Hills, in London.

1922 Birth of American soprano Regina Resnick in NYC. 

1923 Birth of Austrian composer Gerhard Wimberger.

1926 Birth of composer Olgerts Gravitis.

1927 Birth of Dutch composer Piet Kee in Zaandam.

1930 Birth of Welsh horn player Ifor James.

1933 Birth of baritone Terence Sharpe.

1933 Birth of composer Arne Mellnas.

1933 FP of Samuel Barber’s Overture to the School for Scandal by The Philadelphia Orchestra at a Robin Hood Dell concert in Fairmount Park. 

1935 Birth of baritone Peter Van Der Bilt.

1940 Death of baritone Fritz Feinhals.

1943 Birth of American composer David Maslanka in New Bedford, MA.

1945 Birth of American composer David Schiff.

1948 Birth of American composer Theadore Dollarhide in Santa Rosa, CA.

1952 Birth of English composer and conductor Simon Bainbridge in London.

1953 Death of Bulgarian composer Dimiter Nenov in Sofia.

1953 Death of Italian-American opera director and conductor Gaetano Merola.

1957 Birth of Chinese-American composer Chen Yuan Lin. 

1960 Birth of American composer Kevin Oldham in Kansas City. 

1969 Birth of Greek pianist Dimitris Sgouros in Athens.

August 20 in Music History

1561 Birth of Italian composer Jacopo Peri in Rome.

1666 Birth of composer Alphonse d’ Eve.

1720 Birth of composer Bernard de Bury.

1768 FP of Gretry: “Le Huron” Paris.

1788 Birth of composer Jose Bernardo Alcedo.

1813 Death of Bohemian composer Jan Krtitel Vanhal.

1827 Birth of Austrian composer Josef Strauss, in Vienna. 

1828 FP of Rossini: “Le Comte Ory” Paris.

1839 Birth of soprano Carolina Ferni in Como. 

1843 Birth of Swedish soprano Christine Nilsson in Sjoabol. 

1871 Birth of Russian tenor Andrei Labinsky.

1873 Birth of American composer Daniel Gregory Mason in Brookline, MA. 

1873 Birth of soprano Jeanne Tiphaine.

1873 Birth of composer William Henry Bell.

1877 Birth of Dutch composer Jan Zwart in Zaandam.

1878 Birth of German bass Fritz Soot, in Wellersweiler.

1882 FP of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture in Moscow. 

1888 Birth of composer George Sklavos.

1889 Birth of composer Witold Friemann.

1907 Birth of Russian born, English conductor Anatole Fistoulari, in Kiev. 

1920 Death of soprano Etelka Gerster. 

1924 Birth of American composer Elias Tanenbaum.

1924 FP of Victor Herbert’s “The Dream Girl” Operetta.

1927 Death of Austrian-American pianist Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler.

1930 Death of English organist George John Bennett, in Lincoln.

1933 Birth of Dutch composer and pianist Maarten Bon in Amsterdam. 

1935 Birth of American composer Charles Shere in Berkeley, CA.

1935 Death of Czech composer Otakar Ostrcil in Prague. 

1941 Birth of English soprano Anne Evans in London. 

1943 FP of Ponce’s Violin Concerto in Mexico City. Carlos Chavez conducting. 

1944 Death of tenor Arthur Preuss.

1949 Birth of soprano Marina Mader-Todorova.

1949 Birth of composer Leonard Lehrman in Ft. Riley, Kansas.

1950 Birth of English composer Andrew Downes in Birmingham.

1954 Death of American baritone Arthur Cranmer. 

1955 Birth of French counter tenor Dominique Visse.

1956 FP of Sir Arthur Bliss’ Edinburgh Overture at the opening of the Edinburgh Festival of Music and Drama.

1958 Birth of American composer Jean Hasse in Cleveland, OH.

1958 FP of Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera Maria Golovin at the International Exposition in Brussels, Belgium.

1960 Birth of American composer David C. Meckler.

1961 FP of John Harbison’s Duo for flute and piano. Flutist Neil Zaslaw and pianist Juliette Arnold at the Brooklyn Museum.

1963 Death of American soprano Mabel Garrison. 

1965 FP of Harrison Birtwistle’s Tragoedia for chamber ensemble, during the Castle Summer School of Music, by the Melos Ensemble conducted by Lawrence Foster at Wardour Castle in England.

1967 Birth of American composer Amos Elkana in Boston, MA.

1973 FP of Carl Orff’s cantata De Temporum Fine Commedia ‘A Play of the End of Time’ Herbert von Karajan conducting at the Salzburg Festival.

1974 Birth of Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov in Novosibirsk.

1979 FP of John Harbison’s opera The Winter’s Tale in San Francisco, CA.

1980 Birth of American composer Thomas Dempster in Sandusky, MI.

1980 FP of Edmund Rubbra’s Symphony No. 11. BBC Northern Symphony in London.

1992 FP of Joan Tower’s Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman No. 5 work is dedicated to Joan Harris, at the opening of the Joan and Irving Harris Concert Hall at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado.

2000 Death of English soprano Nancy Evans.